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Name John Colton

Position War Dog

Rank Sailor

Character Information

Gender Male
Species Human
Age 35

Physical Appearance

Height 6'2"
Weight 210lb
Hair Color Dark brown
Eye Color Green
Physical Description John Colton is a tall man, with broad shoulders and a slight arch to his back that gives him a slouched posture. His muscles are not overly defined and he has plenty of body fat. Colton is rough, tough, and his physique has hardened over the long stretch of his incarceration. He has large green eyes, which would stand out against his rugged facial features if it wasn't for the permanent scowl that he wears. Colton has a broad nose and a wide jaw. Underneath his wide-brimmed cowboy hat, Colton's hair is slicked back.

Colton rarely takes off his thick duster coat. He also wears a bandana with which to cover his face, which he wore at first disguise his identity and has now become a habit of his to wear it. He wears padded shirts, tight pants, and heavy riding boots. His favourite gloves are fingerless.
Skills & Abilities Having grown up on a ranch, John Colton knows a lot about tending to cattle and horse riding, none of which translates very well to serving on a pirate ship. He honed his sharpshooting skills during the years he served Captain Daenelia Bradley's rag-tag pirate group, as well as learning a bit about everyday skyship operations. Colton is a skilled thief.
Body Modifications Apart from a few badly set broken bones, the only additions to Colton's body are his prison tattoos. He was also branded in a very painful place shortly after being arrested in the Old West.
Equipment & Gadgets During his travels through the Old West, Colton has traded for and stolen a number of useful gadgets and weapons. Colton also has his trusty six-shooter, and a few knives. These are for survival more than as weapons, as he prefers to use his fists in close combat.

Personality & Traits

General Overview Innocent. Loyal. Trusting. These are all words that you couldn't use to describe John Colton. Not since he spent the best part of ten years rotting in a prison cell. A boy went in, and a man came out. And what a man John Colton is. While he still possesses a moral compass, Colton conscience is firmly lodged in a grey area in which he expects everybody to betray him, and is prepared to do whatever it takes to survive. He will steal anything to increase his chances. While Colton does not kill people indiscriminately, the man is prepared to remove anyone that stands in his way.

John Colton has a violent streak, and increasingly finds that speaking with his fists is the best way to articulate his frustration.
Strengths & Weaknesses You'd definitely want Colton on your side because he can be guiltless, darkly humourous, and he doesn't let anything get in his way.

You definitely wouldn't want Colton on your side because he can be irritable, unpredictable, and is no stranger to taking risks.
Hobbies & Interests Smoking, drinking and gambling are some of the vices that Colton doesn't try to avoid. They block out the pain, but the only things that really give him peace are animals. His fondest memories are of the years he spent on the Colton family ranch, and tending to animals brings him back to those happy times, at least before reality kicks back in.


Personal History John Colton is an escaped prisoner of the Western military. He was arrested about a decade ago during a failed attempt to rob a goods train, and spent his incarceration performing manual labour in a dextrocite mine. Colton eventually managed to make his escape and has spent his time since then travelling across the Old West with the law at his back.

Colton grew up tending to the family ranch, but in his early twenties he was pulled into a life of piracy under the command of Daenelia Bradley, a criminal career that was cut short by his arrest in the Old West.
Family The Coltons are a non-notable family of farmers and ranch-hands.

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