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Into the mist

Posted on Sat Feb 18th, 2012 @ 8:42pm by Snot Rag Chops McGinty & Captain Daenelia Bradley

Mission: Chapter 4: Storm Brewing
Location: The Fog
Timeline: Day 1, Morning

A dense fog was situated ten miles north of the island of Mypos, one of the many islands of the nation known as Elladia. The fog had been around as long as anyone could remember, as if no wind could disturb it. The sky ship Steamhawke had flown into the fog less than an hour ago, under the command of the pirate Captain Daenelia Bradley. The crew were in search of the lost treasure of Quazlatah, which had originally been discovered by the legendary pirate Blue Barry some 150 years ago. It was believed that his grandson Blue Barry the 3rd had hidden the treasure in a new location 36 years ago so that his brother could not steal it for himself.

About a month ago Daenelia acquired the younger Blue Barry's treasure map, and after forming a new crew for her sky ship she set sail for Elladia. After a short stay at the Elladian island of Mypos, the crew learnt of the fog and that it could be the hiding place they had been looking for all along. What almost nobody knew was that the treasure map was actually split in two, and the other half was in the possession of the fearsome pirate Captain Jack Stallion, who was doing his best to track down Daenelia and take the other part of the map for himself.

While docked at Mypos the crew of the Steamhawke managed to anger the local militia and a number of different shadowy organisations who had been tracking down different members of the crew. Whether or not these groups of people were working together remained to be seen, but one thing was for sure. Nobody had dared pursue the Steamhawke into the fog, because nobody would ever be stupid enough to fly in there.

It was said that disaster befell each and every ship to enter the fog. It had an unnatural quality that affected people's minds over time, people like the navigators or the helmsmen of skyships for instance. Due to its alchemical nature, the laws of physics seemed not to apply inside the fog, and nobody could predict what would happen. The Elladians had written plenty of horror stories about the fog, and for good reason.

It was not just the humans, and elphins, and ngafr who were affected by the fog. Copper the cat sat in the middle of the deck, staring up in the fog, almost without blinking. Even when Daenelia teased him with some food, he would not budge. It unnerved the Captain slightly. "Don't know about this, Cap'n," said Dottie as she wandered past. "What if we find nothing...?"

Grey, the Kitling lookout, stared out at the fog too, from her vantage point in the Kitling's nest. Her whiskers fluttered and she frowned. She jumped over the railing, and slid down a rope, down to the deck, where she quietly and quickly ran to the port side of the ship, and looked down. Was it...? Is that...? "Shoal! Shoal!" Not quite 'Land ho', but in this fog, Grey took what she could get.

Beneath the ship there was a thin strip of wet sand, the kind that showed up when the tide was low. It made no sense, but here it was. Daenelia was standing next to Grey and looked down in silence. Everyone was silent, she noticed. And the fog made that silence even more eerie. "Well. I am not sure if that is what we are looking for," said Daenelia, "but we should explore it anyway. Lower the ship, Aeolus."

The first mate repeated his Captain's order in a loud voice. Slowly the ship sank down into the sea water.


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