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Name Leftheris Vunos

Position Master Gunner

Rank Master

Character Information

Gender Male
Species Human
Age 32

Physical Appearance

Height 1.82 m
Weight 74 kg
Hair Color dark, with loose curls
Eye Color dark
Physical Description He is rather tall, but not too tall, athletic, with graceful moves and fine traits. His dark eyes, always shining with some mischievous and analyzing light, are deep set under thick eyebrows. He has a moustache. His skin complexion, tanned by so many years at sea, is of an olive shade, rather common for the people of his island. When working aboard, his rebel hair is usually tied with a badana, not to enter his eyes. He has various scars from battles, especially burnt ones, giving that gunnery has, sometimes, explosive surprises.

On the ship he wears canvas trousers and a cheap breezy shirt, usually half unbuttoned, occasionally paired up with a vest. If work is hard and the heat horrible, he might be shirtless as well. He usually has a change of working clothes and some nicer ones, for when in ports.
Skills & Abilities + familiar with all kind of explosives and cannons
+ talent for foreign languages
+ keen eyesight – he makes a good lookout as well as a good marksman
+ good hand-eye coordination, which has proven helpful in combat
+ an inspiring leader. His leadership skills come less from persuasion and charisma, and more from a sense of intelligence and reliability turning him into an authority on the gundeck
Body Modifications None
Equipment & Gadgets Pistol, knife, cutlass. He can handle any sort of gun in combat, but has a particular affinity for flintlock pistols, having a good aim.He is average at wielding a sword and he prefers the boarding cutlass, because it requires less fine skills. As favourite possession, he has a rosary with amber beads, which had belonged to his father.

Personality & Traits

General Overview Leftheris is optimistic, spontaneous, intrepid, jovial and makes light of things most of the time, especially in odd situations where one would expect prudence.

He is a perfectionist, liking things well done. He is also daring and determined, loyal to friends and ideals, not willing to sacrifice his life in vain, but standing up for his beliefs. His aims include acquiring knowledge and wealth equally.

He is a man of hot temper and extremes. When not smiling kindly or ironically, he is boiling with anger. His heated temper keeps him from doing any emotion halfway and this leads sometimes to fierce arguments and fights.

His vanity and great pride in his own accomplishments - past or possible - lead him to take offence quickly, and an inflamed temper leads to bigger conflicts.

He loathes losing - be it a battle or a game - and being cheated in any way. He also loathes strong ones oppressing the weaker and law enforcement forces in general, because they hunt pirates and all kind of rebels, and he despises cowards and traitors, as they put stupidly one’s life in danger.
Strengths & Weaknesses + quick learner
+making friends quickly
+loyal and brave
- letting his hot temper and emotions get the best of him sometimes, which gets him into trouble
- reckless
- superstitious
- women – be they seducingly beautiful ones to be wooed or ladies in distress (of any age or social status) who need help he could provide
- overpowering ambition and desire to win
- his great ambition becomes also a weakness when pushing him over his limits, and sometimes to cutthroat competition with the wrong people.
Hobbies & Interests A strange hobby for a pirate is reading. Give him an interesting book while he is not needed for a drill or a fight, and he’ll sit quietly in a corner and read. For him, gambling is more a hobby than a weakness. He is never as desperate as to bet and lose everything he has, and he never cheats. He is fond of cards, but more of his country’s traditional game, backgammon. He likes dancing and he is a good dancer. He has shown his crewmates, once or another time, if someone was around to play the right Elladian music, a few prowess dances...


Personal History Leftheris was born on one of the bigger Elladian islands, Hanya, a place where wars had abounded. One could count, in the latest thirty years, at least three, lasting several years, plus years of partisan-driven rebellion in the mountains. This was exactly why two of the boys’names were war-related, Leftheris (from Freedom), and Nikitas (from Winner).

His father was a little clerk in a port, so he sent his boys to school. When the war came, nobody could hold Leftheris not to join the army, inflamed by heroical dreams and local legends and ballads. He got assigned to artillery, first as sponge boy, according to his physical strength at the time (or lack of, for a fifteen years old). He liked the big cannons more than the war itself. He grew up into a man, learnt lots of things about artillery, and saw his dreams withering away. During that war, he saw blood, he saw cowardice and oppression within his own chain of command too, he saw injustice, he learnt helpless revolt.

That war ended, and soldiers were released home. He was a twenty years old freshly appointed sergeant at that time, who had to find a living for himself on land. But two years later, the call to arms sounded again. This time, against the elphins, and he didn’t answer this call. Not only because he was disappointed by war; he had deeper reasons his family didn’t know yet. He was in love with an elphin girl, Galatiani. Yes, how shocking for an Elladian – but such things have always happened, some having gone to songs and legends.

When the war advanced, though, young men, especially those who had served before and were skilled, were conscripted by force, and he couldn’t avoid reenlisting. When his beloved Galatiani’s realm got threatened, he told her to announce her parents and run away. This made him a traitor towards the Army, but he didn’t consider himself one; he considered to have done the right thing against opressors. Everything was in vain, though: they had been caught, interrogated, then killed. And under torture interrogation, Galatiani had to confess who had warned her. This was how Leftheris and all the males in his family (as the sisters were already married at that time) got on the Army’s black list.

His father and youngest brother got killed, he and his other brother, who was also conscripted into the Army, were arrested in order to get court martialed. They succeeded to run away during transportation, and they found shelter in the mountains, with other rebels. The Army ceased bothering with them after a while as they had enemies to deal with. Not only Elphins, they had foreign allies. Leftheris’ artillery knowledge was put to use when the rebels had to defend their mountains against enemy invaders. And this was when his brother Nikitas died in fight.

Once Elladia won the war, the law enforcers remembered about their trespassers. Warrants for deserters and traitors were enforced, people were arrested and executed. This was the right moment when Leftheris joined the pirates, being appreciated as a gunner. He was twenty five and with no other perspective. Since then, he is a pirate and he has learnt to love this way of life, befriending rebels like him.

He was Julian Salazar’s mate on “Steamhawke”, but when the master gunner’s age caught up with him, the captain had chosen a new, wild, spazzy young woman, Rhiannon Poer, as master gunner, him remaining eternally the mate. This didn’t sit well with him, only that he had nowhere else to go right then. Yes, she was better at Maths and at calculating trajectory and things than him; but his experience was wider, in various kinds of fights. When she got lost in the storm, he became the new master gunner. He is decided to prove he is the best one “Steamhawke” ever had…
Family - Vangelis Vunos, father, town clerk, deceased
- Maria Vunos, mother, housewife, deceased
- Vangelitsa, sister, housewife
- Marianthi, sister, housewife
- Nikitas, brother, deceased
- Maroulis, brother, deceased

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Image Credits Playby- Nikos Xilouris. Photocollage made by me.

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