Sailor Clawhawk Hunt

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Name Clawhawk J. Hunt Sr.

Position Permanent Guest

Rank Sailor

Character Information

Gender Male
Species Kitling
Age 23

Physical Appearance

Height 3'1"
Weight 79 lbs
Hair Color tortoise shell
Eye Color Blue
Physical Description Clawhawk is essentially a cat who has been dragged through a grater a few times. Of average height and build for his race, he is still far smaller than most people. His tortoiseshell fur is mottled occasionally with a streak of black, though there are patches on his back where he has no fur at all, just scar tissue.

Clawhawk's clothing is utilitarian, and follows the pattern common to most men in the west; a collection of various plain shirts and pants, combined with a worn and weathered duster and a cowboy hat (Both bought in children's sizes). This is accentuated with the occasional piece of Brittanian naval equipment, including a canvas gun belt (Worn as a bandoleer) and canteen that both have "HMS Defiance" stamped on them.
Skills & Abilities A career in the Brittanian Navy, as well as several years of mostly independent survival in the west has produced in Clawhawk a man with the skills to survive in harsh environments. He is a decent swordfighter, though the regimented training of the Navy has given way somewhat to the dirty brawling tactics used in bars and gutters the world over.

He is, in keeping with most of his race, highly mobile, darting between the legs of opponents and drunk bar patrons alike in his seemingly ever-present quest to avoid being trod on.
Body Modifications A small golden ear stud in his left ear.
Equipment & Gadgets Clawhawke carries a pair of flintlock pistols on his hips, both of which he sawed off most of the barrel to avoid tripping over them. He also carries a stiletto dagger which, due to his size, is treated as a fencing sword.

Personality & Traits

General Overview Clawhawk is a quiet person, mostly because of his size in a world dominated by people much taller than he is. He watches everything that he can, trying to know everything there is to know about a situation before deciding whether or not to get involved, whether it be a brawl or a game of cards.

Despite having both a past and a history of taking things that weren't his, he has his own code of conduct. In short, he refuses to 'steal', instead taking what doesn't belong to him if he sees himself as having earned it. Paradoxically, this involves things such as engaging in a fight to take a wallet from the looser, or breaking into a bank to steal a gold bar. After all, he earned it by breaking into the bank, going through the effort to get the reward. If someone dropped their purse in the street, he would be far more likely to return it, seeing as he did nothing to earn it.
Strengths & Weaknesses Strengths: Has his personal code, if he likes you, you'll have a steadfast friend. If he dislikes you, you are ignored or a target.

Weaknesses: Completely obsessed over things that glint, a holdover from his feline ancestry.
Hobbies & Interests Claw is a casual carver, and in his free time he can often be found whittling small figures out of wood or whatever else is at hand. He carves whatever takes his fancy, and generally discards the results or gives them to someone who he likes.


Personal History Claw's first memory is of a ship. As a young cub, he was a powder rat aboard the HMS Dauntless, a seagoing ship of Brittania, carrying cannon charges from below decks up to the gun deck. How he wound up there he isn't sure, and anyone who could have told him is either dead or doesn't remember.

As he grew up, he became a sailor aboard the ship and, by the time he had reached puberty, was a fighting man, nominally in service to the Navy, though nobody ever seemed to enter him into the ship's records, what was apparently a bookkeeping oversight he eventually found out was that the captain didn't want to have to admit to having a Kitling in the crew.

At the next port, Claw jumped ship, and nobody seemed to care particularly, so he kept going. Several odd jobs and a stowaway later, he had found himself in the 'land of opportunity,' the West, and it was in Harling Pass that he eventually settled. Nobody seemed to care where he was from or why he was there, and that suited him just fine as he set himself up as a general hired gun-come-thief, just waiting for something decent and exciting to come along...
Family Unknown

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