Chapter 10: Brakes on a Train

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The pirates escape Kanesville by steam train. They are stowaways, and invade a private carriage to hide in.

No missions found

Chapter 1: The Sea and the Port

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The captain has a new ship, and is looking for a new crew.

Chapter 2: The Map says 'Go Here'

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Now that the Steamhawke is filled with at least a little more than a skeleton crew, Captain Daenelia decides to set sail and follow the instructions on the treasure map.

Chapter 3: Mypos or Bust

Post Count: 50

The Steamhawke has landed in Elladia. The object is to finally get the exact location of the treasure, as found on the map. The Chosen King of Mypos should be able to help the crew.

Chapter 4: Storm Brewing

Post Count: 59

The Steamhawke has sailed into the mysterious fog in Elladia, hoping to find the key to the treasure.

Chapter 5: Into the Fire

Post Count: 92

The Steamhawke emerges from the alchemical fog and immediately gets into trouble.

Chapter 6: Desperate Times

Post Count: 102

The Steamhawke barely survived the battle with Jack Stallion's Sky Tiger. The ship is now on its way to Seaport to pick up new crew, and to do necessary repairs. At least they now have the two halves of the map they need.

Chapter 7: Going West

Post Count: 69

The Atlantic Sky is vast, and the Steamhawke must traverse it in order to reach the Old West.

Chapter 8: Pirates and Cowboys

Post Count: 113

The Steamhawke has arrived in the Old West. The ship landed on landing spikes on the plains next to Harling Pass. The plan is to get the Perry's to Columbus City, somehow.

Chapter 9: Steam City

Post Count: 174

Kanesville is a noisy, busy, filthy industrial town under martial law. The crew have found temporary quarters in an abandonned building, while the Captain tries to find a way to get all of them to Columbus City.

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