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Name Julian Salazar

Position Master Gunner

Rank Master

Character Information

Gender Male
Species Human
Age 68

Physical Appearance

Height 1.7m
Weight 68kg
Hair Color Thin grey, going on white.
Eye Color Light, clear blue.
Physical Description A grumpy old man - that'd be the best way to describe Julian in a sentence. He is usually wearing some kind of head cover - either his old woolen cap, one of the few memoirs of his loving wife, or his wide brim 'cowbow' hat, depending on the weather. He sn't necessarily short, nor frail, but walks with a limp (thus the oak cane he keeps in reach at all times) and has a greying, dirty stuble around his face. When hatless, which isn't all too often, his head is near bald, a thinning matt of unkept grey hair. His hands are old and worn, a clear sign of his age and the wartime he has experienced, and to anyone who looking close enough, his single clear, blue eye has more than it's fair share of darkness and weariness hidden behind it. His left eye, hidden from view by a basic, skin-coloured patch, was long ago removed as a result of battle injuries.

As far as equipment goes, there are three things that Julian can almost always be counted on for having with him; a hat on his head, a revolver on his hip, and a burning cigarette (or sometimes even a cigar) hanging lazily from his lips. His revolver, a bit of a relic now, is the same sidearm he was given in his first tour of the war days. It's still his best, most reliable (and sometimes, he thinks, his only) friend.
Skills & Abilities
Body Modifications
Equipment & Gadgets

Personality & Traits

General Overview Julian Salazar, at first glance, appears to be everything a hard-assed commanding officer should be. There's no doubt to onlookers that he is a man of authority, so his position in the military and now his position on board the ship isn't a surprise. He's got a mean look about him, a gruff face and an even gruffer voice as he shouts commands and mumbles about inadequacies. A bitter old man, some might think, and they wouldn't be too far off the truth.

Deep down, as the cliche goes, Salazar does have a brighter, softer, more caring side. It's rare to come about and show its pleasant head - the gentle side of Julian Salazar died with his family all those years ago. What he does show on a regular basis, though, is his loyalty and respect. He might not give a pat on the shoulder or a hug, and his words may not necessarily be what one would usually categorise as 'reassuring', but he is a man of his word and a man of honour - his loyalty lies with those above him and those working below him, and a nod of the head or an awkward wink can sometimes be a sign of utmost respsect when it comes to this grizzled veteran.
Strengths & Weaknesses Strengths

+ He has a certain air of leadership and responsibility about him, able to convince those around him to be calm, collected, and that everything is going to be fine if they just stick with him.
+ He is undoubtedly loyal and honourable - a man of his word who will defend the people and things he respsects and beleives in with his own life.
+ He is highly educated, as much as an only child from the Old West can be, and his time in the armed forces has taught him a lot about leadership, military protocol and warfare.


- He has his fair share of flaws, including the inability to know when he's had enough to drink.
- He's physically 'not at my peak' and this can sometimes put his experience and expertise in a negative light.
- Sometimes his stubborness, when it comes to loyalty and honour, can get himself and others in sticky sitautions that a more tactful man might have avoided.
Hobbies & Interests - There's nothing Julian enjoys more than a strong drink in hand, a cigar in mouth, and a table full of cards and cash; Hold'em is his favourite.
- Though it's been a long while, prior to his service in the military he was quite the piano player.
- Above all else, Julian loves (and needs) a lot of time to himself. He never quite learned how to deal with having company all the time. Sometimes he just has to escape.


Personal History Born and raised on a small plot in the Old West, Julian was an only child to Clarence and Jerimiah Salazar, aging ranchers who were on their way out. His pa, a keen hunter, had ensured Julian acquired all the skills he needed before they passed on; hunting, scavenging, ranching, trading. He knew the trade by sixteen and was running the ranch the following year, both parents passing from naturaly causes within a few days of one another.

When he could, only a few years later, Julian sold off the rest of the family possessions and signed up as a fresh recruit in the land army. He saw a lot of combat, rose through the ranks quickly, and after four years of service he was an officer. It was during some downtime not long after this promotion that he met Belinda, then love of his life, and they married within the month.

Nothing overly exciting happened for Julian in the coming years; he lived the stable life, giving service to the army when needed, and he and Belinda became parents to a pair of young ankle biters. The income from his service was good and the life the family was able to lead in the Old West was one of luxury, at least most of the time.

Long story short, Julian found himself returning to an empty, bloodstained homestead after one of his tours, some rebel organisation taking a shot at his personal life due to the work he'd been doing for the military. His wife was dead. His children killed. His career over. He went AWOL after that - it wasn't really necessary, as he'd been offered a volunteer redundancy due to the incident. He could have taken the cash and retired young. Instead he decided he'd go looking for some closure; blood for blood.

Julian spent his middle years as a bounty hunter; first he hunted down and killed those responsible for his heartache, then he went into the business as a professional, earning quite a hefty sum of cash (not the mention enemies).

Now, so many years later, he's gotten out of the trade mostly due to his physical abilities, and instead has decided to sign onto a ship and see the world a while, before his life winds itself up. He's content, if not scarred, and doesn't have any expectations.
Family Parents, wife and twin children - all deceased.

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