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Name Azzo Weisse

Position Deckhand

Rank Sailor

Character Information

Gender Male
Species Human
Age 29

Physical Appearance

Height 5'8"
Weight 140 lbs
Hair Color Dark blond/light brown
Eye Color Blue
Physical Description Azzo Weisse is slightly shorter than the average man, with narrow shoulders and a trim frame covered by compact muscles. Meals have never been of great importance to Azzo. He will eat anything put in front of him, in whatever quantity and not complain. The important thing for him is that his body be able to do whatever he asks of it, and in the last ten years its been asked to do quite a lot.

Training, skirmishes and living rough on the frontier have left him with a myriad of small and large scars on his hands, arms, legs and feet. His skin is tanned for a Northerner, but still fair compared to the leathery complexion that many seafarers develop. At 29, the first wrinkles have begun to creep in at the edges of his mouth and the corners of his eyes.

His dress is unexceptional. He wears sturdy, cheap clothes that he keeps washed and mended when he can. Much of his clothing, such as his boots and his coat, is left over from his time in the military.
Skills & Abilities Standard Prussian military training augmented with five years of border skirmishes.

Basic survival skills: starting fires, building shelters, trapping game, etc

Speaks Prussian, Britannic with an accent, and a smattering of Slavic (mostly warnings and commands)
Body Modifications One tattoo on his forearm, signalling official fulfillment of his military service.
Equipment & Gadgets Prussian issue sabre, knife, boots and kit.

Personality & Traits

General Overview At first glance, this small, quiet man hanging at the back of a group of people seems shy. When people speak to him though, his words are clear and direct, his handshake is firm, and he meets their gaze with a confidence they weren't expecting. Azzo is a quiet, reserved man, but not a shy one.

In his unit, he had a reputation for being a bit of a gentleman. While his manners don't have the sort of formality or ceremony that the upper class is so fond of, he holds tightly to "please" and "thank you" and is scrupulously polite to women. He has an inscrutable sense of humor, and often his politeness masks some private amusement.

Azzo is unflaggingly loyal to his convictions. Happily, most of the time those convictions revolve around allegiance to his commanding officer and duty to his fellow soldiers. However, when he gets an idea in his head no amount of mockery or threats will sway him from pursuing what he's decided is right, and he'll accept any punishment for his actions without complaint. He'll behave the same was for the few people he cares about deeply, going to great lengths to ensure their safety.
Strengths & Weaknesses Azzo doesn't express himself well, even to himself. Asked to give a rationale for his actions or opinions, he'll often look at his inquisitor blankly, as though the need to have a reason hadn't occurred to him. He's not unintelligent, he simply tends to act on instinct and some sort of deep-seated moral compass. Why he feels the way he feels has never been a topic of interest to him. Friends, lovers, commanding officers, and others who have a vested interest in understanding someone's opinions often find this problematic.

On the other hand, this same quirk of personality keeps him on a remarkably even keel. Once the correct course of action is apparent to him, he isn't plagued by self doubt, he doesn't waver, and if things go wrong, he understands implicitly that what was the correct choice at the time wasn't the best choice overall. He doesn't carry around a whole lot of guilt or anxiety or judgement, and that can make him a good ear to listen or shoulder to lean on.
Hobbies & Interests Always most content when observing, during his military days Azzo often found himself absently whittling as the men joked and argued around the fire in the evenings. When one day someone put a bit of leather-work that needed repairing in his hands instead, he discovered he had a talent for that. While he used to spend time checking over tack, now he's turned his skills to repairing pieces of rigging. He finds contentment in being useful.


Personal History The eldest son in a large farming family, Weisse spent his early years working in the fields, tending to the animals, and helping to care for his younger siblings. He attended school haphazardly, attending when the demands of home permitted it and leaving when there were more mouths to feed than hands to feed them. At sixteen, he enlisted in the military, signing a contract for ten years service. Picked out as both literate and intelligent, he was first placed in an officer's training school, but after a year during which he showed no aptitude or interest for leadership he was transferred to running patrols along the border with the Slavic Imperium.

For four years, the patrols were an almost pro forma affair. Villages were glad for the added security, and the occasional gang of bandits Weisse's unit was sent after were typically poorly armed and easily brought to justice. Most the the unit's time was spent helping villages dig wells, rebuild walls, and bring in the harvest.

As time whet on, however, rumors began to spread about unrest in the Slavic Imperium. The bandits, once mostly the wild younger sons of local farmers or men who had lost everything, were increasingly desperate looking Slavic men from across the border. Often, Azzo's company found themselves embroiled in bitter, bloody skirmishes with Imperium troops that had encroached on Prussian land. The governmental position as always that these were free agents operating outside the sanction of their government, but the border patrols and the villagers knew differently.

After five years of mud, blood, and cold nights, Azzo finished his contract with the army. The hefty sum he received on leaving he sent home to his brothers, keeping just enough to catch the first ship to Britannia. There he spent two years as a hired guard for a merchant vessel before the merchant lost his fortune in a bad prospecting deal in the Old West and Azzo found himself out of a job.
Family Azzo is the oldest in a family of eleven siblings: six boys and five girls. He has never met the youngest two, as they were born after he left for the army. His father is dead and the second and third oldest brothers now run the farm with their wives, having used to money Azzo sent to buy up the neighboring land. There's a place for him there if he wants it, but no reason for him to go back.

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