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Name Tanith Yanna Lars

Position Permanent Guest

Rank Mistress

Character Information

Gender Female
Species Human
Age 19

Physical Appearance

Height 5"2
Weight 98 pounds
Hair Color Black
Eye Color Green-brown
Physical Description Tanith is a woman with a small stature and almost dainty features. Being originally from Elladia, she has the darker complexion native to her people. Her hair is black and short, falling to her shoulders in loose, gentle waves. She has part of it, a thick bunch of strands near the front, braided but apart from that generally leaves her hair alone. Her eyes are a coppery-green, more akin to golden brown than anything else. When she needs to concentrate she covers her eyes with a black cloth blindfold as it helps her 'see'. She tends to wear loose, simple garments. A brown top that falls to just below her hips and a pair of dark trousers, a pair of sandals on her feet if anything at all.

Then there's her scars. Two on her face and one on her stomach, another on her back. She keeps the ones she can hide hidden but the ones on her face are quite hard to hide so she strolls out with a confidence that almost dares people to comment.
Skills & Abilities Tanith has a beautiful voice and the ability to go from the highest notes to the lowest with ease. She's capable with the violin and can play or sing a tune if she has heard it only once. She can memorize songs from sheets just as easily and has a huge, varied repertoire she can play easily.

Being a former thief and con woman, Tanith has certain less savory skills she prefers to keep secret but could, if she had to, use if necessary. Although she could truthfully say that she's never so much as stolen a single thing (she's picked pockets and broken into houses yes, but she never took anything, it was just to see if she could), what she doesn't mention is that she's tricked people into giving their money, keys or other belongings to her using a variety of lies and manipulations she wouldn't reveal except under the most extreme circumstance. She can trick people into giving her their things, lie and bluff without even having to worry about detection, and get people to do as she wants without them even realizing they're doing anything other than what they wanted themselves. She can also cheat at cards and most games of luck - providing she has her loaded dice with her.
Body Modifications Her scars. Tanith has four. Two on her face. The first snakes down her left cheek bone, twists and goes over her lips, stopping just before it clears the bottom one. The second curves from her right forehead and down, crossing her right eye, curving up and around her nose and going down over her left eye as well.

The third is on her stomach, short yet thick. It was from when she was younger and someone took exception to her cheating at a game, they'd stabbed, she'd tried to move and the knife had gotten her left side of her stomach. It didn't hit any organs and she made a full recovery.

The last is on her back. A jagged red line that runs up from around her right shoulder and down, becoming deeper as it goes then shallower until it stops just short of her left hip. This scar is her biggest problem and she has to rub ointment into it daily to stop the skin from drying, cracking and the scar reopening again. If Tanith was being honest - which she rarely is - then she'd admit to not actually knowing where the scar came from. She simply found herself awake in the middle of the street with blood dripping from her back and not the faintest idea what had happened the night before.
Equipment & Gadgets She has a trunk full of books and a violin, complete with bow. In a small wooden box she has the less legal items in her possession, a pair of loaded dice, two sets of cards (one of which is altered from normal) and the twelve items she's taken (not stolen, taken) that she's decided not to sell. The ointment needed for her back is in the box too, three jars of it - enough to last a few months.

Personality & Traits

General Overview A cheerful, confident girl who generally acts a few years younger than she actually is. She has a bubbly personality and a tendency to blabber on and on, often without much tact and changing the subject with an absentminded spontaneous manner that could be found either endearing or irritating. She's more than happy to be the only person in a conversation talking but is just as cheerful listening to someone - although her rather limited attention span and inability to take much seriously makes it hard to discuss important matters with her. That said, she's always willing to share her opinion and frankly doesn't care if it's not the same as someone else's.

If someone was to spend a lot of time listening to her, though, they'd notice that she very rarely talks about anything important. She never mentions her past, her family or how she got those scars. When questioned she gives a cheerful, carefree response and changes the subject in such a way that the person who asked doesn't realize she didn't give them an actual answer until she's already gone. When pressed for an answer she will lie but when asked again changes her answer into another story, even more elaborate than the first. Her reasoning is that if she ever does tell someone the truth by accident, they'll just assume it's a lie.
Strengths & Weaknesses Tanith is good with people and particularly good with people she wants something from. She can talk her way out of most situations and when that doesn't work she's fast enough to run and small enough to hide.

