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Name Avra Merrick

Position Permanent Guest

Rank Mistress

Character Information

Gender Female
Species Human
Age 24

Physical Appearance

Height 5"4
Weight 110 pounds
Hair Color Pale blonde
Eye Color Grey
Physical Description One word to describe Avra would be average. Average height, on the skinny side of slim and with a build clearly not suited to fighting, and a plain, unremarkable face. Vaguely attractive when she tries but simply normal and average when she doesn't. And Avra rarely tries.

Her hair is a pale blonde, only a few shades and a hue off white. Platinum, her mother had called it, when she was in the mood to be fanciful. Long and slightly wavy, Avra usually leaves it loose unless she's working when it's either braided or pushed back in a bandanna.

Avra walks with a slight limp, one that becomes more pronounced when its cold or she's tired. There's a burn scar across her right leg from knee to ankle.
Skills & Abilities As a doctor, Avra has medical training. Although she specialized in foreign and unusual diseases (and unorthodox remedies for them), her skill set covers most things in regards to medicine.

Her rich upbringing has given Avra knowledge in most basic academic fields, she can read in three languages (although only speak in two, one of which is her native tongue), write in beautiful calligraphy and knows more than enough mathematics than strictly necessary.
Body Modifications The scar on her leg starts above her kneecap and goes over it, a large burn and jagged scar starting just above her kneecap and ending an inch or so past her ankle, scar tissue covers the area. Due to the exact nature of her injury, the slight loss of movement it caused is permanent.
Equipment & Gadgets Avra never goes anywhere without her medical bag, which contains basic medical supplies as well as several unusual herbs that deal with the foreigner diseases.

Avra also normally carries a walking stick - a simple wooden stick - with her wherever she goes. It's for the times when her leg gets too painful for her to walk properly by herself.

Personality & Traits

General Overview Avra is a quiet, studious woman. The type who dislikes small talk and doesn't see the point in melodramatics. That's not to say she won't indulge someone, she's learnt that there is a type of person who brags and chats when being treated and she's learnt to just go along with it. But she neither understands nor appreciates it. For her, fun is being alone with a good book or talking with someone she actually knows and likes. She's confident around friends but less so around strangers, preferring others to make the first move.

She's calm and controlled, emotions buried so deep sometimes she doesn't even know where to find them. Mostly, she keeps them inside and doesn't smile or frown or cry or glare even if, on the inside, she's screaming. Some people take this to mean that she's cold hearted and callous and maybe she is, her sense of humor, when it surfaces, is often more cynical and unusual than expected of a woman her age. Yet despite that, she's gentle. Having taken a vow as a doctor to aid any in need, Avra intends to honor that vow to the best of her ability.
Strengths & Weaknesses Avra is calm in a crisis and able to think quickly on her feet. Her combat skills are nonexistent and, with her slightly-crippled leg, unlikely to ever come up. She is a little socially inept and sometimes doesn't understand why people do good things (she does them because she's a doctor, it's her job, other people? Not so much).
Hobbies & Interests Reading, medicine, herbs and their uses, writing in her journal. Avra also enjoys learning about new cultures and languages and enjoys travelling the world.


Personal History Avra grew up in a rich home in the Merovingian Kingdom. Her father was a doctor and her mother a teacher so Avra, and her older siblings, were given the best education money and influence could buy. She studied hard, forsaking social interaction for the chance to jump up grades and finish school as fast as she could, reading extra material in her spare time.

When she was fifteen, there was a fire at their home. Avra's mother was killed and Avra's leg burnt terribly. The doctors, including her father, worked to save the limb and only just succeeded, leaving her crippled but with the promise it would heal a bit as she got older. With her older sister married and her brother having a job, Avra was the only person her father took when he joined a ship as the doctor.

They flew across the world. Avra working as her father's apprentice, helper and general assistant. Some days, her leg would seize up completely and she'd just sit on the floor with a book and other days it would hurt so much she couldn't find the concentration to so much as think. As time went by, it was reduced to a dull ache with the occasional seizure or burst of spontaneous pain becoming less and less frequent.

She was seventeen the last time she saw her father. She was in their cabin, waiting for him to finish buying supplies at port and he never made it back. The captain didn't wait, despite her protests, and they set sail without him. To this day, Avra doesn't know what happened. At their next stop, she left the ship and took another back but her father wasn't there.

For a few years, Avra sailed around as a paying passenger, looking for her father. When she ran out of money she sold her services as a doctor but, due to her youth, bedraggled appearance and bad leg, work was hard to come by. Pirates were more likely to accept her and, despite the worse pay, she started being employed by them more and more frequently.

Family Father: Adrian Merrick
Mother: Elise Merrick
Sister: Melissa Dun (Nee Merrick)
Brother: Thomas Merrick

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