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Name Lorelei Isolde Loewe

Position War Dog

Rank Sailor

Character Information

Gender Female
Species Human
Age 26

Physical Appearance

Height 5ft 10
Weight 175 lbs
Hair Color Medium brown with reddish undertones
Eye Color Hazel
Physical Description Lorelei is quite obviously the sort of woman who can handle herself; she is tall and muscular, with wide shoulders and big hands. It is easy to see that she has lived on the edge for quite some time, for as well as having a fighters build, she is dirty and bruised, her skin rough and swarthy from being in the sun too often. She has various scars from head to toe, including two on the left side of her face, from near the ear to half-way to her chin. Her clothing is often muddy and torn, and she tends to wear the same day in and day out - a simple white cotton shirt, black and brown leather armour placed over the top, loose fitting black trousers tucked into brown leather boots, and leather arm guards. She has a long brown coat for the cold weather, but seems to believe wearing it is some kind of weakness, for it rarely shows itself.

Lorelei has a strong jaw and nose, with very full, dark lips and large hazel eyes with neat brows. In comparison to her masculine shape, her hair is incredibly long, reaching the dip in her back, and is a warm brown with auburn undertones. It is fairly straight with a hint of waviness, often messy and tangled, sometimes matted and beginning to dread. She is far more likely to wash her hair then any other part of her, and she seems to have an uncharacteristic attachment to it. When down, she is relaxed. The rest of the time, she keeps it tied back in a loose ponytail and wears a filthy old brown bandana.

Lorelei always smells like a combination of tobacco, sweat and leather. Her voice is strong and has a distinct germanic accent.
Skills & Abilities Lorelei is first and foremost a fighter, and her style is, essentially, hammer the fuck out of anyone who crosses her path. She has clearly never had millitary training, but it's also pretty clear that she has been fighting for such a long time that it doesn't particularly matter if the training was official or not. Asides from that, she has very basic sailor skills, she is good with ropes, anyway. She's very perceptive and aware. She can pick a lock, pull a sleight of hand and despite her size can be quiet as a mouse. She can almost cook, she can fire a bow, she can tie a bandage, and she can even tie her own laces.
Body Modifications One ear has two silver rings in it.
Equipment & Gadgets Lorelei has little sentimental attachment to objects, because she so often breaks or loses them that it would be pointless to do so. She owns a revolver, but she prefers closer combat, and for that purpose she carries two blades, one heavier and longer, the other lighter and shorter. For emergencies, she always has a dagger somewhere on her person.

She has a few typical items, a compass, flint with steel, lock picks and the like. She also always carries tobacco, whether to smoke or in the form of snuff.

Personality & Traits

General Overview On initially meeting Lorelei one might think her to be an introverted character, for she is ever suspicious of strangers, often holding her tongue and allowing them to create a picture of who they are, and making her judgments quickly thereafter. She doesn't necessarily appear unfriendly (although she can do, don't get me wrong) - she is careful enough to mask herself and be diplomatic, but she isn't always the most lively of companions either. And even when you finally get to know her, Lorelei reveals nothing. She has never spoke a word of herself, not to anyone. She is painfully private, to the point of fallacy, sometimes hiding important information from relevant sources because she simply just doesn't trust them. Trust is a big issue for Lorelei. She prefers to keep all relationships as shallow and simple as possible to avoid any kind of personal or romantic intimacy, and even those she holds dearest are kept at an arms length.

She enjoys following a hedonistic lifestyle, keeping the company of those who make her laugh, drinking deep and trying whatever is thrown her way - escapism and pleasure thrown together. She loves music, but is incredibly fussy, liking only older tribal drum music, the violin and cello, and street players. She takes what happiness she can, and she takes much from being free and flying through the skies, or escaping into the woodlands and mountains and staying far away from urban civillizations. When it strikes her, Lorelei can be fun to be around. Although, she can be a very unpredictable character, unsettled and quick to change her mood, sometimes a little paranoid, and often a little withdrawn.

On the flipside of the coin, Lorelei is also reknowned for her foul temper. Uncontrollable when enraged, she becomes a destructive force to be reckoned with, although it can sometimes have such an impact on her self-control that she finds it difficult to distangle friend from foe. She has little mercy or pity, she despises weakness and cowardice, and she will harden herself to the point where she does not feel empathy. She takes a great pleasure from violence, a true adrenaline junkie, every dance with oblivion another hit to take home. She thrives not only on the damage she causes upon others, and the power she can have over life, but also on the closeness a true fighter will feel with death. There is nothing Lore loves more then to fight. She has spent her entire life thick in crime, from thievery to murder, and it is second nature to her now. Lorelei cannot even imagine a life free from it. She is a natural oppertunist and she prizes survival above any kind of thirst for power or glory.
Strengths & Weaknesses In battle, Lorelei is graceful and fearsome, both physically strong with her amazon muscle tone, and suprisingly nimble for one so big. Her years spent as a bounty hunter and a pirate show in the level of experience she exhibits in a fight. Regardless of her size and speed, she is also a very cunning opponent, perceptive and highly observant, rarely missing a weakness or an oppertunity. Her cold-blooded attitude means she does not hestitate, her courage and blood-thirst giving her a steady morale, and she has a high consitution meaning she can fight long and hard. Outside of fighting, she is fairly good on her basic survival skills, and she can sneak, steal and pick a lock as well as the next thief. Not exceptional by any means, but she can do the dirty work. She is a cunning gambler and a talented busker, being able to dance disturbingly well (disturbing if you'd known her a while before seeing it, anyway) and also contort to varying degrees.

But Lorelei isn't smart. Not in an academic way, and certainly not able to form anything more then most basic and shallows of plans. Common sense she might have, and cunning too, but the kind of intelligence required to lead a party into a battle or solve a complicated problem she is without. She was only educated as a very young child, and can only just read and write, and use simple sums. She is not particularly creative, either. She doesn't work well in big groups. She won't lead unless under severe pressure, and while she is reasourceful, she is quite single-minded and it is difficult to consider her a team player unless her role is interwoven properly. She sometimes allows her anger to control her and let it go too far, to the point of causing damage to herself, bystanders and friends, as well as any supposed enemy. Her paranoia can cause her to be delusional, and her pursuit of hedonism can lead her into very dark corners of reality. She finds learning new skills difficult and tiring. She does not deal well with peace and relaxation. She's also not particularly hot on shooting, with either a bow or revolver, mostly due to being short-sighted.
Hobbies & Interests Lorelei's main interest is fighting. Not just practicing it either. She does not particularly care for much else, although she does enjoy trecking aimlessly through the outdoors, almost uncomfortable when trapped indoors for too long. She will dance when drunk, although only to music she enjoys, of which there isn't much. She doesn't read or write well, but she does philosophize often, and loves banter and debates.


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