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Name Shanen Trevor

Position War Dog

Rank Sailor

Character Information

Gender Male
Species Human
Age 26

Physical Appearance

Height 6'0
Weight 190
Hair Color Blonde
Eye Color Blue
Physical Description Six foot tall, toned and muscular with golden blonde hair and deep blue eyes Shanen resembles a player straight from the casting office of one of Londinium's West End major theatre companies.

His posture is straight and proud and he takes care in the maintenance and upkeep of his physique. Although aware of the attention he sometimes attracts Shanen does a good job of remaining modest about his appearance.
Skills & Abilities Shanen is a competent combatant due in large part to his father's influence. Deetermined that his first son would be able to handle himself, Shanen was enrolled from a young age in classes for Boxing and Judo. In a hand to hand situation Shanen is equally comfortable grappling or exchanging punches.

In his later years, the fencing and gun clubs at his University enhanced his combat repertoire. He proved to be capable in both disciplines and represented his University in both sports.

The years spent after being kicked out of the Naval Academy has honed these skills in more practical environments.
Body Modifications None.
Equipment & Gadgets Sword and Pistol.

Personality & Traits

General Overview Shanen sees himself as an adventurer first and foremost, having started on a merchant ship at the age of 21 and hopping from Port to Port ever since on whatever job may be going.

He is reasonably carefree and quick to laugh, Shanen can banter with the majority of the people he meets. Due to his British accent some people may at first perceive him to be archetypal stuffy Brit cliché but they are generally dissuaded from such view within a short period of time spent in his company.

He does have a temper and an aggressive streak but this normally has to be prodded at before he resorts to angry words or violence.
Strengths & Weaknesses As well as his combative skills, acquaintances will find Shanen to be honest and unflinching loyal to those he considers friends.

Although intelligent and able to size up the events in front of him, Shanen can be prone to rushing into situations, often putting himself in danger.

Hobbies & Interests Shanen's great love is exploration, a path he is currently on as he freelances his way across the globe. Exploring new cultures and meeting the denizens of each new location offers him a new insight into the world at large.

Shanen has also kept up his love of combat and can be easily coaxed into a sparring match or shooting competition, particularly if there is a wager at stake.


Personal History Born into a wealth family on the outskirts of Londinium Shanen lacked for nothing as a child and teenager. To his credit Shanen did not let his privileged upbringing effect him in the negative way it did for many of his peers, turning them into shallow, almost soulless (in his eyes) shells of human beings.

Something of a free spirit in his teenage and University Days it was his father who tried to set him on the path of becoming a Navy Officer. Knowing his eldest son had no interest in following him into the Medical field, he instead focused his attention toward a commission for his child in His Majesty's Royal Navy.

Shanen's service was short lived however, receiving a discharge less than two months into his time at the Naval Academy for punching out a more Senior Cadet who had insulted a Lady Friend. Shamed by his own failure and a loss of where his life would now go he signed onto the crew of a Merchant ship in Londoninium's East End docks.

Life on-board was tough and the pay poor but to Shanen the opportunity provided was priceless and firmly entrenched his interest in exploring the world at large.
Family Father - Dr Myn Hamelton

Mother - Mrs Michaela Hamelton

One older Sister, one younger Sister and two younger brothers.

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