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Name Edward Eliza Marketh 2nd

Position Deceased

Rank Sailor

Character Information

Gender Male
Species Human
Age 20

Physical Appearance

Height 5'6"
Weight 120lbs
Hair Color Brown
Eye Color Green
Physical Description Ed is an extremely small man, both in frame and health. Because of his tendency to lock himself in his workshop for long periods of time (Consequently forgetting to eat) he's rather underweight. Minor scars cover his arms from working with small sharp objects and explosives all his life as well as a few larger ones here and there. His face and clothes are more often then not covered in a layer of soot and dirt from all his machines.

Not much for flamboyance, Ed dresses simply, usually a brown vest over a white (Though rarely clean white) shirt, grey or black pants, and brown boots. His eyes are often covered by goggles of some kind, and if not they're usually around his neck or forhead.
Skills & Abilities
Body Modifications
Equipment & Gadgets

Personality & Traits

General Overview Ed is a child prodigy when it comes to clockwork, machines in general, and alchemy. Much of his time is spent fiddling with new ideas on these subjects, often combining them in unique ways. Perhaps because of his youth he is willing to test and explore ideas many older engineers dismiss outright. As a result he often comes up with extremely unique inventions, but at the same time has a high failure rate on his more unfeasible or dangerous ideas.

Though skilled with many types of machinery and alchemical concoctions his area of expertise is weaponry. Whether it's a cannon that shoots lightning or a self reloading clockwork rifle, Ed always has a plan for blowing another ship out of the sky.
Strengths & Weaknesses While his skill with invention is doubtless, Ed has put it before almost everything. As a result his interpersonal skills are lackluster and often has difficulty making real relationships with others. While he's not a robot, it's often difficult for him to open up beyond anything superficial.

Ed can often be quite eccentric at times, as well as prone to sudden boughts of inspiration that cause him to shut himself in a workshop for up to days as he works fervently on a specific project.

Despite his genius with weapons, Ed is effectly useless in actual combat. While he's fully capable of operating all of his contraptions and teaching others to do so his lack of practical combat experience and any study in doing so ensures him a sideline support/supply role rather then an actual combatent.
Hobbies & Interests Outside of tinkering, Ed has a great fondness of housecats. He brings his adopted cat, Copper, with him often. Copper is a cream medium haired cat with a clockwork left hind leg. Ed will go to great lengths, including putting himself in danger, to keep him safe.


Personal History Though born to a moderately well off Brittanian family, Ed never lived up to their standards. Far more concerned with practical studies then politics or economics his family relationship was always strained. A breaking point was reached when Ed was 15, when, without his father's permission, took an apprenticeship in a lower class workshop. Enraged that his son was dirtying his hands with peasent work Ed's father cut him off, and effectively disowned him.

Ever since Ed has jumped from workshop to workshop, picking up skills at an alarmingly fast rate. After 5 years of various apprenticeships (Not all of which ended amicably) Ed signed up with a skyship to put his skills to a more practical application.
Family Disowned by his actual family. His only real friend at the moment is his cat.

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