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A star falling, a star rising

Posted on Tue Oct 8th, 2013 @ 7:29pm by Master Leftheris Vunos

- after this post -

I can’t help feeling sorry for Rhiannon, may God rest her in peace. Nobody has noticed when exactly during the storm’s crazy, hectic dance she got lost overboard, and I wouldn’t wish such a tragic end for anyone. Even less for somebody her age… or my brother’s when he was killed.

But if this loss has given the captain the opportunity to look around and see who would fit the position of a master gunner, I will never disappoint her. By contrary, I’ll try to prove her that she had no better choice than me.

Yes, Rhiannon was good at calculating the best trajectories, she was paying attention that the people cleaned their guns… but she didn’t know as much about guns as I did, she didn’t have as much authority on the men, and her impulse choice was a surprise not only for me. Of course, I have been a good gunner’s mate, I have helped her and I haven’t commented the captain’s decision loudly. This didn’t mean I liked it, though. And if starting today, my star is rising, I want to prove everybody in the upcoming battles my prowess.

I know what I have done, both here and elsewhere; it remains to prove what I can further do in a position of trust. And I’ll prove it!


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