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Name Aeolus Sidhe Quetzalcoatl

Position Permanent Guest

Rank Mister

Character Information

Gender Male
Species Human
Age 32

Physical Appearance

Height 5`9"
Weight 173lbs
Hair Color Black
Eye Color Violet
Physical Description Aeolus has long black hair, down to about his lower back that he always tied back in a pony tail, but much of it is left loose and in a wind swept look. He has soft violet eyes that seem to go along with his pale complextion. He himself though fit it is more of a runners muscle than a body builders and as such he is very lithe. His outfit of choice is a red scarf tied about his neck, a matching red ribbon in his hair to old it back, gold hoop ear rings, a brown leather vest with a white blouse underneath, unassuming brown breeches and high leather boots with golden clasps on them. He also keeps a stop watch with a portrait of his true love inside.
Skills & Abilities
Body Modifications
Equipment & Gadgets

Personality & Traits

General Overview Outwardly jovial, inwardly vicious. He is most always friendly, outgoing and generous on the outside. The sort of amiable fellow that people generaly get along with. But on the inside he is vengeful, remorseless and calcualting. If he is given a job, no matter how heinous he will get it done quickly and efficiently. Though for all that, he is incredibly loyal. Not really out of honour, but of pride, something of which he has in abundence.

Strengths & Weaknesses Strengths-
Talented with money
Hobbies & Interests Gambling, exploration, technology, sword combat, guns, playing the Tambur.


Personal History Aeolus has served on various vessals his entire life. Born on a Gypsy Frigate with no name, he was raised as a traveler with a constant wanderlust. Having learned how to play the Tambur from his family, he took a job with a traveling band when he became thirteen, on their ship the Rambling Rose. Each member of the bad was given an instrument that could also be used as a weapon, which is where he recived his Tambur gun "Sylph".

When he was eighteen the "Rose" was attacked by the pirate ship Cloud Dragon. Having fought more bravely than his band mates, the captain Dredfort asked him why he was on such a ship as the "Rose" in answer he began to play "Sylph" to the pirate crew. The Captain Dredfort was so impressed he invited Aeolus to serve aboard the Cloud Dragon.

Rising through the ranks swiftly, he became first mate at the age of twenty one. He gained a fearsome reputation with both sword and gun, and several songs were made about his feats. (Some say he himself wrote them.) But several months after his twenty nineth birthday he married a maiden whose name, he now refuses to say. Captain Dredfort took his new bride and handed her about to the crew to do with as they pleased, and they did things to her that drove her mad, and to suicide when she found she was with child. This enraged Aeolus to the point where he knew he would have to end Dredfort and the Cloud Dragon.

Feigning indifference, and actually making jests about how they saved him from a terrible land locked life, he hosted a party for the crew, making sure they were all drinking. He even went so far as to bring some drinks to the lookouts of the Sky Dragon so they wouldn`t be "left out". Well into the night, when all others had passed out he tampered with the engines of the massive ship. In the morning before they launched he challanged the hung over Dredfort to a duel. Being unable to refuse without looking weak, he accepted and lost. Killed be Aeolus` own hand. Then he left the crew to squabble of control of the vessal. When they finally took to the sky, the engines overheated and burned the ship and crew.

He spent years roaming on his own after that, until one day he recived a contact from the Steamhawke and accepted placement.
Family Still roaming as Gypsies.

Wife, dead.

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