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Unfurl the sails!

Posted on Sat Feb 18th, 2012 @ 7:49pm by Snot Rag Chops McGinty

Mission: Chapter 3: Mypos or Bust
Location: Myposia
Timeline: Day 5, daybreak

The mornings in Myposia were always calm. Men setting off to work, women tending children, shopkeepers opening up their shops. And Kristos, Mypos' Chosen King, enjoyed watching his subjects going about their business. Particularly the business of a young Myposian woman, who was taking a bath right now. Always at the same time, each morning. Kristos loved punctuality in women.

He hummed to himself as he watched the woman get undressed. He focussed his looking glass on interesting parts of her body, as he reached out with his free had to grab some food off the table next to him. Instead his hand found the face of his assistant, which his fingers explored for a few seconds until Kristos was sure he hadn't found the chicken wings.

"Your chosen majesty" began the assistant. "It's been four hours now since the guard went to alert condition one. They have already called for reinforcements after the slaughter outside the dungeons. If we don't focus our efforts on helping the military we're going to face some tough questions."

"Hmm? Oh that little matter. Yes, I'm quite sure who is behind it. Don't look so surprised boy, there's a magnificent brain underneath this magnificent royal package. I knew she wouldn't be able to stay around for long without riling up the military. But I gave the dear captain one week to complete her dealings. She has two more days to either get out of Elladia, or come begging to me for help. And I know which one I am hoping for." As he finished, Kristos swivelled his telescope in the direction of the sky docks.

"Tell the captain we're back, and that we have to get out of here! Half the guards on the island are after us!" yelled Nate Winters as he sprinted onto the deck of the Steamhawke. He was quickly followed by Kanya and the two Elphins: Valmier and Finn. All of them were out of breath but happy to be on the ship.

There was no sign of the captain, but Nate's cry had gotten the attention of a lot of people. Julian Robinson was there. "The captain left with that new first mate of hers..." he began, his voice rasping as usual. "I guess that puts me in charge!" "Like hell it does!" came a cry from behind Julian. He swirled around angrily only to find the point of Carol's blade less than an inch from his groin. "We aint leaving 'till Captain Bradley sets foot on this ship." Robinson grumbled, but didn't resist. "Nice to see again Finn" he nodded quietly at the rescued Elphin before disappearing below decks.

"Carol, you made it!" called Nate as he stepped up to his teammate. "Aye" she relied, "It'll take more than a few guards to take me down. But from the ruckus I hear in the streets, there's more than a few guards out there! Where the hell is the captain?"

"Right here!" came yet another cry from the other side of the ship. Daenelia grunted as she struggled to scale the wooden hull of the Steamhawke. A helping hand grabbed her by the wrist and she was heaved on board. It was McGinty, standing there with planks of wood still glued to his back. "Good to see you again Cap'm!" The Captain wasn't alone. Also climbing the far side of the ship were Brem, Aeolus, Himuro, Ashrieda and Alkaev. Just about the entire crew were around by now and the group were quickly pulled onto the deck.

"We rescued Finn, captain!" grinned Carol. "It wasn't easy though, and we might have riled up the guards a bit more than we planned to." "I can confirm that" replied Ashrieda. "Alkaev and I were being spied upon, and I think it's because they've identified us as pirates and potential troublemakers. They would only send out their spies if they were about to take action. We ran into the Captain on the way back to the docks." "Yes, we had a rescue mission to pull off ourselves," nodded Aeolus. "But there were so many guards in the streets that I think our lives would be in danger if we left the ship again."

"Okay crew" called the captain as she tore off the body-concealing jacket she'd been wearing since they made landfall. "We got what we came for. We have a Theory that has given us the best clue yet as to where our treasure can be found. And we've made some new friends during our stay" she gestured at Lleryn, Alkaev, Scarlett, Aeolus and Valmier. "Meanwhile half the Nautikos Guard is out looking for us, and there are just too many people in the city who seem to have vendettas against us. So fully stocked or not, the Steamhawke is leaving right now. Brem, I know you've just been through your own personal hell, but are you up to getting the engines going?"

"You can count on me captain! But where are we headed?"

"North. Away from Mypos as fast as possible. There is a dense fog in the area, but also the key to the treasure, or so I believe. Untie the lines! Unfurl the sails! Stoke the engines! And smooth skysailing to us all!" She raised her fist, and the crew cheered somewhat.


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