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Name Maraea Elle Morgan

Position Permanent Guest

Rank Mistress

Character Information

Gender Female
Species Human
Age 34

Physical Appearance

Height 5''8
Weight 139lb
Hair Color Blonde
Eye Color Blue
Physical Description Her physique can only be described as slender and slightly muscled. Her figure still maintains it's womanly curves, earning her unwanted flirtation on the ship. Her face is blessed with a female shapelessness that is both beautiful and deceiving. Behind those calming eyes there is a strong, if not frighteningly dominant woman who will not hesitate to punish those who upset her. Maraea's hair reaches just below her shoulders, but is sometimes kept in a bun; accentuating her features. Her lips have a fullness that most women can only dream of having. Her skin still retains some of it's former snow white complexion. Due to many years under the sun, it's color changed to a more lively look. Her style of clothing is a clear representation of who she is; a woman of many layers. Her clothing can range from the darkest of materials, to very flashy and colorful.
Skills & Abilities She has amazing communication skills; her tone of voice equally as calculated as her choice of words. She knows how to lead men and women quite well; a natural byproduct of her unbreakable confidence.

Trained by her mother, she is one hell of a shot; known to be one of the best.

She was trained by Arthur Morgan himself. He taught her the art of sword fighting, as well as unarmed combat. Her true strength, in terms of close combat, is the latter. Her knowledge of the humanoid body, as well as her quick reflexes make her dangerous even without weapons.
Body Modifications None to speak of.
Equipment & Gadgets She keeps a revolver and a sword on her person.

The revolver is gold plated, and the very same her mother used throughout her life.

The sword's hilt fits around her hand, allowing her to "become one with the sword." It's design is elegant and complex, just like Maraea herself. The blade is both thin and strong, being able to cut through obstacles (whether they be alive or not) without a problem. This sword used to be her father's when he was alive. He would have never given in up if he were still in the realm of the living. She keeps his weapon for it's sentimental value, as well as it's capabilities as a sword.

Personality & Traits

General Overview Her unbreakable confidence, as well as the sophistication behind her words make her equally as skilled in conversation as she is in combat.

Underneath her dominance is empathy. That empathy is hidden away in the deepest reaches of her mind; the result of dealing with cutthroat pirates. She will soon learn, however, that her ability to empathize might make her a better First Mate than her sharp wit ever could.

And, hell hath no fury like this woman scorned. She is known to go to great lengths to torment those that hurt her.
Strengths & Weaknesses Her ability to lead is her most notable strength. She likes to maintain a close relationship with the crew, so that she understands how they react to different situations.

She is incredibly perceptive as well as intuitive; analyzing everything she senses.

Maraea's punishment methods are very severe, earning her both the respect, and fear of the crew. Her father ran his ship the same way.

A weakness worth noting is her legendary temper.

Hobbies & Interests Dancing, shopping, talking, fighting, and making, altering, and fixing clothes.

She enjoys shocking others as well.


Personal History Born on a Sky Ship like her brother, all this pirate knew was piracy. Her mother was first mate under the infamous Captain Arthur Morgan. They were great together. Both were cutthroat. And that energy spread throughout the whole crew. The Phoenix, her father's ship, was known for it's countless successful acts of piracy.

Successful is a word used to sugarcoat "brutal."

At the age of 25, she became the Captain of the Phoenix. However, that was short lived. A year after she was promoted, her brother had most of the men in his pocket and was revealed to be the man responsible for killing their parents. Now, it was her turn. Or so he thought.

Throughout that one year she had manipulated her brother, as well as his lackeys into doing what she wanted. She paid them well with the loot they attained, and kept them happy. She was an excellent captain, and accomplished more than most did, even with a crew waiting to betray her. She acquired a few ships in her short but bloody career; giving them to her loyal lieutenants. She told them to leave and be ready to come should she command it. The only thing her brother had over her was the location of her grandfather's treasure. And he used that to get the rest of the crew on his side.

She knew the day of the mutiny, and gave the location of their ship to a number of enemy pirates, who surrounded the sky ship. She made a deal with them. Safe passage for the location. But she knew better than that. The young Morgan pirate had prepared herself. She made sure that each enemy crew thought that they were the one to claim her, but instead, she called in a favor. An old friend of the Morgans picked her up amidst the chaos and brought her to safety.

Her lieutenants are still traveling the skies.

At the age of 34, she had become part of Daenelia's crew. From that moment on, she spent her time in the shadows, helping the crew without bringing attention to her presence.

But that had changed. All the while, her work had not gone unnoticed. She had been promoted to the First Mate, and as a result, returned to the scorching spotlight of piracy.

Family Mother: Dead

Father: Dead

Brother: Status unknown

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