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Name Xanos M. Knyghtshade I

Position Permanent Guest

Rank Mister

Character Information

Gender Male
Species Human
Age 31

Physical Appearance

Height 7'1"
Weight 220 lbs
Hair Color Black, with a red streak down the middle.
Eye Color Bright yellow
Physical Description Tall and imposing, Xanos' long black hair showing underneath his almost cliche top hat, he is hardly what he appears to be. His black overcoat touches the ground, and hides his maroon and gold vest and dress-shirt, complete with ruffles. On his face is his most striking feature: an owl mask, white and brown with a yellow and orange beak, made of plaster and paint.
Skills & Abilities Xanos is an engineer, but not of the kind that know how to run a ship of alchemy. He is an engineer of the mind, of revolutionary thinking that spans the greatest of hearts and beliefs. He's also a little nuts, which helps. Other than his inventing, he is trained in fencing, linguistics and some minor knowledge of biology and anatomy.
Body Modifications His entire right arm is a combination of clockwork and simple muscular reconstruction (not really simple but to him it was). To the layman, his arm looks like it's made of gold with a gear at the wrist and elbow. In fact, the inner workings are so complex that the outside appearance is in fact a sham, to make him appear wealthier than he actually is.
Equipment & Gadgets Clockwork-Steamwork-ified Da Vinci technology plans.

The torso, arms and legs of a clockwork man, but no head. Yet.

Personality & Traits

General Overview An inventor of such utter lunacy yet class that his foes are both baffled and mystified as to his creations of battle and motion, while his friends and crewmates consider him a complete nutter until he shows them his knowledge!
Strengths & Weaknesses Strengths: High intellect, physically intimidating, chaotic strategies.

Weaknesses: Low practical wisdom, very large stature, inability to both plan out concrete battle strategies nor make thoughtful decisions.
Hobbies & Interests Cloud-watching
Clockwork Man Creation
Inventing problem solvers
Friendship Making


Personal History Xanos was born in Germania, the first son of the Knyghtshade prince and countess of a region known as the Pinevarson. Not much is known of what happened to them before their deaths eighteen years later, but their assassination was known of even in Britannia. Parentless, Xanos and his brother were split up, with the first son taken to Britannia and entered into the poorer districts. Abandoned by his government, he hid away in the grim districts, learning passing knowledge on many of the skills he has mastered today.

The loss of his arm was caused by, of all things, a shark attack. One must not go swimming without clockwork guards, it seems.

Other things of his history are up to him to discuss with his crew, such as his feelings and such.
Family Mother - Deceased
Father - Deceased
Brother - Presumed Deceased

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