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Name Rhiannon Dierdre Poer

Position Master Gunner

Rank Master

Character Information

Gender Female
Species Human
Age 26

Physical Appearance

Height 5'7"
Weight 135 lbs
Hair Color Coppery Red
Eye Color Green
Physical Description Rhiannon keeps her long red hair plated into a long braid down her back, or it started that way this morning. Now much of it has worked it's way free, the braid nearly lost. She wears a green long coat that's perhaps a size too large over a brown corset, white blouse, short dress and leather thigh boots. She wears her emotions quite openly, her freckled face readable by even the most obtuse observer.
Skills & Abilities Rhiannon has never been able to decide what she wants to be when she "grows up." She spent the better part of her life with tutors and then after that in colleges. She has a very keen mind, but lacks the focus to truly pursue one area of knowledge in the kind of depth expertise requires. Generally she feels like she's missing out on something if she ignores other areas of study. Accordingly she has a wide range of knowledge. She's naturally brilliant and can generally get the results she desires even if those results are less than spectacular.
Body Modifications None yet, she is fascintated by the idea of replacing body parts with clockwork prostethics, but she has no desire to go through the pain associated with removing a body part. Plus she worries she'll miss it. And what if it's not as good?
Equipment & Gadgets In her travelling suitcase (a large, worn wooden chest on wheels) she keeps her clothes and sundries, such as: Books, books, and books. The subjects are varied and generally academic, though she has a book of poetry that is nearly falling apart from use. She has a set of thick brass goggles (telescopic, microscopic, and the ability to see in low light conditions). She has an astrolabe, sextant, compass, and maps. At the bottom she keeps a small store of alchemical ingredients.

Personality & Traits

General Overview Rhiannon is tightly wound bundle of energy. She throws herself at any and every project with the whole of herself rarely holding anything back. The world is a source of endless wonder to her, there is no bad, only different. She craves new and exciting experiences all the time and will strike off for something else to do the very moment she becomes bored with what she's doing.
Strengths & Weaknesses She's naturally brilliant, but she's easily distracted. She's curious about all things. This leads to great excitement for her as she explores the world, but it tends to override a regular person's natural sense of self-preservation.
Hobbies & Interests Everything! At once, preferably. She's very social and likes to spend time with other people if she's not in the middle of one project or another. She's a fair singer and acceptable dancer. She has no interest in alcohol; life is interesting enough without it.


Personal History Rhiannon was born the only daughter of Laird Poer, a noble of moderate power in county Kildare. Lucky for her she had been preceeded by six older brothers. It was enough that they could be married off to the daughters of other nobles so the holdings of Poer could gain in size and influence. By the time Rhiannon came along her father had had enough of intrigues and arrangements. He doted on her, spoiled her, and delighted in her unending joy with the world around her.

She grew up surrounded by men who would defend her honor at the drop of a hat. She never had to learn to be careful, that there were places dangerous enough to avoid. Anyone that let Rhiannon come to harm would have face her brothers (each married into powerful families) and, not to be ignored, her father.

Rhiannon's mother only encouraged her wild behavior, living vicariously through the adventures of her daughter. It was a chance for her mother to learn what she'd missed living her life of comfort and privilege.

When she was 18, Rhiannon was sent to university at Oxford. She did very well there for many years. The professors found her lack of focus frustrating, but she understood them quickly and reaching a mind that understood their concepts was enough to stay their irritation.
Family Lord Edmund Poer, 61, Father
Lady Caerdwyn Poer, 55, Mother
Sir Robert Poer, 37, Brother, Heir
Sir Thomas Poer, 35, Brother, First Knight of the Duke of Kildare
Sir Cian Poer, 33, Brother
Sir Lucas Poer, 30 (Her Favorite)
Sir Ian Poer, 29
Sir Peter Poer, 27
Each brother is married, they all have children, there are aunts, uncles, cousins, and so on. Her extended family could fill books.

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