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Name Sahka Maksim Mounzouk Oarsman

Position Sky Reader

Rank Mate

Character Information

Gender Male
Species Human
Age 30

Physical Appearance

Height 1m70
Weight 70kg
Hair Color black
Eye Color black
Physical Description Most of the residents of the metropolitan of Empires does probably see Sahka as a wildling. Lightly golden skin, slit eyes, black hair, and very low pilosity. They can concede that he has made a significant effort in terms of body care, his hair hare short cut as the Slavic Imperium norm.

His outfit seems to be a mix of object from various origins. An original hat from steppe (Phrygian cap), a typically Britannic redingote passed over a seal leather shirt and trouser decorated with fish skin, and cleverly colored according to traditional patterns. The light leather boots seem a priori also be designed according to an archaic craft, but it would have been forget to check out the soles which seems to outcomes from the most renowned manufacturers of Merovingian Empire.

The man wears on his right a curved long knife (the length of a forearm) of excellent craftsmanship, and a curious oar of wood, strangely varnished and whose edges of the blade is as sharp as a sword. The oar is the exact size of Sahka, and it seems never to part with them. It is adorned of many patterns, one of which shows a woman wearing a diadem of stars.

For people used to explore the remote regions of Slavic Imperium, there is no doubt that Sahka is a crossbreed. His nose is too pronounced (albeit small) to be that of a Toungzhen, population whence comes this strange man.
Skills & Abilities Good Sky reader
Good astronomy knowledge
good survival skill in sea, coast, and artic environnement
Can predict weather for the day accurately, and the overall trend for the next few days.
Good skills in canoe, and small sail boat handling
Very good eyesight
Can figth with spear (his Oar) or long knife. Also good with harpoon.
knows tinkering, and repair simple objects
can sew

Can not read, and had a very few knowledge in science or technology.
Body Modifications No one.
Equipment & Gadgets medikit
sewing kit
survival kit
necessary to make a fire
waterproof bag sealskin
long Knife
Weather rudimentary device

Personality & Traits

General Overview Sahka is above all someone who loves to learn. His curiosity is also a source of many troubles, especially as it is lined with a habit of intimacy radically different from those of Empires. Knock before entering, for example, is not something customary for him. Already been considered as impertinent in his native region, do not be surprised to see him asking daring, or displaced questions, and even to make more or less sarcastic remark aloud.
Indeed, it is not the best diplomat, tell him to go and meet the Queen of Britannia, and he will go directly to his quarters before being thrown by guards, without there understands nothing, and if he find the words, he could probably end up doing a visit to jail for lèse majesté.

Apart from curiosity, Sahka is a stranger in many places. Most mundane things gives him a stunned look, and whith his clumsy language that leave the impression of dealing with a simpleton. It takes a careful and open mind to notice the great wit of Sahka behind his awkward words and manners.

Sometimes, another side of himself can appear, and it is a sad, and melancholic dreamer who stands before you.
Strengths & Weaknesses He is perceptive, open, curious, humorous. Sahka is a man of great heart and attentive listening. And if he finds the words, a man of good advice.
His survival skills in the wild make it a safe guide, nay cunning. Not lacking in practical sense, he may be clever even outside his favorite environment.

Besides this, it is obvious that his Many-colored outfit, some of his rude manners (or sometimes, conversely overly polite) and his whimsical character does not make someone easy to approach. Especially since this is not a man without pride, and sometimes hurtful remarks, or unjust behavior may eventually make it grouchy, or stubborn. Then, Paradoxically, he seems smarter, because his suddenly serious appearance, and his suitable requirement give more easily the magnitude of his character than does his awkward bonhomie.
Hobbies & Interests Sahka spends much time watching the stars, try things, and question people about their way of seeing, thinking, and understand things. He is very interested in ethical, religious, and technological issues.


Personal History Sahka was born of the union of a Tougzhen man and a Slavic women. His mother was a wealthy and adventurous women, only child of a tycoon, she developed a passion for Tougzhen civilization, so much that she finaly joining and getting married in this nation at the death of his father, and after having donated all her possessions to a charitable institution.

But living conditions, hard in these regions, overcame her while Sahka reached his ten years. He retained of this woman her impertinence, her veneration for Tougzhen society, myths, and mysteries, and probably a typically Slavic spirit of adventure and romance. Actually, he never knew that she was not really a Tougzhen, because from the moment she was adopted by the local population, no one longer regarded her as foreign, and this adoption had occurred a long time before the birth of Sahka.

