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Name Orsola Padovano

Position Permanent Guest

Rank Mate

Character Information

Gender Female
Species Human
Age 31

Physical Appearance

Height 1.78 m (5'10.25)
Weight 73 kg (161 lb)
Hair Color Dark Brown
Eye Color Hazel (with a brown strip in her right eye)
Physical Description Her thick wavy hair stops just a bit below the ears. She's pair shaped with small breasts. Orsola's olive skin hints at her Jewish origin. She looks roughly four years younger than her actual age.

One wouldn't expect her to be a pirate based on her looks. She's quite fond of long informal dresses, scarves, earrings, lipstick, and eye shadow. She cares a lot about her appearance and invests quite a bit of her spare time into it. She wears her old wedding ring on her right ring finger, and often wears black pearl earrings as remembrance of being the survivor of a steamship crash.

Her eyes are mostly hazel, but she has hetrochromia in her right eye. A small strip of brown in her right eye was caused by an injury as a child.
Skills & Abilities : She's been navigating the ocean waters since fifteen and has an extensive understanding of maps, compasses, and charts. She also an experienced cartographer and has many maps in her personal collection. While she knows star navigation, map navigation is where she shines.

In her various travels Orsola has also picked up experience in land navigation, orienteering (navigating unfamiliar and unmarked land), and tracking. Her dog is especially good at the latter.

She can read and write in Viteliuan, Anatolian Hebrew, and Brittanic. She knows a small smattering of Scandian, but never learned how to read it. Orsola is also fond of complex math, but has problems balancing her check book
Body Modifications Despite controversy about whether tattoos are allowed in her religion, Orsola has picked up a few from long time as a pirate. She has an eight point compass rose enclosed in two drafting calipers on her left shoulder, an anchor with a carnation on her right upper thigh, an anklet of a branch with dangling cherries, a caricature of a roster on the top of her left foot, and one of a piglet on her right. Underneath the piglet is the word "Kosher."

She has her ears pierced, but outside of that no other piercings.
Equipment & Gadgets The typical maps, charts, almanacs, rulers, compasses, sextants, hourglasses, and a marine chronometer.

Her guard and tracking dog, Ennio, could also be considered a tool.

Personality & Traits

General Overview Orsola is many things: forceful, direct, blunt, worldly, aggressive, uncouth, lazy, and childish. She is not particularly delicate and can sometimes lack empathy. She has the tendency to not understand others view points.

Underneath this is her deep insecurity of her perceived lack of femininity, appearance, and a desire to leave the pirate life behind her for a husband and child.
Strengths & Weaknesses : Orsola has many weaknesses. The big one is that she's lazy. She's surprisingly immature at times and her fondness for swearing can put many off. She has gaps in her academic knowledge and it doesn't help that outside of the few subjects that interested her, she just didn't care. She can also be rather apathetic. She also has rather bad taste in men and has been known to enjoy casual relations.

You'll always know where you stand with her. She's not one for formalities and being nice for the sake of it. While she considers herself a semi-passivist, she is quick to remind others that her dog isn't.

She's traveled the world at least three times going to some fairly obscure places. So Orsola has experience in dealing with some lesser traveled to cultures. She also has detailed maps of them, including their interiors. Despite her laziness, she has a reputation for being an accomplished and trustworthy navigator both on sea and land. She takes things that interest her very seriously, and not much else.
Hobbies & Interests She has a fondness of good food, drink, smokes, dogs, and fashion. Outside doing the occasional math problem from one of her math books, she spends much of her spare time training her Great Dane, Ennio, who just turned a year old. Though not technically a hobby, she enjoys creating nicknames for everyone she meets.


Personal History Orsola grew up the middle child and only daughter of three, to Tancredi Padovano and an Anatolian immigrant Ester Har-Segor, in the southern independent Viteluan city-state of Zancleo. Her father ran a small tourist vessel taking passengers up and down the coast. She and her older brother grew interested in helping out as they grew older.

At age eleven, anti Jewish laws were being passed at the urging of certain middle and upper class families. Rumors flew that the pope was secretly funding them. By age thirteen, she was denied school, though that didn't bother her too much as she was increasingly only going to classes that interested her. She was becoming more interested in the dark side of Zancleo, often referred to as "Little Seaport." At age fifteen, after two years of apprenticeship, she became her father's navigator. When she was seventeen, the business was destroyed and her mother and father murdered by the anti Jewish exhortation shadow organization Famiglia Nostra.

She and her two brothers fled. While her older brother stole a boat and settled to the Jewish part of Anatolia and her little brother fled on foot to a Jewish community in Prussia. Knowing she had nowhere else to go and little time, she decided to board a pirate ship and become their navigator. There the already rough and tumble girl became more eccentric. It was also there she had to abandon much of her Jewish traditions because of work, food, or in a few cases survival.

Her happiest years were from age twenty three to twenty six, when she met, fell in love with, and married Åke Ragnvaldsson, a former military man from Scandia turned pirate helmsman. He taught her orienteering, tracking, and dog training. After a little more than a year of marriage, she finally convinced him that they should abandon the pirate life and move to Scandia. That is when a rival pirate ship destroyed their steamship. While she made it to one of the life crafts, he went down with the ship. She still wears her wedding ring on her right ring finger as a remembrance. Even when he was alive, she never took his surname professionally.

Since then, she silently wonders if she'll be a pirate and a single woman for the rest of her life. She's also starting to think maybe being a single woman and pirate isn't so bad and just waffles on the subject. Orsola has been on two other pirate ships since becoming a widow and has been finding new enjoyment in her work. Interested in the interior of the Old West, she's decided to travel around by herself, which has taken her to Kanesville with her newly trained dog.

Her Hebrew name is Rut.
Family Family: Tancredi Padovano (deceased) - father and a tourist vessel owner.
Ester Padovano (originally Har-Segor - deceased) - mother, homemaker, and financial operator of the business.
Durante Padovano - older brother.
Faustino Padovano - younger brother.
Åke Ragnvaldsson (deceased) - husband.
Ennio - her dog, a Great Dane.

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