A Stab in the Dark

Posted on Sun Oct 30th, 2011 @ 3:51pm by Captain Daenelia Bradley
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Mission: Chapter 1: The Sea and the Port
Location: The Steamhawke
Timeline: A cold November evening

The mist seemed to lift as the Steamhawke descended into the water, just outside the port. Behind the steering wheel stood a lone figure. A slight breeze kept the main sail taught enough to propel the ship into the port. Aside from the water rushing past the wooden hull, the evening was as silent as the helmsman on the ship.

When the ship docked in the port, a second figure struggled to climb over the railing, and fell unto the dock, carrying a rope. Quicker than expected he scrambled to his feet and tied a rope around the piling. He ran to the aft side and caught a rope being tossed by the helmsman. The figure on the dock secured this to another piling. When he straightened, his hands on his back as he grimaced, the lone figure extended a plank to the dock, and stepped on it. After a brief pause the helmsman walked down the plank slowly, each step making the plank sway up and down.

As the helmsman stepped onto the dock, the light from a neaby lamp revealed a softer face than expected. A cascade of curls falling over a shoulder reveals the helmsman to be ... a woman!

"Cap'n?" the second figure, clearly a man, asked.

"Yes, McGinty?" a strong voice replied.

"Will ye be spending the night on land?" McGinty coughed loud enough to cause an echo.

"Nay, swabbie," the woman smiled. "I will merely make myself known in the tavern and then return to the ship swiftly. You can make us some hot chocolate, then." With these words, the captain turned and strode off to the tavern. The swabbie grumbled something under his breath and walked slowly up the plank.

- The tavern in the port -

The captain opened the door to a near empty tavern and strode up to the bar. The mistress behind the bar asked her "What do you want, this late in the evening?"

"I want to sail the skies and find riches unknown," the captain said in a serious voice.

"And who are you, that you think you can find riches so easily?" the mistress asked in a scornful voice, while cleaning a glass with a not-so clean looking cloth.

"I am Captain Daenelia Bradley, and I have need of a strong and brave crew!"

The bold statement was met with silence. Then the captain turned around, left the tavern and headed back to the ship. They would come. Oh yes, they would come.




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