The Tougzhen society, in short, is between feudal, theocratic, and tribal society. Strong institutions are in effect throughout the region they habitents, and mighty fortresses and palaces of stone and wood line the lands. Toughzen live of reindeer herding, and fishing, that form two main separate cast. Sahka being born in a coastal area, but often travel according to his mother's passions, Sahka was often brought to travel between for those who stood in reindeer herding nomadic village, sedentary one and for those who lived by fishing. On the death of his mother, he returned to settle down with his father in a coastal village, where he became a famous navigator, however, he never lost the knowledge he had learned in more terrestrial countries.

Here he met one who became his wife: Enets. It was a real love story between them, and although they had no children they were both considered as a lucky and happy couple.

One day, however, because of what seemed a trifle, Enets Tabu was proclaimed by the local shaman. Which forbade all trade, dialogue, or exchange of any kind with anyone in the village, with the exception of shamans, and this, until they decide to waive the sentence. This was not something exceptional, especially for the couple who secretly continued to meet. But it happened that during this same period, she fell ill.
Sahka attempt to negotiate to shorten the sentence, or at least, sends care for his wife, but the shaman, sensing that he met his wife, neglected the importance of the disease, and proclaimed Sahka Taboo.

Quickly, Enet's state worsened, cut off from all contacts and care, she died, a smile on her lips, after a long night of tender and gentle talk with her husband. They were telling a story when she breathed his last. Her last words were to say she wanted to be a star both in the heart of her husband than in heaven, at a place she was pointing.
Chance, magic, destiny, whatever you want. The fact is that when her strength weakens and she closed her eyes for never open them again, a star appeared in the place she wanted.

She was dead in a state of taboo, and by religion, his body had to be abandoned in the wild, to punish his soul. But Sahka performs alone the funeral ritual that only a shaman was authorized to perform. This was learned. And Sahka was sentenced to two additional years of Tabou.

When the taboo was waived, he ruminated his revenge, learned about the laws of his people, went to hear the greatest Shamans. Met even strangers, who had officially took power on the country, although in practice nothing had really changed, and began to acquire some of their knowledge and their way of life, while always respecting his own.

Five years after the death of his wife, sacred number for the Tougzhen, he came to challenge the shaman in a sort of judicial duel, which had not occurred for many decades, and whose shamans were usually exempted. But the shaman agreed, confident in the power of the dextrocite ore that he had, according to tradition, slid under his skin * and allow him great magic.

The duel was to take place at dawn, in the estuary of the river. Each located on small cannots, only armed with oars. Sahka came with a foreign coat above the ritual clothes, and knowingly fails to perform the act of respect for his opponent normally required. And so he had to be pronounced taboo.

But the peculiarity of this duel was that if the taboo was uttered at the beginning of the meeting, the duel was still maintained. But many felt it was offend the spirits, and be sure to lose, in fact, in the stories, those who were announced taboo, always ended lose duel as enemies of the gods.

Sahka prayed a goddess unknown to all, a goddess living in a certain star, a goddess of hope and forgiveness that even a man taboo could pray. Thus placing a new deity in the pantheon (which was one more reason to put taboo once again).
He had in fact calculated his move, the day of the duel corresponded to a day of high tide. The shaman, while ignoring chooses a position upstream and from the start found himself trapped by the eddies of the river and the tide against which his magic could do nothing. In fact, the first who fall in water loose the duel, and it was hard for the shaman to maintain his boat correctly, that never give him the time to use his magic.

Sahka, was carried by the tide, and striking with his oar killed the shaman before he could use any spell. It was actually not expected by anyone except Sahka, that wasn't a duel to death, and one only oar strike, had never killed a man or even make them fall in water. But Sahka had devised a lacquer easily moldable and strong enough to make his oar sharp, he knowed that if he let a second chance to the shaman, he certainly win with a spell.

Taboo, murder, but victorious, he was forced into exile, while many were wondering about this new deity. Fearing for his life, and no longer attached to anything since he had losing his wife and getting revenche, Sahka decided to go around the world. Looking of he knew not what. Seeking things he missed, but who can't be found.

*more information about that latter.
Family He still have a father in his native land. But because of his taboo status, he can't claim this sonship.

There is somewhere a portrait of Sakha's mother when she was young and live in Slavic Capital. He didn't know that she comes from Slavic metropolis, and it may be change many things for him if he find the portrait.


Image Credits

Image Credits Sahka : illustration from "Achaemenid Persian Army" by Richard Scollins

Sahka's mother :

Gustave Claude Etienne Courtois "The Japanese Mask" 1884

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