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Name Miyra Athena Blackbird

Position Lookout

Rank Snot Rag

Character Information

Gender Female
Species Human
Age 18

Physical Appearance

Height 5" 4
Weight 119kg
Hair Color Black
Eye Color Green
Physical Description Where Miyra comes from, lookouts are typically small and thin, and usually children. While she may not be the shortest nor the tallest, she is certainly thinner than is probably healthy. Her very dark, black hair is usually worn in a ponytail pulled back and away from her face.
Skills & Abilities Miyra has good eye sight; she has always known that. And a good ear, if she can be bothered to listen; but usually there is no need to look, or hear. And most things are best left unseen, and unheard... especially when her family is concerned.
Body Modifications A single silver earring in either ear lobe, always worn while in port. Was given to her by her father when she was younger.
Equipment & Gadgets A sewing pouch made of leather, a leather bound diary.

Personality & Traits

General Overview Miyra would rather work than be seen idling around. She also prefers her own company, making the job of a lookout ideal; grateful for any job, especially the one she wishes for, she is quite content to sit high up in the rigging and watch, or cling to the rigging while she re-knots a length that is damaged. She loves the rain more than the sun, and finds the job of a lookout to be second nature.
Strengths & Weaknesses Miyra hates slaves, and children working. Call it a strength or a weakness, but the very suggestion of slaves boarding any ship makes her feel ill.

Perhaps it is due to her childhood, when she glimpsed children being abused, through the cracks in her parents protective blanket...
Hobbies & Interests Miyra loves anicent stories of how things came to be. She often recorded stories from her mother, grandmother, even her great grand mother. And she makes a good story teller, as did her parents.


Personal History Miyra's parents wanted to keep her at home, away from the slavery and child labour ruining their home port. But Miyra wanted something different; not excitement, exactly, but a freedom she could never have with her parents.

Oblivious to that fact she was being hunted, she left home and sailed with various sky-ships, keeping her head down low. When crossing past Brittany, she had to disguise as a boy - one which lasted only until they were out of port and back on another sky ship.

Now she has found a pirate sky ship, but is unaware that similar pirates were the ones to cause her Father's death, and make her mother go missing...
Family Miyra's family dealt in slaves, her father keen to make a large profit from them. When his sky ship, used as a slave ship, was attacked by pirates and held hostage, Miyra's mother descended into despair. Emotionally weak, she tried to pay all the bills while paying the pirates pricey demands.

When Miyra's mother failed to make a payment, the pirates did not kill the remaining crew; instead, they came for Miyra.

When Miyra left home soon afterwards (see Personal History), and the pirates could not find her, they killed her Father and took her Mother hostage.

No one, not even family friends, have been allowed to contact her mother. And with Miyra unaware of her family's ruin, there is little hope for any of them.

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