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Name Ivan Petrov

Position War Dog

Rank Mate

Character Information

Gender Male
Species Tainted
Age 59

Physical Appearance

Height 6'0"
Weight 200lbs
Hair Color None
Eye Color Cannot Be Seen
Physical Description Ivan is moderately tall and well built, and appears little hampered by the extensive modification throughout his body. Though it is entirely covered at almost all times his skin is a sickly grey and saturated in gigantic scars. Many fissures, seemingly incapable of healing, appear here and there as well. Ivan keeps them bandaged under his clothes, changing the wrappings daily.

Ivan’s uniform consists of several layers. The lowest layer is a tight drysuit, starting at the top of his neck and extending down to his ankles. Rarely is this suit removed as it’s designed to prevent moisture of any kind from entering his respiratory system. Covering this at all points except for the neck are boots, pants, and a black and white striped, long-sleeve shirt. His loose pants are held by suspenders, and on his hand he wears a functional glove.

Often, though not always, Ivan will wear a jacket over his shirt as well as a cap. His jacket and cap are clearly military, although the style is not recognizable to those hailing from most nations. The jacket allows the top of his shirt to be seen even when done up.
Skills & Abilities Ivan has extensive combat training as well as large quantities of practical experience. Despite getting moderately up in the years he remains quick on his feet and fast in reflexes. Though no longer capable of wielding larger rifles or weapons due to his missing arm he is still a dead eye shot with a pistol.

As a side effect of his replacement parts Ivan is completely immune to airborne diseases, inhaled poisons, and other gasses. Though not its intent the filtration system in his mask prevents such foreign substances from effecting him.
Body Modifications Large parts of Ivan’s body have been changed in some way. Ahough he would not agree he is more machine than man by this point. His face and head is entirely covered at all times by what appears to be a gas mask, something that is in fact physically grafted to his body. This mask not only covers his face but extends down his throat and into his lungs, both of which have been extensively patched together from bits of his flesh as well as clockwork machinery. A second tube extends out the left side of his stomach, then reconnecting to the front of the mask. The machinery forms a complete replacement for his respiratory system.

In addition Ivan’s left arm is completely removed up to the shoulder, although no replacement has been attached. His clothes are not modified to reflect his missing limb, the sleeve simply remaining empty. In spite of his missing arm and clockwork biology, Ivan never appears to be inconvenienced.
Equipment & Gadgets Outside of his mask Ivan carries little equipment beyond his sidearm, an extremely advanced handgun of a style unrecognizable to people from most nations, and a large military knife.

Personality & Traits

General Overview Ivan is a good man at heart. Despite his harsh exterior he always wishes to do the right thing, protect others, and help his friends. However, he is extremely pragmatic and realizes that, in practice, helping everyone is an impossibility. As such he is always prepared to make the difficult choice of sacrificing his comrades if it ultimately leads to the greater good. He won’t like it but if he must then he will.

Despite his overall good nature Ivan still comes off as cold. He has little patience for words, partly because of his difficulty using them, but also simply preferring actions and deeds. His friendship and trust are hard to come by but once you’ve proven yourself to him you will find no better friend, even if Ivan himself doesn’t say it.
Strengths & Weaknesses Ivan is fast, strong (At least in his one arm), quick of mind, and cool under pressure. Years of experience in combat have given him an exceptional ability to read his enemies, almost to the point of a sixth sense. Whether this has anything to do with his tainted nature is anyone’s guess.

At the same time, however, Ivan is clearly in not the best shape. His infected body combined with his creeping age have not done good things for his stamina. Ivan will swiftly find himself winded in a protracted battle even if his will remains strong.

Somewhat countering this is the fact that years of dealing with the pain of his implants have given him an extremely high tolerance for wounds and damage. At the same time, though, his implants present an easy target. If they are even slightly damaged Ivan will be forced to withdraw and seek the assistance of a technician to repair him.

Ivan also has no knowledge of how his systems work and would be incapable of repairing them himself even if he did. As such he requires help from others regularly to keep his breathing apparatus in working condition.

Finally, Ivan’s mask makes it extremely difficult to speak. The valve only allows the flow of air in one direction at any given time, requiring that Ivan cease breathing to speak. This gives him a slow, ponderous speech pattern that is often punctuated by sharp intakes of breath.
Hobbies & Interests In his youth Ivan enjoyed drinking, however since receiving his implants he has mostly given it up, as eating and drinking with his mask his an exhausting process a not worth doing for fun. He stills enjoys cards, and if pressed will share many stories from the war or his days as a mercenary. Though no less gruff around them, Ivan is enjoys the company of both children and animals, though his terrifying appearance more often than not scares both away.


Personal History Ivan grew up in the far eastern corners of the Slavic Imperium. His life was entirely uneventful until the outbreak of war between Brittania and the Imperium. Drafted into service Ivan swiftly found himself on the front lines, and eventually on the receiving end of some of the deadliest weapons of the war. During one of the largest battles, in which many of his comrades were killed, Ivan himself was (perhaps unluckily) spared. His body was twisted and mangled by toxins from dextrocite shells. Months later he awoke in a combination hospital/workshop, his body brought back from near death with an emergency, experimental lung replacement system.

Finding his home country decimated after the war, Ivan found little prospects in his new situation outside of the new government’s military. However, his unique condition brought him under the wing of a new, experimental battle group headed by government researchers. After many years training and performing classified operations (Of which Ivan rarely talks about) the loss of one of his arms in battle prompted his forced retirement. Fearing he was to be executed in order to keep his knowledge of military information secret, Ivan fled the Imperium.

After leaving the Imperium Ivan traveled to the Old West, making a name for himself as a mercenary and bounty hunter, putting his skills to use against some of the West’s most hardened criminals. From then on he traveled across the globe, and eventually found his way to the Steamhawke.
Family None living.

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