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First among Mates

Posted on Wed Feb 8th, 2012 @ 9:48pm by Captain Daenelia Bradley & Mister Aeolus Quetzalcoatl
Edited on on Wed Feb 8th, 2012 @ 9:49pm

Mission: Chapter 3: Mypos or Bust
Location: Steamhawke, the deck
Timeline: Day 3

It had been a rough few days and the Captain had been doing all sorts of tasks that she'd normally expected a first mate to do. Except that her first mate, Dottie, was sleeping off a hangover. Again. Daenelia suspected it was that Dottie reminded her of herself at that age. Getting drunk, being obnoxious, and not taking much responsibility. Daenelia had just hoped Dottie would grown into her role and become the right hand a Captain could depend on. She knew she needed to demote Dottie soon. But who'd take her place?

It was about that same time that Aeolus had been sitting in a caf that was near the docks musing over a letter he had recived. It claimed to be from someone aboard the SteamHawke, but it wasn`t addressed. The letter it`s self had told him how the `Hawke would be setting down in this particular port soon, and so it had that morning. It wasn`t so far a walk, and it had been awhile since he served on a proper ship, so he decided to make the short walk down towards the ship.

Daenelia stood on the deck of her ship, a slice of bread in her hand to feed to the gulls flying past. As she threw a bit to a passing bird, she noticed a man walking up to the ship. For a second she thought of another blackhaired man, but habit pushed that thought far far away. This man was younger, walked differently and walked right up the gangplank, stopping a sailor to ask him a question. The sailor pointed to Daenelia, and her eyebrows shot up. She threw the entire piece of bread overboard into the water, were three gulls fought over it.

She slowly walked up to the man. "Can I help you? I am the Captain." She just hoped it wasn't an Elladian, but then: he did not look Elladian.

After addressing the sailor, he sauntered up the deck. "The Captain you say? Well, it is a man's great pleasure to meet the notorious Captain Daenelia." With a flourish he bowed low. " And this man would be willing to offer his name and services. Aeolus Quetzalcoatl, sky man extraordinaire " Righting himself he smiled. His voice carried with it the almost musical accent of the small nation of Myhhr, and his pale complexion and manner of speech added to the thought. This was the Gypsy Pirate. The man who ended the Cloud Dragon's reign, and has since been roaming without a crew.

Daenelia's eyebrows could not go any higher in surprise. "Aeolus Quetzalcoatl?" She grinned widely. "Still don't have a ship, do you? What's the matter, the Captain's hat too big for you?" Aeolus smiled politely to hide his ire about the little jibe.

"This man has taken many hats from many Captain`s heads. Would you care for a demonstration?" His polite smile turned to a sly grin. "Yours seems to be missing, though, mayhaps someone beat this man to it?" he retorted. Daenelia touched her green bandana self-consciously, and reminded herself that joking with a pirate could be dangerous.

"What brings you here?" She decided to change the subject before she was challenged to a fight.

Aeolus cocked his head to the side. "A little bird told this man your crew is incomplete."

Daenelia frowned. "I have a full crew, Aeolus. We're not short on anything." She did not like where this was going.

"How about a competent First Mate?" The Gypsy Pirate smiled.

"I have a ..." Of course, Dottie, as acting first mate, chose that moment to burst unto the deck drunkenly, while singing a rude song. As Daenelia and Aeolus watched, Dottie fell to the floor and started snoring before her head hit the deck. Daenelia sighed and turned to Aeolus. "I could use a competent First Mate. Know anyone available?"

The Gypsy chuckled his hair swaying in the breeze. "This man might know a fellow born in the skies between Myhhr and the Imperium." He gave a small nod. "A Captain might be interested to know, this man wont be stealing any hats for a good while. The ground has grown stale beneath this man`s feet." It was true enough, that he was getting sick of merely serving on a ship for a short while, as he travelled from port to port, and the Steamhake was as fine a vessal as he ever saw. Perhaps he would serve for a good while aboard this vessel.

Daenelia's smile slowly widened into a grin. "Well then. Let me clear out your quarters for you, First Mate. If you have any luggage, send one of the cabin boys or girls to get it. We need to talk."

She turned to the swabby McGinty and said loudly, for everyone to hear: "Mister McGinty. Please move all of Sailor O'Toole's things back to the crew deck. We have a new First mate!"


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