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Name Harriet Brooks

Position Permanent Guest

Rank Snot Rag

Character Information

Gender Female
Species Human
Age 15

Physical Appearance

Height 4'8"
Weight 30lbs
Hair Color Hair - Red / Feathers - Green
Eye Color Blue
Physical Description Harriet is small even for an Icari. Though actually slightly taller than average she is also unusually light for her size, making her quite tiny overall. Though short (By human standards), she is well proportioned for an Icari, with a large wingspan and long legs. Her leg scales are a light brown, contrasting against her fair skin, and from a distance almost appear covered in stockings though their nature is apparent upon approach. Lightly built apart from her wide hips and strong legs, with nearly no bust to speak of, Harriet is petite even by Icari standards.

Harriet’s wardrobe consists of low cut shorts and a tight tube top, dressing as light as possible to prevent any interference with her flight. Each garment is modified slightly to better accommodate Icari body types. Specifically, they aren’t designed to be put on or removed by putting ones limbs through them, instead having buttons and straps positioned in a way that they may be removed by being undone instead. Given the difficulty in an Icari putting their taloned feet through a pant leg or a wing through a top, this makes dressing much easier for Harriet.
Skills & Abilities An adept flier even for an Icari, Harriet is just as comfortable on the wing as she is on the ground, perhaps more so. In addition several years on her own have taught her how to forage, hunt for game, and perhaps most importantly escape from trouble. Harriet is also moderately skilled in Icari cooking (Which is a term used very loosely), though it’s unlikely many outside her own race will find much value in that.
Body Modifications None.
Equipment & Gadgets Harriet carries little with her, aside from a small backpack with straps designed to be removed in the same way as her clothes as opposed to going over her wings. Inside she keeps a change of clothes, a bottle of fresh water, a small bundle of photos from her home, supplies for writing letters, and a stash of emergency rations.

Personality & Traits

General Overview Harriet is curious to the extreme, readily examining and asking about things she’s never seen before. Though eager to learn new things she has a tendency to let her mind wander, often giving up old pursuits in favor of more recent ones. Harriet often enjoys showing off new things she’s learned and is always grateful to those willing to put up with her long enough to teach her in the first place.

Though Harriet has been traveling for quite a while she is still relatively inexperienced in dealing with those outside her race. She often comes off as innocent and naive, even gullible, readily trusting those who have yet to give her a reason not to do so. This gets her into trouble sometimes, but as of yet she has been able to escape each time, though still has yet to learn her lesson. Genuinely friendly, Harriet likes meeting new people and sharing experiences with those she meets.

Even among the Icari, Harriet loves food. Incredibly voracious even to her race, especially for one so small, if given the chance she will happily gorge herself to the point of being unable to fly, sleeping it off, and eating some more. Whether this is because she has a genuinely high metabolism (By Icari standards, which naturally says a great deal) or she simply enjoys doing so, none can say.
Strengths & Weaknesses Harriet is weak even for an Icari owing to her light weight and small size. She’ll be little use in a combat situation and if unable to escape can be easily overpowered. However this is balanced by her incredible dexterity and flexibility, even by Icari standards. Her diminutive body allows her to make an escape in ways many would not expect.

With a great skill in flying Harriet can perform a multitude of tricks even other Icari would find troublesome, such as hovering in place. Her light weight further allows her to stay in air longer than many other members of her race.

Other then this, Harriet possesses a standard range of strengths and drawbacks normal to her race.
Hobbies & Interests As is to be expected, Harriet loves eating and trying new types of food. Even for the voracious Icari she would be considered a food buff, taking great joy in new tastes and often gorging herself in the process. In addition, Harriet enjoys chatting with new people (Or old people), learning new things, trying new things, exploring, thinking about her family, and writing letters to send back to her folks (Though considering the difficulty in finding someone willing to take them to the middle of nowhere she tends to send multiple letters at once and usually has several old ones in her pack waiting to be sent on their way.)

Harriet enjoys indulging in the curiosity of others just as much as her own, readily talking about herself, her race, and her home to those interested in learning more about. In a way, she’s surprised so few people know about the Icari and has somewhat taken it upon herself to spread the word.


Personal History When Harriet was born one might have made the mistake of thinking she would grow up to be an incredibly large Icari. She (And her twin) were by far the fastest growing among her siblings, developing earlier and quicker than any of her contemporaries. However, midway through puberty Harriot simply stopped getting any larger. By the time she’d finished developing (Also early, at 13) Harriot was already the smallest of her clutch, and indeed out of all of her siblings (Apart from her twin sister, obviously).

The energy that would have normally contributed to her growth instead seemed to be put into her wanderlust. Even before she was old enough to make it on her own Harriet had explored every nook and cranny for miles around her home. By the time she hit 13 she was already out the door and heading as far as she could in one direction until she could fly no longer. She’d eat, rest, and continue until she hit an ocean, then swiftly turned around, picked a new direction, and continued on her way.

One day while watching the steam ships come into port while resting Harriet made a sudden realization. She didn’t know how far the ocean was exactly, but she was smart enough to know that she probably couldn’t fly across it without being able to rest. But if she went in the direction the ships came from maybe she would be able to rest on them and make it all the way to the other side.

And so Harriet made the (Perhaps ill thought and slightly unwise) decision to head to see and find even more new places to discover.
Family Harriet has an extensive family, her mother being a prodigious layer of eggs even for the Icari. Among her close family she counts her mother, six fathers (Though only one related by blood), nine brothers, and thirty-eight sisters (One of which is an identical twin who she shared an egg with, and five others being nest mates from the same clutch of eggs). Her extended family naturally even larger.

Harriet keeps a bundle of photographs of every single one of her close relatives, and writes home regularly. However, many of her sisters and brothers have followed Harriet’s example and gone exploring, and much to her dismay isn’t sure of where in the world they all are and if they’re even alright.

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