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Name Valmier ieuan Blackbar

Position Permanent Guest

Rank Sailor

Character Information

Gender Male
Species Elphin
Age 32

Physical Appearance

Height 6"8
Weight 120lb
Hair Color red
Eye Color blue
Physical Description An Elphin-man who stands out from the rest, his Bright red hair attracts attention so he often hides it under a custom made cap. His Huge arms help him as he works on the engines, rarely needs assistance as he's been working with engines since he was 14.
friendly to a point, but the silent type. Always seen with his Oversized mechanical wrench (which he uses for his work in the engine room but it doubles up as a nice blunt weapon too) and two pistols in holsters by either side of his thighs. When working he wears a cooling suit will a layer of freeze gel to keep his Elphin skin from drying out in the intense heat of the engine room.
his long pointed face, with a single thine scar stretching from his eye to his chin makes you wonder what caused it, a working accident perhaps? He never talks about it.
On his right arm he wears a mechanical sleeve which increases the strength of his arm roughly 20 times.
Around his waist he wears a belt with many pouches and loops for holding tools or equipment, whether that be tools or destruction or construction.
Skills & Abilities
Body Modifications
Equipment & Gadgets

Personality & Traits

General Overview He's friendly with you until you start messing about with him or his friends. Doesn't look for fights but if there's one to be had then he will never back out.
A sharp mind that's constantly observing and analysing every detail of a situation or an object
Strengths & Weaknesses He his extremely good with his hands and very smart too, but get to his friends and you'll render him useless
Hobbies & Interests Loves working on his own mechanical creations and has a collection of little insect like robots that help his with his work


Personal History unknown. He just showed up one day looking for work and food.
Family unknown. he never speaks of his family

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