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Name Nasrin Generve Columbine Missy

Position Permanent Guest

Rank Mistress

Character Information

Gender Female
Species Human
Age 22

Physical Appearance

Height 5'5
Weight 115lbs
Hair Color Blonde
Eye Color Brown
Physical Description Nasrin's entire appearance is a visual representation of her conflicted existence. Everything about Nasrin's natural form is as soft and gentle as her original personality and her youth, yet there is a sharp contrast of cold mechanics throws some people off. Like most her father Nasrin is slender with delicate curves, thin shoulders but with very thick, wide hips like her mother. This throws her proportions off and makes her look a little 'bird like' in appearance. Her skin is creamy coffee color, the areas of her skin that had previously held imperfections or had been where certain 'surgeries' were made had been replaced with plates of porcelain dyed and baked to match her complexion. But those areas don't look quite natural, there's a certain sheen to them that make them obviously not human flesh. Nasrin has an oval shaped face with baby-cheeks that round her expressions. Her hair is a sandy blonde that curls around to a couple inches past her shoulders. One of the more unnatural yet striking features is her lips, they shimmer and shine like glass. At one point her real lips were painted over with a type of kiln paint. She has large almond shaped eyes with a deep, warm brown color.

There's a metal collar around her neck, a copper or brass, it looks soldered and quite impossible to remove. It even seems stuck to her skin. Attached to it are an assortment of glass vials with either liquids flowing through them or gears rotating under the glass. On the left side of the collar is a keyhole where she can insert the lever that she wears around her neck like an amulet. She wears a large metal key like a gypsy-style belt, attached to waistcoat buttons. It goes to the keyhole on her back that is covered by her clothing. Her attire consists of whatever she was dressed in, which is usually a silk or satin gowns with thick skirts, ribbons, buttons and gears (for when she needs a quick tune-up).
Skills & Abilities
Body Modifications
Equipment & Gadgets

Personality & Traits

General Overview By nature Nasrin's a gentle, easy-going, demure girl. She's always held a strong dislike for violence and war, preferring the peace of simplicity and music. When people do get to know her you realize that she may still be slightly adolescent in her manner, but she is also quite astute in ways surprising to others. All of that kindness survived but has become hidden under years of use and paranoia. After her experiences she mostly keeps to herself both due to her difficulty to communicate and inherent fear of others. This isn't helped by the self-consciousness that she developed about her abnormalities. It takes a lot to gain her trust, but when someone does she shows a deeper part of her personality, that she's still human despite being part doll. She's not a very outward person unless someone interacts with her, keeping her limbs close to her body and afraid to incur the wrath of anyone around her.

Tending to give off an air of suspicion and she is apt to stare at anyone around her intently. Some people take it the wrong way but that's how she studies and learns about people. Due to her difficulty speaking her facial expressions are very clear and portray what feelings she has, similarly she's able to turn off her facial expressions. Not that it's a good thing but she's very good at bottling her feelings. Not surprisingly, she does not like being touched in the slightest. Nasrin is a very good listener and can pick things up in voices and tones that other people usually can't. At times she can seem to have a massive sense of curiosity, desiring to experience the world and every feeling she can. She doesn't have much of a sense of humor, but neither is she a scold; she will smile politely at a joke even if she doesn't understand them.

In situations where she doesn't see others as a threat and is able to relax, she's really quite a sweet girl. Of the most part Nasrin is gently friendly to practically everyone, treating each person with the same attentive compassion. Unable to lose her innate kindness, she feels a need to help others if she can. Likewise, she is averse to fighting and will only do so to protect her life or for some obvious greater good. Yet, she's a hard worker. If she's going to do something, then she'll do it. Sometimes her head doesn't work right, gears get dirty or cracked and she can't reach an emotional state. In those moments she really is just a doll.
Strengths & Weaknesses Even though she'd never had any formal education the girl is smart as sin. A natural clockwork genius that was sent down the wrong road. She's a natural with building things, fixing things and generally clunking around with machinery. If there's spare parts around she can usually make something out of it, and it's usually something pretty or functional. Deep down, she's kind and open to others, wanting nothing more than to be useful. This also helps when she needs to repair herself, adept with most kinds of clockworks. Nasrin also possess a large amount of domestic skills: she can cook, sew, and clean. She's very good at making clothes, having to make her own for years. The only fighting skill she may have is taking her large, heavy key and whacking someone with it.

