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Name Lleryn Gwylem Aderyn

Position Musician

Rank Mister

Character Information

Gender Male
Species Ngafr
Age 18

Physical Appearance

Height 4'1"
Weight 90lbs
Hair Color Brown
Eye Color Orange
Physical Description Almost like a standard human from the waist up but with two small horns on his brow, just behind his hairline. He is also incapable of growing any facial hair aside from a small patch under his chin which grows to about 5" and stays that way. In contrast to his dark and curly head hair, this goatee is straight and a lighter brown.
He has boyish features and a constant expression of joy and excitement wherever he may go. His pupils are roughly rectangular which allows for improved vision in dark circumstances.
From the waist down Lleryn is essentially just the back end of a goat, tail and all, but with a slightly modified anatomy so as to allow him to stand on two legs. He has scraggly, short, coarse hair of a lighter shade than his head hair, matching his beard.
Skills & Abilities
Body Modifications
Equipment & Gadgets

Personality & Traits

General Overview Like any Ngafr, Lleryn is unwaveringly optimistic with a sense of joy and joviality in every walk of life. Unlike many Ngafr, however, Lleryn had a fair bit of the exploratory spirit in him. Tree climbing was the first sign of this as he particularly enjoys the views of up high.
Lleryn is very happy-go- lucky and easy going, not a care in the world, so long as he's playing in tune. Another common Ngafr trait; musicianship. Strong musicianship.
Strengths & Weaknesses As a talented musician and general up-spirited person, Lleryn makes for good company, although his personality may grate on some if not taken in controlled doses.
He is also very naive, having lived a relatively sheltered life, and has little knowledge of ...anything. Apart from woodwork. Woodwork and music he knows.
Hobbies & Interests Playing music, singing songs and dancing. Carving wood and exploration.


Personal History Having grown up in Elladia on and Ngafr island, Lleryn lead a rather typical life. His father and mother were musicians and so Lleryn learned to play. It is rare that any Ngafr child should take a career different to that of their parents, and Lleryn was no exception. Lleryn learned Banjo, as opposed to his mother's Fiddle and father's percussion. He made his first banjo at age five with considerable help from his parents and then another at twelve which he made entirely by himself which was of similar quality to the former although all of it was of the same quality, unlike the former. Later, aged seventeen, he made his current banjo and it is of a much higher standard than those before. [note: and Ngafr banjo looks much more like an Akonting]
In the Ngafr culture, being a musician is actually a full job and as such anyone who is a musician must be of exceedingly high standards. It is also their job to know various dances, which Lleryn has duly learnt by heart and can teach to anyone willing to learn.
Family Bohryn Aderyn - Father
Thylem Forlem - Mother
Todryn Aderyn - Brother
Ayrlem Forlem - Sister
Gotryn Aderyn - Brother

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