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Name Katherine Ebony Solias

Position Passenger

Rank Mistress

Character Information

Gender Female
Species Human
Age 20

Physical Appearance

Height 5" 3
Weight 10 stone
Hair Color Brown
Eye Color Grey
Physical Description Mediumn height and build.
Skills & Abilities A talented writer, searching for the next big thing to center her novels around. Has some explorer knowledge taught to her from her elder brother and father, but mostly skills picked up in a tavern - mixing drinks, dealing with unpleasant people, and how to handle her drink.
Body Modifications None.
Equipment & Gadgets A notebook collection, mostly bound in so-called "dragon skin" and a vast variety of pens, quills, feathers and pencils for making observations. A ruby pendent. A collection of rings should she ever come into trouble and require a quick way of getting cash. Hairpins. Several different outfits, mostly blouses and shorts. Belts and jewellery strung up with cogs and gears, anything inspired by steamships.

Personality & Traits

General Overview Generally a happy character, very positive about life. Spends most of her time with her head stuck in a book or finding new places to write, or chucking out drunks when they get abusive.
Strengths & Weaknesses Has a love for the sea and nature. Hates unjustice towards women, and hates the assumption that she will cook or clean for men - and to be frank, when Katherine offers to cook, anyone wise will evidently make up long excuses to avoid eating anything she has made.
Hobbies & Interests Writing, reading, daydreaming up characters and plots, finding out about a persons inner secrets.


Personal History When she was eighteen, as custom of the part of the Old West she was in, her father and her brother took her out with a horse and some belongings. They left her in the middle of the wilderness, alone, to see if she would survive the night.
Family Her mothers parents became tainted shortly after her mother left home, and never told the rest of the family, until her grandfather became ill from the taint and the whole family moved back to be with them. She grew up with a strong family around her that never argued or had disagreements, and together they protected one another from any troubles.

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