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Name Wren Tamryl

Position War Dog Combat Engineer

Rank Mate

Character Information

Gender Male
Species Human
Age 21

Physical Appearance

Height 5'8"
Weight 142lbs
Hair Color Dirty blond
Eye Color Blue
Physical Description Wren has always been rather particular about his appearance. His dirty blond hair frames his face in layers and is grown out past the nape of his neck, where he ties it back with a thin strand. But he still manages to keep his lightly tanned skin clean-shaven. His facial features are somewhat on the softer side. Wren does not cut anything close to am imposing figure with his thin and lanky frame and the complete lack of muscle he possesses.

In terms of clothing, Wren tends to dress in layers. He favors vests and goggles and trench coats and is often found with some half-finished contraption on his arm or on hit belt. He usually has some splash of vibrant color in his wardrobe to offset the "dull" browns and somber reds-- often blues or greens.
Skills & Abilities Wren is an inventor and gadgeteer. He's great with pulling devices apart and (usually) putting them back together again. He can create weapon modifications, invent all sorts of gadgets, and has a special skill for explosives. Though he has experience with different types of mechanisms, Wren favors clockwork devices and has an eye for intricate details.

For combat skills, Wren is also an excellent marksman. He has great hand-eyed coordination as well, so throwing weapons, such as knives, is also an option for him.
Body Modifications None as of yet.
Equipment & Gadgets Weapons: Two pistols with barrel modifications to raise their accuracy.

Current Inventions: Hookshot with a propeller mode (WIP)
Sound Amplifier

Personality & Traits

General Overview Wren is not the easiest person to get close to and truly understand. The face he puts on for the rest of the world is something carefully constructed and always with a smile. At first glance, he seems childish (or idiotic) and carefree, taking foolish risks and living only for the moment. He teases, he flirts, and he can be somewhat charming from time to time. He seems teasing and open and yet never talks about himself. He does not appear to have a thought for the future. He tends to put himself in other people's business and if he is uncomfortable in any way, Wren will let the world know and probably sulk about it for a while.

What is real is his seemingly bottomless curiosity for the world at large. He loves mysteries and the magic that is technology. He loves to tinker with things, get his hands dirty, but does not always think through the consequences of his actions.
Strengths & Weaknesses The young man is rather intelligent despite the rather foolish front he puts on most of the time. He has a good head for putting things together, taking them apart and (eventually) finding that missing link. He's also a talented marksman and experiments with all sorts of gadgets. Some of them even work. He has a talent especially for explosives.

Not physically built, Wren does not have much in the way of stamina. He is also careless and tends to get himself into more trouble than he should. While he is gifted with machinery, he may end up dismantling something that he can't quite put back together again.
Hobbies & Interests Wren's primary hobby and way of life is his gadgetry. He tinkers to improve what is already there, and has also invented new items that may or may not work. He has also dabbled in alchemy, though that was only a more recent venture.

Outside of that, Wren enjoys playing card games, experimenting in the kitchen (often with disastrous results), learning about new cultures and locations, and making up wild stories of grand adventures.


Personal History Wren was born to a dirt poor family in a mining town of the Old West. He has no idea who his father was, and so for the first ten years of his life, it was just he, his younger half-brother Mikel, and their struggling mother, Liza.

Even at a young age, Wren was interested in seeing how things worked. He pulled apart whatever devices he could find, seeing how the pieces fit together, though he did not understand the basic concepts. But that education would all come later.

The trouble came when he pulled his brother along in his explorations and experimentations. When Wren was 8, Mikel followed him to a research lab in town. It proved to not be a good day. Wren came out of the incident with a few burns, but Mikel came out twisted and tainted.

Liza mourned for her younger son who was already dead to her. And while Mikel might have lived, the other inhabitants of their town feared what his presence might bring. All Wren knows is that they'd gone to sleep one night and when he awoke the next morning, Mikel was gone. He never knew what happened to his brother.

And after that, Liza changed. While she had never been the best mother, she had been attentive to her children. But she grew depressed and withdrawn. Wren was neglected, and their money went to her growing habit of nights at the tavern. Liza blamed Wren for the loss of her youngest son, and that only made Wren blame himself.

He was a somber child until he met a professional gadgeteer traveling to the sea ports to the east. Her name was Eiylene, and she immediately took an interest in Wren. Though she was only in their town for a short time, providing some improvements to the mine's drill, she took the boy under her wing. When it became clear that Liza had sunk too low to be a proper mother, she took Wren and left.

It was Eiylene who taught Wren how to smile and laugh and it seemed he had put his past behind him. She took him on as her apprentice and he learned much of what he currently knows of gadgetry and engineering from her. She occasionally found herself aiding the independent forces, and so some of his skills turned into a more combat-oriented direction, with something of an extra thrill from explosives.

Together they traveled overseas to Brittania and Eiylene's more lavish lifestyle in her home country. But they eventually parted ways when Eiylene was recruited for a special unit and Wren was, again, left on his own. But he was 19 now, and no longer the helpless child, and he continued to develop his skills through odd jobs, apprenticeships, mishaps, and adventures that seemed to always give him nothing but a thrill.
Family Mother - Liza Tamryl
Father - Unknown
Younger Half-Brother - Mikel Tamryl - presumably deceased

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Image Credits Image by Sweetmoon at Deviantart. Permission granted to use for Wren.

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