Unfortunately, Nasrin's functioning is due to machinery and machinery can break down. Not only does she have to wind herself up (which can be extremely difficult by herself) at least once a week but the gears can break down or get dirty which can affect her functioning. Sometimes joints and muscles twitch for a variety of reasons. Because of the damage to her throat, she can't talk unless she winds up her collar every time she speaks. Usually it's such a toll that she just doesn't bother with it. Also, because parts of her exterior are made of porcelain they're fragile to outside force and can shatter. Nasrin is a creator, not a destroyer, so she knows little to knowing of fighting or any weapon use. Mentally, Nasrin is mentally withdrawn and slow to trust.
Hobbies & Interests Nasrin has few pleasures in life, and her hobbies mostly stem from things that for needed for her functioning and survival. In general, Nasrin likes to work with her hands in whatever medium she can. This can be anything from mending clothes, to cooking, to working with clockwork machinery. If she feels productive or useful then she'll continue to do so. She'll make knick-knacks, jewelry, or machinery from whatever she can find and keep it. She likes to collect objects, though the objects that she collects vary constantly. Though she especially likes music lockets or music boxes. She also likes things she can touch, textures make her happy.

That stems into her other interest, she loves to listen to music which is why she carries so many musical lockets with her. Part of her entire functioning was to dance and serve, though she doesn't consider the latter a hobby she does in regards to dancing. It's something she's good at and in which she can just focus on movement and nothing else. What little she can read she enjoys, if she knew more than a few letters she'd probably make a hobby out of reading too. She knows a few stories, fairytales, and they fascinate her. Nasrin enjoys looking at the sky, stars or clouds, as long as it's something she can gaze at that's unknown. She doesn't know how to, but she loves painting and art, she finds blending of colors fascinating and wishes she could do such things.


Personal History Nasrin has very little recollection of her life before the odd slavery that became her existence, it's just a blur of faces and voices and small glimpses of what seemed to have been happiness. Browns eyes, soft cottons, shiny metals and silky hair. She's not even sure where she had lived before, what lands she's from. The first truly vivid memory she has was of whenever she was taken into her 'captain's' possession, she remembers the sparks and cloaks and confusion. Then waking up with bright lights and thinking she was had died. Only to find herself with men she didn't know. That had decided she was foreign looking enough to be worth something as a toy, that their captain would like her. The captain was more a collector of fine objects and an indulger of absinthe. He decided she was of merit to keep around and amused himself with her in a variety of ways. He liked dressing her up like a doll, treated her like an object.

The change in everything began when his airship crashed, fire and metal destroyed nearly everything including Nasrin. And when everything was recovered and Nasrin was found half-dead and half torn apart a wonderful, horrible idea sparked her captain's imagination. He would make her his own real doll. Together with his engineers they recreated what parts of the girl were destroyed, replacing her bodily functions with clockwork and her skin with porcelain made to match her flesh. They couldn't fully replace her throat, so replaced much of her neck and it's inner working with what looks like a collar that could act as a mechanism to help her breath and speak.

That was how Nasrin grew up and lived. Being used as a toy and entertainment every hour of the day. Her grasp of human and machinery growing blurred and unsure. Other crew members treated her badly, the human, imperfect women that the captain collected resented her and kicked the doll girl down when they could. There was no form of education. She learned what was useful for entertainment, nothing more. How to dance, how to make beautiful things, how to smile and look like a doll. Though that didn't always stop her, she couldn't stop using her hands for this and that, starting to make her own repairs. More often than not her captain found something off about her looks and replaced that with more doll parts. The thought of 'freedom' was a foreign idea, her master had her key. Without her key she would eventually break down.

Days became weeks became years. Unable to read, write, or do anything but bide her time when she wasn't of use. If anything she grew bored. Surviving nights by dreaming that this was only a nightmare, she would wake up as a princess where there was no one cries, screams, shouts or replaces body parts with metal. Princess of a land with no death or pain or suffering. Sometimes having that little dream was the only thing keeping her alive. Boredom became restlessness became disdain, as much as she feared the punishment for attempted escape, she had to get our somehow. So, after drugging her captain she took her key. And she'd do anything to get away from her crew. Even sneak on to another ship.
Family If Nasrin had any family before she doesn't remember or doesn't want to anymore.

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