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Name Melisande Delphina de La Trémoille

Position War Dog Combat Engineer

Rank Sailor

Character Information

Gender Female
Species Human
Age 27

Physical Appearance

Height 1.64 m (5'4.5)
Weight 60.78 kg (134 lb)
Hair Color Chestnut (Brown with red highlights)
Eye Color Green
Physical Description She has a typical hourglass figure found in Lekly. Her breasts and hips are a little large for her frame because of the long history of Lekly women being expected to have as many children as possible. Since she's been militantly trained since age six, she's muscular and has relatively low amount of body fat than most. One typically can't tell because of her fondness of long sleeve blouses and pants.

She wears bowtie blouses and breeches common in aiding sword fighting. The breeches are similar to fencing or equestrian breeches with protective padding and ties or buckles on the sides to keep their shape. She has wavy hair that stops at the end of her shoulder blades. Her bangs stop around her eyebrows. She typically ties her hair in a ponytail using just about any piece of cloth deemed suitable. She wears a thin black belt, which holds her two scabbard swords, one on each side, and has a separate holster for her small revolver on her calf. She usually prefers black or dark brown ankle boots.

Underneath her shirt, she usually wears a corset, which is not designed to constrict, but to add extra protection from small gun fire and sword slashes. This is the fanciest part of her wardrobe often made of silk fabric, with gold thread, inlaid with "cheap" gemstones, with lace trim.

She also ones a few sets of Old West and Elladian clothing.
Skills & Abilities Militarily trained as a technology scout, she is an expert in infiltration. She's an expert in Florentine (two sword) sword fighting found in Lekly and Viteliu, as well as sword and board typical of Elladia. She's good at marksmanship, but prefers swords. She is also skilled in hand to hand combat found in Lekly and the Merovingian Kingdom.

She was taught rudimentary alchemy skills such as keeping gunpowder dry, preventing food from going bad, preventing body odor, etc. and has knowledge of some of the latest technologies found in Europa and how to equip it.

She has encyclopedic knowledge of the Elladian island of Lesba, and speaks the language with the island's accent. She speaks and writes the dominant international language fluently, and can speak with two different Old West dialects. She knows rudimentary Merovingian as she apprenticed there for a short time. Of course, she is a native to the rather convoluted Lekly language and complex alphabet.

Being taught from the military academy in Lekly, she was taught military ethics, reading, writing, arithmetic, science, music, history, religion, and dance. Though she has large holes in her knowledge of history, the religion taught was only that of her nation's, and the dance she knows are only the kinds acceptable in her nation.

Her chosen instrument was piano and she can sing. She has a strong preference for classical and the kind of music typically found in her nation.
Body Modifications None, outside an earring hole on each lobe.
Equipment & Gadgets Her two swords, which look common for Viteliu, her Elladian curved blade and buckler, and her pepperbox revolver made with latest technology from the Old West, that has been modified by herself, with engravings of roses on the side.

A translator device kit that is disguised as a record player. It weighs 70 pounds when assembled (thus needs to be assembled on site or have someone else haul it), can only be used when playing a record because of the noise, and plays back only in the Lekly language.

Goggles used for engineering and alchemy, along with an apron, gloves, and a small tool set.

A marble travelers Chess/Checkers set common throughout Europa.

A gold chain necklace with a small pendant with three stones representing the goddess and two gods that she keeps hidden under her shirt, and a simple signet ring with her family's coat of arms.

Personality & Traits

General Overview Noble and virtuous to a fault, and half expects everyone else to be to, much to her disappointment. When one disappoints her, she withdraws emotionally if not physically. She has a hard time respecting those who make no attempt to live up to the rather high standards her religion sets. She's friendly, but distant even back home.
Strengths & Weaknesses She's intelligent, mentally quick, and thoughtful. She thinks things through and debates things mentally, which means she sometimes loses out on opportunities.

Because of her line of work, she is rather fearful of passing as normal, which can come up at strange times, and is very insecure about the way her body looks.

