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Name J. Shannon Noone

Position War Dog Combat Engineer

Rank Mate

Character Information

Gender Male
Species Human
Age 35

Physical Appearance

Height 5'11"
Weight 193 lbs.
Hair Color Greying
Eye Color Brown
Physical Description It isn't difficult for J to give off the air of a smarmy bastard, mostly because he is one. His smile oozes self-confidence, bordering on cockiness, that twists the rest of his plain features into a threat or a challenge. His face is long and pointed at the chin, his features too small for his face. His most distinguishing aspect, at least on his head, is the "patch" he uses to cover his right eye, and shield the more sensitive stomachs from having to look at the emptied, scarred socket. The technology is some of his best work, harnessing solar energy during the day to create a torch to light his path in the dark, a sort of rudimentary infrared glass.

His hair is kept close-cropped to his scalp, growing progressively shorter with age. Though traces of brown are still visible, he had developed a salt-and-pepper appearance between darker and lighter greys. This effect is matched on the stubble perennially growing on his chin, jaw, and cheeks.

Though he stands at a respectable height, this is ruined by the fact that he is off-kilter, slightly - but visibly - shorter on the left side than the right. He walks with a limp because of this, and though he chooses not to discuss it, the infrequent hissing from his knee makes it quite apparent that he has a prosthetic attached.

His choice in clothing varies significantly from top to bottom. He is almost always in the presence of a hat, always one to remain on top of recent trends. A belt-like satchel hands around his shoulders and over his back, carrying his tools and what he deems to be "necessities of war", though rarely does he delve into the specifics of what that means. His tops tend to fall under the realm of vests and loose-fitting dress shirts, again falling under the realm of fashion-forward, whatever is 'in' in old Brittania at the time. He wears these low, rolling up his sleeves and buttoning down the shirt, showing off the impressive amounts of tattoos and artwork adorning his torso and arms. Contrarily, his pants are always long, black, professional, and traditional - likely meant to conceal his prosthesis.
Skills & Abilities
Body Modifications
Equipment & Gadgets

Personality & Traits

General Overview Self-assured and confident would be two words readily available to describe J. He presents himself with authority and continues this bravado even after an initial impression is formed - he simply is all that he claims to be. A talented inventor and engineer, he is second-to-none with his weapon arsenal and is quick-witted to boot, giving him the edge in tense situations.

Lecherous beyond a doubt, J will flirt with anybody or anything that walks, shows interest (and sometimes those who don't), and is of a legal age. He can be charismatic, though oftentimes he goes too far, too quickly, and his brash, vulgar sense of humour can be off-putting in more pleasant, upstanding company.

His boasting can be aggravating, but he is a fairly well-rounded individual, and much of it isn't untrue, he simply beats anybody listening into submission with his anecdotes, droll jokes, and musings.
Strengths & Weaknesses J's confidence varies between a strength and a weakness. Certainly it is a benefit to be confident in your abilities - and more often than not, he has the expertise behind his bragging - but it makes him difficult to get along with, unless one accepts his brand of shameless self-promotion.

It is difficult for him to be discreet, especially in tense situations, and undercover work is best suited for others, though his combat skill has given him a decent track record of survival. He simply talks too much to be trusted with valued information, though he rarely betrays a contract, client, or secrets, he just seems like the type who would.

An expert marksman, he is more comfortable in distance fighting than he is in close-range, however he is capable of defending himself with sword, stick, or bag of flour in a melee situation. He is extremely resourceful, particularly in skirmishes, and has a knack for using terrain to his advantage - often as a weapon.
Hobbies & Interests The type of person who lives for his work, J's head is consistently in the clouds, always carrying around the basic materials he may need in case of an emergency. He appreciates weaponry at its core, sees the beauty in it, but also enjoys taking things apart to see how they work.

Despite his rash and rude nature, he is also a lover of the arts and his appreciation of beauty in weapons extends to all things: literature, painting, theatre, and people.

He also loves to hear himself talk.


Personal History Relatively well off, even from a young age, J. -- whose full name he keeps to himself -- Shannon Noone was never left wanting on a materialistic viewpoint, but he hardly fit in with the upper crust. From his early teens, he was rebellious and outwardly disrespectful. He believed the monarchy to be corrupt and in need of an overhaul, these revolutionary ideas cast him away from his family and he began working as an underground activist, using his technological genius to assist in weapons manufacturing for small-scale rebellions and uprisings. His circle was soon discovered by military intelligence and scattered before they could be found out.

Not wanting to be caught, J hitched a ride on the first ship leaving port. He had the misfortune of being a stowaway on a pirate vessel. When they were boarded, he saved the captain's life by putting together a makeshift cannon. With his help, the pirate crew were able to keep their airship in the skies, but he lost an eye in the process. J was offered the chance to join them - but the boy, hardly twenty, refused. Instead, he completed the passage to Indochine, where he stayed, assimilating himself into the culture.

He went through strings of paramours, men and women alike, each one propelling him further and further away from his starting destination. In his travels over the next decade, he started building his collection of tattoos and improving his knowledge of foreign weaponry. By the time he had visited the majority of the ports in the island colonies, he believed enough years had passed to earn him passage home. He returned to Brittania, finding very little had changed in his homeland - but he returned a different man.

The first stop he made was at his family home, where he expected to be welcomed with open arms, but when his mother saw him, she claimed to not have a son. This stung J, who then decided that there was nothing worth staying for in British Isles, and he used his growing network of contacts to secure a position on a pirate fleet, once again praying for revolution.

He remained with them for a number of years, until a particularly difficult boarding by British officers rendered the crew incapable of victory. In what was perhaps his most cowardly moment, J gathered what he could of his possessions, and likened for himself a makeshift parachute. Praying for the first time in his life, he jumped overboard and hoped for safe landing.

To his surprise, the device worked - mostly. His lack of training in such things allowed him to fall to the ground much more slowly than he would have if not for the contraption, but still faster than was safe. He put one foot down too soon, too heavily, and the weight of his body collapsing on top of it caused the bone to fracture in several locations. The injuries sustained were too great, too disfigured, for naturalized healing and recovery, so the doctors advised J that amputation would be the fastest and best option, given the circumstance. Reluctantly, J agreed, harbouring the hidden leg as a show of his cowardice.

Despite this, he could not stay still for very long, and pulled Daenelia Bradley from his contacts list, hoping that she would offer him a position on her crew.
Family Parents, still alive, nearing their 70s, disowned.

Four brothers, all younger, status unknown.

One sister, younger, status unknown.

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