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Name Every Elisabeth Saint Claire

Position Cabin Boy/Girl

Rank Snot Rag

Character Information

Gender Female
Species Human
Age 15

Physical Appearance

Height 5'1"
Weight 100 lbs
Hair Color Strawberry blonde
Eye Color Brown
Physical Description Every is rather plain, with a ruddy round face, a button nose, and large eyes, and looks like she could use a few meals. Unfortunately for her, she seems to have reached her full adult height. She usually wears her bone-straight hair in twin braids.
Skills & Abilities Pick-pocketing, lying, swindling, what have you.
Body Modifications None.
Equipment & Gadgets A swiss army knife, used to threaten people whenever neccessary.

Personality & Traits

General Overview Every is a mouthy brat, and thinks that she's self-reliant and self-sufficient, whatever that is supposed to mean.
Strengths & Weaknesses Every is very good at patching up things, and is also good at stealing and swindling. However, she is kind of scrawny, so she's pretty useless when it comes to heavy lifting.
Hobbies & Interests Every is keenly interested in other people's business and learning everything ever about being a pirate.


Personal History Born in Brittania, Every's mother died in childbirth when Every was four years old. Her new baby brother died as well. Her father, the notorious pirate Thierry Saint Claire, was executed by the Brittanic government -- ironically, for crimes that he didn't commit -- when she was seven. A nice elderly lady took her in and cared for her for a few years until she too got sick and died. She was sent to live in an orphanage in the Old West as part of a social experiment, until she ran way. She has been begging and pickpocketing in various towns ever since.

Every wants to grow up to be a great pirate like her daddy and get revenge on the government who killed him. Granted, she doesn't know the first thing about pirates, but she's going to have to start somewhere.
Family None known. All of her next of kin are dead.

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