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Name Sebastian Davenport

Position Permanent Guest

Rank Mate

Character Information

Gender Male
Species Human
Age 24

Physical Appearance

Height 5'11"
Weight 155 lbs
Hair Color Brown
Eye Color Blue/Red
Physical Description Sebastian has been on the run from authorities for quite some time and thus he wears a lot of clothing to mask his appearance. His lengthy brown hair is kept in check with a hat that he rarely removes and his jacket has a collar that he always has popped up, hiding most of his face. His constant brawling with others and evading the authorities has kept his body in good physical shape. His most noticeable trait his his blood red left eye. Several years ago, a man he considered a friend, bludgeoned him upside the head and filling most of his eye with blood. Though he can see out of it, it is not his strongest eye.
Skills & Abilities Constantly on the run, Sebastian had developed a knack for creating spur of the moment gadgets that he uses to evade his pursuers. His left arm, being entirely clockwork, has many features that come in handy when making such gadgets. The arm is also ten times stronger than that of a normal arm and is instrumental in his hand to hand fighting techniques.
Body Modifications Sebastian's left arm was lost during a fight he had with an ex-comrade. He had it replaced with a clockwork arm which serves him well in close range combat and when engineering gadgets and contraptions.
Equipment & Gadgets The outer shell of his clockwork arm is extremely durable. He even had a chance to see it withstand, though with considerable damage, a bullet from a flintlock pistol from only a few meters away. The hardness of the material also proves to deal respectable amount of damage when used in close combat. Several blades are also hidden inside the arm at the elbow and wrist, which can be extended and retraced with quick and simple motions.

His arm also serves him as a tool when creating gadgets and comes in handy even when he least expects it. Inside his jacket, Sebastian carries with him two flintlock pistols, but dislikes using them.

Personality & Traits

General Overview Wanted for murder, Sebastian is constantly on the move and looking for someone from his past. He is introverted, unsure of who he can trust as the last person he had trusted betrayed him.
Strengths & Weaknesses Sebastian is quick on his feet and extremely creative, turning almost anything he can find into a weapon he can use. The betrayal from his past has left him angry at the world, making him aggressive to those he isn't fond of, which is both a strength and a weakness. He doesn't trust very easily and it takes a while for most to get him to really open up.
Hobbies & Interests Sebastian likes to tinker. Always modifying his arm with new gadgets and gizmos that most would find useless, but he has his reasons for doing so even if he doesn't say.

He is searching for any information regarding a certain amber stone that would be worth killing for.


Personal History Sebastian's family was killed by bandits when he was young. Taken in by a man named "Lucky" Jack, he raised the young boy to read and write and learn of the world. Sebastian was raised as a scholar, but due to the aggressive nature of the bandits that raided the area, he was also trained by Jack in hand to hand combat. Lucky Jack never mentioned to Sebastian of what he used to do or who he used to be, he was simply known as his guardian.

One day, Jack had gotten a a visit by a mysterious stranger and whenever Sebastian asked Jack simply changed the subject. When Sebastian found a colorful amber stone his world turned upside down. Jack beat the boy senseless, breaking his arm and bludgeoning him upside the head.

Surviving the ordeal, Sebastian created his arm and constantly upgrades it to suit his new life. He went off in search for Lucky Jack and in the process was caught up in a double murder. He was forced to abandon his search for Lucky Jack or at least search while running from the law.
Family His mother and brother were killed by bandits when he was young and he doesn't know his father. Though they were killed mercilessly, he harbors no feeling for revenge or retribution.

Image Credits

Image Credits Sebastian Davenport, drawn by kutty-sark of devientart.

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