She has a very hard time taking criticism. If one is in a bad mood and snaps at her, she reacts personally. She'll quickly write this person as someone not worth her time or somehow lesser than her if she has no evidence to prove otherwise.

She has an irrational fear of heights and large bodies of water. Especially falling into a large body of water from great heights.

Outside of missions where it maybe necessary, she doesn't drink because "it alters one's true self" and is banned in her nation and religion in most cases, because of this, she is an extreme light weight.

She knows a lot about weapons, but is much better at improving existing ones or following plans and improving the weapons based on the plan, than creating something from scratch.

She has no previous experience on a steamship and knows very little about their technology, so she can't create any improvements outside of weaponry.

Her generalized interest in alchemy means she knows a wide variety of useful recipes, though doesn't have the knowledge or skill of someone who is a specialist.
Hobbies & Interests She's always wanted to do more alchemy but has never had the chance. She also loves different cultures and other languages, as well as learning new sword fighting techniques. In her spare time she enjoys playing Chess.


Personal History 122 years ago an intelligence officer, Aldéric Trémoille, of the Merovingian Kingdom was so horrified by the secret plans of a weapon meant to "neutralize the Lekly tactical advantage" for an upcoming attack that he defected to Lekly taking the plans with him. He was declared a war hero and granted nobility. Since then a strange curse has beset the de La Trémoille family, with their sons being doomed to have 1-3 children, and there only being a single daughter every other generation with "normal fertility." The family ends up buying a few sons from each daughter only for about half to have the more acceptable 4-6, and the other half to be completely sterile.

Melisande was born the only child of Edgard Pau, an elite judge who guides the counsel government, and Margali Loseneta, a homemaker and former singer. She was put in military school as a way to bring honor back to the family lost by lack of fertility and her fondness of a doll of a national hero Mireio the Martyr. She excelled, becoming a technology scout one of the most prized positions in the Lekly military. During her studies of Elladia, she was proposed to by one of the Lekly's most eligible bachelors and rising star in the military, Gaston Peyre de La Fon. They met during her apprenticeship in the Merovingian Kingdom.

During her unusually long time in Lesba, one of Elladia's islands known for its rather common female sexual relationships, she quickly began to become envious of the women there and had a hard time imagining herself with a man. She dreaded going back home having to marry a man she liked but didn't love to have a large amount of children.

While there she found herself in the middle of a civil war between the human and Elphin populations of the tiny island of Eschati, an island within Lesba's jurisdiction. Once she arrived home, they didn't know what to do with her.

Requesting and receiving three additional years before marriage, she decided to resign to another mission go to a journey in the Old West to Hope Mountain Settlement to receive plans of a doomsday device created by the Slavic Empire meant for Brittania. It was never used, but somehow got in the hands of Abner Haywood, a tainted who lives in the settlement and is sympathetic to Lekly. She arrived by Elladian freighter in one of the large cities, but has had to travel inland, finding no one willing to take her to the settlement. She plans to just get the plans and go home, but is willing to stay if something necessary comes up.

Her religious sect is the recently established (156 years ago) fourth sect called Balance, which believes that putting one of the entities higher than the other will only lead to chaos. It only exists in 5 out of the 35 noble houses (the 5th only joining 3 years ago abandoning the one they worshiped for centuries with much controversy), and males of these five houses often have to pay dowries to their future wives houses to wed them.

Known Identities

Marie-Céline Isaure Joubert - Merovingian Kingdom
Theodosia Mitsotakis - Elladia: Lesba
Zenobia Chiotis - Elladian frighter to the Old West
Pauline Tarn - Old West
Mary Wilder - Old West (unused)
Family Edgard Pau de La Trémoille - father and elite judge to the governing counsel.
Margali Loseneta de La Trémoille (originally de La Rollandia) - mother and homemaker.
Gaston Peyre de La Fon - betrothed and rising star in the military.

Lesba infantry cell unit #15
Commander Demosthenes Kokinos
Elpis Patsatzoglou (deceased)
Syntyche Xarhakos (deceased)
Kallistrate Georgallis (deceased)
Xanthippe Stametelopous

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