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Posted on Fri Feb 17th, 2012 @ 8:45pm by Master Brem de Berg & Captain Daenelia Bradley & Mister Aeolus Quetzalcoatl
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Mission: Chapter 3: Mypos or Bust

He had somehow gotten stuck. Brem de Berg, the chief engineer on the Steamharke, master of the clockwork device had tried to get through the hole in the corner of his cage and somehow had found himself to large around the waist to get fully through. That wasn't his only problem though, the cage was at a level now that he couldn't get back into it, even if he wanted to. At this rate he would be slowly pulled under the mud to rest attached to the cage forever.

Meanwhile Himuro, still looking for some sort of boat to get him over to the island of scrap where the kitlings had gone. He was feeling frustrated, he knew he wouldn't be able to swim across and by the fact that it seemed that all of the hidden docks he found were all empty.

On board the Captain had noticed that most of her engineers seemed to be missing. After asking around, she got the impression that Himuro might know where Brem was. Daenelia certainly felt as if she was losing grip on her crew, and rather than sending more people ashore to find Brem and Himuro, she asked Aeolus to accompany her to find the two men. It didnt take long before they found Himuro, dressed in his silken disguise staring at an island.

"Mr Himuro!" Daenelia shouted. The sullen man looked at the Captain and scowled a bit.

"Captain, you should not be here," he started. But it did not take him long to explain his suspicions, and his hunch that they needed to get to that island to find Brem.

There was nothing for it, with no boats about for them to across to the island there was only one thing for it. "We will have to swim" Himuro said moments before diving into the drink.

Aeolus pointed to something sticking out from under one of the docks "Is that a raft?" he asked the captain.

Daenellia grinned and followed Aeolus unto the raft, careful not to tip it. The two peddled with their hands and a piece of wood which Aeolus found on the docks. They picked up Himuro a bit further along, as they silently peddled towards the island. Himuro kept flexing his mechanical arm, to try and get it to dry quicker.

"What is the plan when we land?" whispered Aeolus.

"To get Brem." Daenelia whispered back.

"How do we know where Brem is?" asked Himuro.

Daenelia shrugged. "We'll find him."

The craft soon reached a small dock on the island and Himuro jumped out. "Throw me the rope" he called.

"What rope?" Aeolus asked making Himuro grumble slightly.

Within moments the trio were moving towards the entrance of the scrap yard, as they approached a figure stepped out from behind a pile and pointed at them, "Where's Brem?!" Himuro demanded but the figure fell face forward onto the ground with a piece of metal in their back.

"We should look around" Daenelia said "careful, we don't know who killed him" she nodded towards the body.

They moved into the compound and saw bodies in various states of death, most seemed to have been burnt but some had scrap metal and other parts protruding from their bodies. "This doesn't seem good" Aeolus whispered.

"We need to split up" Himuro said before running off.

Daenelia and Aeolus looked at each other and ran off in different directions, hoping against hope to find a clue where Brem was being kept. With every step, Daenelia dreaded seeing a familiar face among the bodies. What if they were too late, and Brem was already dead?

A body was movind, not a lot, but enough to draw Daenelia's attention. She ran over and knelt down. The man's flesh charred, and still smoking. He tried to form words, but he seemed to have no breath left to make any sounds come out. He died as Daenelia leaned closer. She had her pistol out, and her knife in the other hand. She was feeling very uneasy about this and was about to find Himuro and Aeolus to tell them to get the hell back to the ship. She heard someone yell out.

Aeolus stood in a clearing, in the centre of which was a cage half submerged in mud. A man was halfway out of one of the corners of the cage but he seemed to be trapped, stuck on the bars which seemed to be shirred off. "Stop gawking and help me!" the man shouted.

Himuro heard the shout and spirited towards it. "Brem!" he called when skidded into the clearing.

"Himoru" Brem replied "You going to help me get out of here?"

As Himuro moved towards Brem though, three hooded figures appeared at another entrance to the clearing. "Where's Smithden?" one of them asked.

Himuro looked towards Brem and shrugged, "No idea who that is" he called back. That must not have been the answer the three wanted because they drew weapons and started to advance.

The Captain had silently moved to where the sound was coming from, and was now behind the hooded figures. She jumped on the one closest to her, and furthest away from her three crewmates. In retrospect she should have shot him, she thought as she was trying to get a grip in his neck. She dropped her pistol and tried to slice his throat. A gurgling sound, the drop of his gun to the floor, and the feel of the man's muscles giving out told her she succeeded.

Her struggle with the man had alerted the two other figures and they turned to see what was happening.

With that Himuro sprinted across the open space and shoulder barged into one of the two remaining figures, causing them both to go down in a pile of limbs. Himuro punched the man in the face once causing a loud crack. The one remaining person drew back its hood to show a woman with neon purple hair and bright green eyes. A tattoo of a curving design could be seen reaching up her neck as she looked at her fallen companions. "I will let you go for now, but you've just made a big mistake in killing my brethren." With that she ran towards one of the piles of scrap and leaped over it.

"Are you lot just going to leave me here then?" Brem asked in his usual tone.

"Maybe you could thank us for rescuing you?" Daenellia asked

"Why when I was just about to get out of this damnable cage on my own."

"Yeah, yeah, whatever you say" Himuro chipped in as he strained his arms to pull back several of the bars.


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