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Name Caroline Summers

Position War Dog Pack Leader

Rank Master

Character Information

Gender Female
Species Human
Age 25

Physical Appearance

Height 5'8"
Weight 150lbs
Hair Color Neck Length, Dark Brown
Eye Color Dull Crimson
Physical Description Carol dresses simply and practically but with several personal touches to add her own style and flair. Her torso is usually covered with a white shirt under a brown leather vest, and she wears loose, dark brown leather pants. On her legs and feet she wears tall, knee high cuffed boots.

Her unique touches to her outfit include a heavy, somewhat ratty scarf, an equally ratty headband, and light metal bracers. All three are colored a dark crimson, the same color as her eye. Though it can only be seen at her neckline above the scarf, she also has a light and loose chain shirt under everything.

In addition to her clothes, Carol has a thick scar down the left side of her face, across her eye and cheek. Her left eye is covered by a simple eyepatch, having been permanently damaged in one of her earliest street fights, however her hair tends cover this side of her face. Most people do not even notice this feature on a casual glance as a result.

Across her chest is a sash containing several knives, and she keeps another set of knives on her waist. Her belt also has a holster containing a revolver, some spare rounds of ammunition, and a thick, heavy longsword. Despite the advent of guns, Carol is a close range swordswoman at heart.
Skills & Abilities
Body Modifications
Equipment & Gadgets

Personality & Traits

General Overview Carol does what she wants, when she wants, and doesn’t care what others think. She speaks her mind, and if in the process offends anyone then she doesn’t see why she should care. When given the opportunity to do so Carol will often indulge in a bad habit of intentionally antagonizing others. In this regard she often comes off as a bully, as the more her taunts appear to bother her chosen target the more likely she is to continue.

Caring little for traditional morality, Carol has no qualms against killing, stealing, theft, or other illegal activities. She’s not a psychopath and doesn’t seek to kill others purely for fun, but if someone wrongs her enough she won’t hesitate to slay them. She's also not above using lethal force against those who give into her snide comments and attempt to strike her down.

Fairly hotheaded, Carol is quick to anger when told to do something she doesn't desire or generally wronged, although even when angry she usually stays in control. Often, though not always, this anger is turned towards taunts in an attempt to goad the perceived insulter into making the first strike. She greatly enjoys the feeling of intimidating others into backing down almost as much as defeating them in combat.

An exception to her entire personality is her ability to enter a bloodlust in combat. Triggered unconsciously by prolonged battle Carol becomes a force of nature, gleefully slaughtering any and all foes before her with a disturbingly cheery demeanor. Even those fighting on her side are in danger if they approach to close or get in her way, and only an extreme force of will or the complete eradication of her enemies can end a rage.
Strengths & Weaknesses Carol is a fighter, plain and simple. Those she’s fought with, and the few she’s fought who have survived, have gone so far to describe her as a berserker, a demon, or a monster. Despite her moderate frame Carol is capable of legendary feats of strength, speed, and reflexes during a fight.

At the same time, however, she has an unnerving tendency to get somewhat more engrossed with bloodshed and violence than one may describe as healthy. When entering a bloodlust Carol's already impressive combat abilties skyrocket even further, however she loses her reason to an equal degree. At these times she is essentially a wild beast, thinking of nothing beyond destruction.

Her demonic rages often frighten her allies just as much as her foes, and combined with her horrendous personality makes her a less than personable sort.
Hobbies & Interests Carol has little in the way of actual hobbies, unless you count sword practice and verbal assaults. She’ll sometimes find various ways to amuse herself in downtime, but nothing particularly consistent. She generally does what she wants at any given time.


Personal History Carol grew up as a poor orphan girl of a Brittanian industrial city. Alone as long as she can remember, even going so far as to name herself, she quickly taught herself to lie, steal, cheat, and in some cases, kill to survive. Her quick wit and uncanny ability to fight her way out of trouble allowed her to escape many deadly situations, from street fights, to industrial accidents, and even a raw dextrocite spill in the warehouse she used as a home. For some reason her eye color went from blue to red in the last incident, but she counts herself lucky she didn’t suffer a worse fate, if anything coming out stronger than ever before.

As she grew older her constant battles with other youths, the authorities, and various other figures honed her skills further, and as soon as she was able to Carol signed up on a ship and escaped the dirty city she grew up in. Her commission didn’t last long, as her poor attitude gained from her equally poor upbringing eventually resulted in the death of half the crew. Nearly captured by the authorities afterwards, she managed to escape and has been plying her trade wherever anyone would accept it.
Family None, or at least none she knows of or keeps in contact with.

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