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Name Elliot Coriander Travers

Position Permanent Guest

Rank Mister

Character Information

Gender Male
Species Human
Age 29

Physical Appearance

Height 5'10
Weight 128
Hair Color Black
Eye Color Amber
Physical Description One look at the tall, gaunt man and it's easy to tell Elliot had seen better days. He is a rather handsome man, clean shaven and striking eyes. However, it can be hard to tell that behind the bags underneath his eyes and messy jaw-length hair. At his worst he looks like a man nearing his 40s and at his best he looks like a man hitting his mid-20s. The only effort he seems to put is into shaving and putting on clothes. Not much could be said for his attire however. He typically wears the uniform of a doctor al beit slightly worse for wear as well. He tends to hide his left hand unless he is writing something for he lost it in a tragic accident and had it replaced with a mechanical one. A white glove is usually seen over it.
Skills & Abilities
Body Modifications Elliot has a prosthetic left hand made of steel and brass that articulates at the elbow via a spring, and the wrist joint rotates and moves up and down, basically like a real hand. He has made various improvements on it throughout the years to have it act more like his own hand.
Equipment & Gadgets

Personality & Traits

General Overview Dr. Travers is a complicated man. He tends to shy away from people, saying only what is necessary. He doesn't warm up to people very well and when he does, he rarely talks about himself. No one has seen the man angry or upset or even happy. He seems to lack emotions but that isn't the case. He bottles things up, only to reveal what truly is bothering him to those he trusts the most. When it comes to a social setting, he does seem to remember how to put on the charm if slightly and during work, his intelligence is easily recognizable. Talk to him too long and some of his dialogue gets very depressing.
Strengths & Weaknesses Dr. Travers is a very intelligent person and nimble as well, particularly with his hands. He takes the time to read people in order to get a feeling on whether or not they are lying to him. However, despite his distant behavior, he's very reliant on others and would do anything for those closest to him. He is also not the most confident man as of late.
Hobbies & Interests Back on the mainland, Dr. Travers' main hobby was gardening and writing. The man has a green thumb so it wouldn't be odd to see something close to a greenhouse in his bedroom. However, such a hobby is hard to keep in a world where pollution wrecks havoc on the plantlife. He tries his best but even he cannot prolong the life of herbs and flowers. In t0he meantime, he often distracts himself with writing short stories. He finds it to be an escape from the world around him, especially when things seem to only be getting worse. Other than that, lately, the only thing he lives for is his work.


Personal History Dr. Elliot Travers was born to a well-to-do family in Britannia, his father being a physician himself and his mother a housewife. They had connections to the aristocracy so money was never a problem. Needless to say, Elliot was groomed for his position. The Travers family had always been a family set into the sciences or the medical field. As his father would say, "Wherever there's a man that sneezes, there's a doctor with a shot prepared for him." Other than the heavy expectations of his future life, Elliot had a comfortable childhood. As an only child, he was often quiet and well-mannered, a perfect child in a sense. He knew his place very well.

Soon enough he grew into adulthood and fell in love with a young woman whom he had known since he was a teenager. He sought her out and fought for her attention. After a year or so of courtship and once Elliot gained his degree, they were married. Once again, it was a picture perfect image for the young man. His wife adored him, his career was set, everything seemed to be looking up for him. But all was not well. Some time after they were newly wed, his wife grew ill. At first it seemed like nothing and other doctors, as Elliot was not allowed to treat his own wife unless in an emergency, claimed she would get over it in time. Time passed and she only grew worse. As time went on, Elliot did everything he possibly could to make sure she stayed alive even going against his own code of ethics. It was all for naught in the end. Five months after she started having seizures, his wife had passed away. For the first time in his life, Elliot was powerless.

Now that his name had been disgraced, Elliot took to the seas, deciding to become a doctor for sailors and pirates. It's all he can do so he doesn't feel like all purpose in life is gone.
Family His mother and father are still alive but Elliot no longer keeps in touch with them after his late wife's passing. He may send an occasional letter to his mother but that's the end of it.

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