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Name Mei-Xiu

Position War Dog

Rank Sailor

Character Information

Gender Female
Species Human
Age Appears to be in her twenties

Physical Appearance

Height 5'11
Weight 175 (extra 25 pounds is usually nonvisible metal so she really looks 147)
Hair Color Black
Eye Color Brown
Physical Description Mei is said to look like a china doll due in part to how her black hair falls to her dandelion petal white hips like ink upon a scroll.Indeed there is a deceptive fragility to her as her as though her maker thought this would distract her targets from noticing the gears that can just be made out in the right light. She has light brown almond shaped eyes,a flat nose and her lips are often painted red.
Skills & Abilities Speaks three languages
Skilled in a dance-like semi-acrobatic fighting style
Can sew
Knows how to fish
Body Modifications She's an Automaton so she hasn't had much done but self repairs and a device that lets her hair grow.
Equipment & Gadgets Her clothes are as elegant as she can get them without spending too much which is why she doesn't have many sets.Her sleeves are usually detached especially in battle and when fighting she wears armor that doesn't cover anywhere she may release a blade from.

She has a few small exploding devices she sometimes throws.

She has a repairing solution for if her "skin" gets harmed, while her insides are durable her skin is especially fragile and is made from a rubber like material though it feels like human skin.

Can sprout blades from her shoulders,elbows,knuckles,and fingers

Personality & Traits

General Overview She is a quiet,sometimes even distant seeming automaton who means well.She often feels awkward in social situations and rather shy but her friends are her top priority.She considers the crew like a family although she secretly wants to fall in love.Despite be or perhaps because of being made as an assassin,she has a sense of innocence about her.She regrets her time as an assassin and only fights to protect and uses the least amount of force necessary.Another thing,don't hurt her crew-mates it wouldn't be pretty for you.
Strengths & Weaknesses She is physically quite strong as well as graceful.Mei is also a skilled martial artist with quick reflexes.

However,the automaton is a terrible shot and is at an instant disadvantage if surrounded by opponents armed with guns.
Hobbies & Interests Making clothes/ Learning new skills/Reading/Wants to learn about alchemy/ Exploring the world/Collecting dolls


Personal History The automaton was built and sold to a wealthy client to assassinate his enemies.Her body was and is mechanical but she is animated by the spiritual essences of many different deceased people allowing her to do things like dream and causing confusing memories of other lives. Mei preformed many missions,slowly gaining sentience and learning to fear her cruel owner,she did not think much of those she killed after all they were just cruel and haughty organics just as bad as him.She's go into their homes and pretend to be a dancer,a servant,anything and then one day she got caught in the act and her owner said she was rogue and knowing she'd just be dismantled,ran away.

After getting to the slums she remembered her body no longer being able to run and waking up in a strange bed in a small home.The man living there explained he knew what was going on and asked for her story which she gave and soon enough the man,Shou,became a father figure to her.It turned out that Shou was in trouble too for stealing from a rich man to feed his late daughter and he had to run away before doing so he gave her a puzzle box that would show her where he was going next so she could send him letters and told her how to get out of the city.Disguised as a young man to avoid arrest,she joined the crew and the rest is history.
Family Maker:Unknown
Owner:She hopes he's dead
Shou:Seemed well last letter she received

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Image Credits My own drawing

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