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Name Elias Ambrose

Position Civilians

Rank Brother

Character Information

Gender Male
Species Human
Age 48

Physical Appearance

Height 6'5"
Weight 300lb
Hair Color Grey-blonde
Eye Color Glass
Physical Description Brother Elias Ambrose is a tall, handsome, mechanical man, although you couldn't tell all of those things at first glance. His normal attire is a black clergyman's outfit, topped with a rounded black hat when outdoors. He rarely removes his darkened glasses, because what is underneath is distinctly inhuman.

Anyone standing close to Elias will feel the warmth of his personality and of his steam engine. And if he's gone too long without lubrication, they'll hear the whirring of his gears when he walks.
Skills & Abilities Elias possesses a keen financial instinct: the man knows how to run a business and has kept his small church afloat despite its reliance on donations.

Even though he has many times the body strength of the average man, Elias possesses no specific fighting skills, and no particular desire to get into fights. He believes that every situation has a non-violent solution.
Body Modifications Twelve years ago his original body was almost entirely replaced with artifical parts, the result of a life-saving operation after he was found crushed in the wreckage of his company's sky ship. Iron prosthetics replace limbs that were shattered in the accident, their gears and pistons powered by a compact steam engine in his back. Most of his internal organs were damaged beyond repair, and now a complex alchemical apparatus provides nutrients to keep Elias' remaining flesh alive.

While fully clothed it is hard to tell just how little of the old Elias remains. He even conceals his glass eyes from view, for although he can use them to see, he is not used to people seeing them.
Equipment & Gadgets Elias needs no possessions other than his faith.

Personality & Traits

General Overview Once known by many for his arrogance, and known by few for his hidden warmth and compassion, Elias' personality has been reversed since the big change in his life. The same elements and qualities are there, but now while Elias is openly kind and friendly, he has a repressed aggression and deep sadness.

If only his body wasn't a living reminder of the past, Elias would be happier forgetting it all. But through caring for others he finds satisfaction in life.
Strengths & Weaknesses Elias is a keen conversationalist and diplomatic to the core. His electric personality sometimes comes across as threatening, but whether this is intentional is up for debate.
Hobbies & Interests Elias keeps up with the financial world even though he only participates in charities these days. He has many old contacts although most of them agree that Elias is not the same ruthless businessman he used to be.


Personal History As a child of the Ambrose family, Elias grew up left wanting for nothing and being educated on everything. Elias' father impressed upon him the importance of business, and picked for him the best university at which to advance academically.

After the death of his parents Elias inherited the Ambrose fortune and set up a string of successful businesses. In 1838 he founded Ambrose Enterprises, with the intent to build long-distance sky ships for the transport of both goods and people from one nation to another.

The Basilica was launched two years later, the largest and most advanced sky ship of its time, Its maiden flight ended in disaster when the pirate Daenelia Bradley tried to steal the Basilica. Her plans went awry and the ship went headfirst into the Brittish countryside.

Elias was found crushed in the wreckage, but his life was saved thanks to his record breaking life insurance policy. The best doctors and technicians that money could buy worked long hours until Elias could stand once more. By the end of the procedure Elias was more metal than man.

Ambrose Enterprises was no more, and every penny Elias had was tied up in the lifelong maintenance of his iron body. But the man in the machine was not lost entirely.

Brother Elias Ambrose is a now missionary of the Way, a faith that he has championed every since the events that nearly cost him his life. The church of the Way has no set location, instead its missionaries travel the world to involve themselves in charitable trusts and to spread understanding of the faith.
Family The Ambrose family was one of the most famously rich dynasties of the 18th and 19th centuries, but now Elias is the only known living member.

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