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Captain without a ship

Posted on Tue Jan 21st, 2014 @ 10:53am by Captain Daenelia Bradley

I miss the ship. I really miss it. The freedom to decide to turn left, right or move on with the wind in your hair... there is nothing like it.

Things have certainly gone wrong since we left the ship behind. Maybe that was a mistake. How does a captain keep a crew together if there is no ship? With great difficulty. It is still a mystery why all the crew is still with me.

Well, when I say 'all the crew', I mean the ones who haven't gotten themselves arrested or involved with those that were arrested. I can only see it as a blessing that Moreno did not give away anything about us. It would have been so easy for him to rat us out; it may even have given him respite if he had. I can't quite believe he kept quiet about us.

So I don't. I assume he must have said something, hinted at some people he knew. I mean, they interrogated some of the crew, for fuck's sake! And none of these militia men put two and two together??

Still, sleeping dogs and all that.

Speaking of dogs, there is this huge slobbering dog running around the dormitory, wreacking havoc with the cat. I have no clue who brought that dog in, but I am sure we will have a chat about that.

... I think he ate my last cookies.


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