Due to her youth and frank, merry way of talking, Tanith's often underestimated and so it generally comes as a surprise when the cheerful little lady you privately thought was a little simple, strolls away with the money you, for reasons you cannot fathom, gave her earlier.

Her main weakness is her sight. Tanith can't see properly since her facial scars. Although, through extensive medical treatment, she isn't completely blind - it's worse on her right eye than her left - her vision is quite distorted, in particular when it comes to how far away from something she is. This leads to many clumsy moments when she misjudges a distance and walks into something she didn't mean to. Tanith finds it easiest if she blindfolds herself as then she focuses on her hearing not her sight and actually finds it easier to navigate herself to places.

As well as that, she has no knowledge whatsoever of defending herself. She generally gets by through talking until either she confuses or persuades her assailant to leave her alone. But she can't defend herself physically, she wouldn't even know where to start.
Hobbies & Interests Music and singing are obvious but, less expected, is her love for books. Tanith has a rather large collection, almost all of which are in a sort of braille and most of which look too big for someone as small as her to carry around. She doesn't just love reading them either, she loves books. The way they smell, their weight, the texture of their pages. She loves how words that have so little meaning by themselves, together can form stories and images more potent than a picture.

That's sort of why she loves music so much. Songs tell stories, they can be happy or they can be sad but they cannot be without feeling. She tends to play ones that suit her mood, from lively dancing songs to soft, melancholy tunes.


Personal History Although unable to remember her early years, Tanith was four when her house was set on fire and her parents killed. Her older sister, Saris Ven was pregnant and had moved in with her husband at the time but was unable to find her little sister despite weeks of searching. It was presumed that Tanith had died.

But she hadn't.

Tanith was found by a homeless couple and her first real memories are of being looked after by them. They raised her with a rather interesting set of morals "do not kill" followed by "stealing and lying are fine" and "it's only cheating if you get caught". She didn't get caught. Her adopted parents taught her all they knew: How to cheat at games of luck, how to stay two steps ahead of someone in cards, how to pick pockets and pick locks, and how confidence, intellect and the right words can get you far further than a sword and muscles.

Tanith had always loved to sing and dance and her voice was strong and clear enough to get her money from simply singing in a crowded street near a hat or box. When she was eight, she heard a man playing a violin and fell in love with it. A brief discussion later and the man had agreed to teach her all he knew. She was a quick learner and by the time she was sixteen had surpassed her teacher in ability with the instrument, her young, dexterous fingers able to go at far faster speeds than his aged ones.

It was when she was still sixteen that her life took a turn for the worse. She'd just separated a young man from his purse and done it in such a way that it was barely even illegal and was heading to the alleyway she called home when the man grabbed her. To this day, Tanith isn't sure how he followed her or who he was, she just knows that he had five friends and she didn't know how to defend herself. It was all over very quickly and she returned to the alley sometime later, her clothes ripped and dirtied and face obscured with scars and blood.

For two years after that, Tanith continued life completely blind. Her adopted family - which now included three 'siblings', an 'uncle' and two 'cousins' - cared for her as best they could and slowly built up enough money to have her sent to a proper doctor. It turned out that yes, her eyes could be repaired but not fully. If she'd gotten there straight away her sight could have been returned perfectly but she hadn't and so it couldn't.

With her sight partially restored, Tanith realized that she couldn't stay in her home any longer. She was a liability with her family and the only reason she hadn't been kicked out and left to die was because they cared for her too much to leave her like that. So she packed a small bag, said her goodbyes and talked her way onto a ship heading somewhere far, far away.
Family Varis and Aaron Lars were her parents but that's all she can remember about them, their names and the fact that their dead. She can't remember when they died or how they died. She knows she had an older sister and a nephew but can neither remember their names nor what happened to them - although she does hope they're alive somewhere.

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