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Name Santiago "Chago" Moreno

Position Deckhand

Rank Sailor

Character Information

Gender Male
Species Human
Age 28

Physical Appearance

Height 1.78m
Weight 70kg
Hair Color dark
Eye Color black
Physical Description He has dark hazel eyes and dark hair, slightly curled, usually worn long and tied either with a bandanna, or in a pony tail. He is not too tall, but athletic, broad shouldered, with well toned muscles. His skin is tanned, towards a copperish shade. He has various scars from the fights he was involved in.

If on a mission, he is wearing something appropriate to the places he has to frequent, covered by a black cloak when needed, especially to conceal his weapons. He can impress by dressing elegantly when he wants, but it is usually on the job… for blending in. Otherwise, his travel clothes are usually a common sailor’s attire. He wears at his neck, visibly or not, the cross of Santiago, received from a monk.

Skills & Abilities +Good both in range combat and in close combat, but he prefers blades of all kind
+ The three years of work aboard a ship gave him good sailing skills and no seasickness.
+He also knows the secrets of local medicinal herbs (including the Arauca healing lore his mother had taught him) and patching wounds, having helped his fellows wounded or sick.
Body Modifications No body modifications.
Equipment & Gadgets He has a good aim with a pistol or rifle, but he prefers blades of all kinds, a passion inherited from his father, who trained him in combat skills. He owns a wide range of blades: navaja, left-hand dagger, machete, sword.

Personality & Traits

General Overview A reasonably educated man, he blends well in any society. He can be charming when he wants to and silent, keeping to himself and efficient when he has a job to do. Chago is challenge-oriented and he likes to get into mischief. He lies in order to keep up appearances and not betray his real profession.

He treats most people with respect unless they cross him someway... or unless he has been paid to do otherwise. Strangely, even if he is a mercenary, he sees himself a kind of tool for doing justice in a world where it is scarce.

He is rather stubborn and has his own opinions… aspect less recommended in his profession, because sometimes it gets in the way of doing business. There have been two cases when he had been paid to kill someone… and the customer was the one who ended killed instead of his innocent victim (who proved to be once a young lady, the other time a nine years old boy).

Strengths & Weaknesses Strengths:
- Loyal to his few friends, to his beloved sister's family and to most paying customers
- Ambitious and quick learning
- He strives to win against any obstacles life may get in his way and succeed
- He trusts no woman in order to fear betrayal. He had a romantic disappointment in his youth and he has guarded his heart since then, thinking that all women are flimsy.
- He doesn’t kill women and children, because a defenseless enemy is of no interest for him - besides, he had done it once while in the army, being forced to take part in the burning of an Indian village, and his sense of honour and the share of blood inherited from his mother had rebelled deeply against this. Now, that he has a choice, not blind orders to obey, he chose to kill men only.
- A strange sense of honour ("honor sin mancha" - i.e. blemishless honour, as it is the logo of the knights of Santiago he had learnt about) gets him sometimes into trouble, either because he defends the one he considers worth defending, or because he refuses a job if it proves not to be what was initially told (and “refusing”… is not quite the exact word, when it happens midway).
- It is also complemented by a strange kind of religiosity, less found at men in his trade. He knows well that "Do not kill" is among God's commandments, but he sees himself as a tool for justice. He may not go to church, but it doesn't mean he doesn't believe in God and he always starts a mission after having made the sign of cross. Actually, his patron saint, Apostle Santiago, is the protector of soldiers and braves...
Hobbies & Interests Easygoing and laid back, he likes partying as often as he can: music, dance, women, liquor… only that he knows when to stop. He won’t get drunk because he knows that under the influence of alcohol one may spill the best kept secrets.From his father he learnt also playing guitar.


Personal History He was born in the Old West. His father came from the Merovingian Kingdom, but instead of finding gold, he found the same injustice he didn’t like in his mother country, but also uncharted territories to explore. Due to his good combat skills, he was hired as guard for many transports inside the territory of the Old West. Some of the caravans he accompanied were meant for the missions raised in the forests inhabitated by natives. And if he did not find any silver or gold, he found a copper-skinned beauty in a mission… Unlike others of his kind, he married Juana at the mission, before taking her with him. They bought a little house at the outskirts of a town, in a poor neighbourhood, and while Juana was busy to raise a family and cultivate a little garden, he offered his service to the mayor a few years later, when he got tired of wandering in the wilderness. Being more at home, he got his attention to raising properly his two sons, of whom he was extremely proud.

As one of the mayor’s guards, he had no problem in sending his sons to a priest to obtain a proper education, as he resented the fact that he couldn’t read, and he took care to teach them to fight. The younger son preferred less fighting and more the monastery environment, and later he decided to become a priest. After the required period he chose to build a mission among the Natives, feeling the call of his mother's blood inheritance.

The older son, Chago, was more like his father, he wanted both worlds, of learning and fighting. And if he set his mind on becoming a soldier, that was what he did after having lost his parents and sister in an epidemy. His only remaining sister, Pepita, was already engaged, so he stayed as to assist at the marriage, then he volunteered for the army.

As he had an education, he received the lowest officer rank and he was assigned, first, to a remote post in the Native territory. One year later, he was sent to the Merovingian Kingdom with the troops. He had the opportunity to know his father’s land, to fight in the War …

When turning back, after three years in the Merovingian Kingdom, the ship they were on was sunk by the British privateers. He had the luck to remain alive, even if hurt, and to be found two days later by a British merchant ship.

As he was saved by “Morning Star”, he remained aboard for a while, learning their language and sailing, reefing and rigging. He was an ordinary sailor, not working at height, but he did a good job and enjoyed life at sea… until the ship met some pirates. He fought bravely… and they liked this, so when “Morning Star” was conquered, he was among the ones put to choose between becoming a pirate and dying. Cornered as he was, he accepted for the moment being… but a few months later, in a port, he managed to disappear and stay hidden until the ship left. He took another ship to a port of the Old West… and since then he is a mercenary, making his army discipline and high fight skills useful for the one who pays better and having sworn revenge against the pirates.
Family Father – Jose Santiago Zamorra (deceased), an adventurer
Mother – Juana Zamorra (deceased)
– Pepita Zamorra (married Dominguez), 2 years younger, housewife and mother of 5
- Jose Manuel ([i]Josema[/i]) Zamorra, 3 years younger, a priest in a remote mission in the Indian territory
- Maria Zamorra, 7 years younger (deceased)
- several others who died before their first birthday.

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Image Credits Playby - Fernando Colunga in "Passion". Graphic made by Jouko

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