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Name Skye Carlson

Position Permanent Guest

Rank Mistress

Character Information

Gender Female
Species Human
Age 17

Physical Appearance

Height 5'6.5"
Weight 115 lbs
Hair Color Blonde
Eye Color Green
Physical Description Skye is taller than average, but she doesn't give off that impression. She has a slim form, and is fairly lacking in the muscular department. Her hair is soft and slightly wavy, almost always pulled back into a half-ponytail (off work) or a full one (during work). When she can help it, she keeps her skin smooth and clean, but working on a ship, it's not always possible. She is usually found in clothes that are fairly form fitting, mostly a white blouse, tucked into brown trousers, and black boots. When she's working, she puts on her usual stained apron and gloves, as well as googles.
Skills & Abilities
Body Modifications
Equipment & Gadgets

Personality & Traits

General Overview Above anything else, Skye hates conflict. She loves it when everyone is content- making people happy, in fact, is one of her biggest goals in life. Fighting, yelling, and hurt feelings are all things that she tries very hard to avoid, both in herself and in others. She's a mediator of debates, a soft, reasoning voice, and a calm figure even in the middle of a storm. She rarely ever gets angry or upset, only frightened sometimes. Making everything run smoothly is what she does, both in her personal life and in her job as an engineer.

Additionally, Skye is quite intelligent, but never boasts. In general, she stays quiet, although she's not particularly shy. She's not very expressive; while it only takes her a few seconds to like someone or see the good things in them, it takes far, far longer for her to actually open up, especially when it comes to love.
Strengths & Weaknesses Strengths:
- Sweet and caring
- Intelligent, and a skilled engineer
- Calm and relaxed

- Doesn't stand up for herself
- Easily frightened
- Friends with nearly everyone on the ship, but not actually close to very many at all
- Experiences occasional bouts of depression, but would never tell anyone
Hobbies & Interests - Engineering and fixing things
- Singing: she's never trained professionally, but she has a light, sweet voice


Personal History The first few years of Skye's childhood were perfect: she had two loving parents, Luke and Marian, a protective older brother, Derek, and a sweet older sister, Alyss. Their family was not particularly wealthy, but they had no trouble paying the bills, and lived in a respectable house. Her father was a ship builder, and her mother was a singer. Up until Skye was ten, Alyss thirteen, and Derek sixteen, everything was just as close to blissful as it would ever get.

When Skye was ten, however, her mother died. No one would tell Skye for a good number of years that it hadn't been an accident, that Marian had suffered from the same depression that Syke's grandfather and his mother before that had struggled with. It was tragic, most of all for Luke, who retreated into his work and his nightmares. He was hardly there anymore, except to fight with Derek, who took charge of the family. Two years later, when Derek left to work on a ship, Alyss took over protecting Skye.

With her brother and sister's encouragement, Skye succeeded consistently in school. She didn't make many friends though, preferring instead her sibling's company. For a while, everything went vaguely smoothly, although even Skye, young, could tell that nothing would ever be anywhere near perfect again. Alyss took her time leaving home, just because she didn't want to abandon Skye with their absent father, but eventually, at 18, she was gone. And Skye, fifteen, was alone.

Everyday, she came home to an empty house, and eventually, she decided she couldn't stand it anymore, so she retreated into her room, and just studied. From then on, she learned as much about engineering (which she'd discovered to be her passion) as quickly as she could. And when she was 17, it paid off: she gained a job aboard the Steamhawke. So Skye bid her Father goodbye, and for a moment thought she saw a bit of her old Dad, and then, with a mix of sadness and excitement, stepped into her future.
Family Father: Luke Carlson -- 56, shipwright
Mother: Marian Carlson -- deceased, formerly a singer
Older Brother: Derek Carlson -- 23, gunner
Older Sister: Alyss Carlson Goodwin -- 20, housewife
Brother-in-Law: Trevor Goodwin -- 24, construction worker

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