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Name Jack Stallion

Position Deceased

Rank Captain

Character Information

Gender Male
Species Human
Age 45

Physical Appearance

Height 5'2"
Weight 125lb
Hair Color Jet black
Eye Color Brown
Physical Description Jack is athletic, and his age has put no toll on his physique. If anything Jack has become gradually more sculpted over the years and his appearance is ageless. His long hair shows not a hint of grey, nor does the thick moustache that he wears. Jack is otherwise completely shaven, displaying his perfectly smooth skin. His only imperfections are battle scars, none of which are above the neck. Jack is of mixed race.

Jack often wears dark overcoats over skintight vests and looser pants. He usually ties his hair in a single pony tail or in dreadlocks. Atop this he has his old captain's tricorner hat. Jack wears oversized boots with thick soles both inside and out. With his footwear his height is lifted a good four inches.
Skills & Abilities Jack Stallion was born into piracy and has lived a pirate life. He knows sky ships inside out: how to fly them, how to maintain them and how to fight them. Sky sailing is in his blood.

While never receiving any professional training, Jack is skilled with just about any kind of weapon. His abilities are so diverse that there are few situations that he isn't capable of handling.
Body Modifications His body may have been mutilated in many places thanks to a life of savage piracy, but his body has not been otherwise altered.
Equipment & Gadgets Jack keeps a collection of weapons on display in his captain's quarters. While his true love is for classic flintlock weaponry, he admires the weapons of war that the industrial revolution has produced.

To Jack Stallion it is his crew members that are his tools.

Personality & Traits

General Overview The last thing you notice about Jack Stallion is that he is short, and not just because of his boots.

Jack's glare can be piercing and his voice can be shattering. He rarely raises his voice. But it is said that when Jack shouts, someone out at sky is struck by lightning. Jack's commanding presence is infamous.

Despite this Jack spends a lot of time alone. He is no intellectual, but he has an almost instinctive knack for strategic thinking and he ignores nobody's input when it comes to planning his piracy. He understands people, how to listen and encourage, but also how to manipulate and destroy. The man lacks mercy.
Strengths & Weaknesses Jack is a good shot with a gun, and is quite deft with a blade. He is certainly not a master at either, but he knows what chances to take and fights with a glorious passion. This is one of the two reasons he's named the Stallion of the skies.

He prefers a long sword because he has a short reach. Jack may be in perfect condition, but he isn't going to win over a larger man with any feats of strength. He's just too small.

Jack's tactics may be masterful, but he often becomes obsessed with victory and this can blind him.
Hobbies & Interests One of the things Jack is known for is fixation with keeping himself clean. He'd rather cut off his hair than let it stay dirty.

Jack does love to paint, although nobody is man enough to tell him that he's not very good at it.


Personal History Little Jack started making a name for himself the moment he came aboard the Sky Tiger as a cabin boy. But he never did get much taller.

On his sixteenth birthday Jack led a gang of pirates raiding the mansion of Count Floris of the High Countries. He slew the count himself and bedded the man's wife and daughter. Overnight Little Jack became Jack Stallion.

On Jack's twenty-first birthday captain Dubois named him his new First Mate. He kept this position until Dubois' death twelve years later. Until that point he'd had no interest in becoming a pirate captain, but in the agony of seeing the man die everything became clear to him.

Captain Jack Stallion of the Sky Tiger now sails the seven skies.
Family The only family Jack cares about are his crewmates. He knows them far better than they will ever know him.

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