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Name Theristis Ian Hill Jr

Position Passenger

Rank Mister

Character Information

Gender Male
Species Human
Age 26

Physical Appearance

Height 5'10"
Weight 152lbs
Hair Color Red
Eye Color Grey
Physical Description Of moderate height and weight, Theristis' most striking feature is the thick white streak in his red hair, caused by poliosis. Aforementioned hair quite reaches his shoulderblades, and is normally pulled back into a ponytail. He wears spectacles for short-sightedness, and is usually well-dressed. If outdoors, he is almost always wearing his much-beloved brown leather overcoat. He lost an arm in an accident as a young man, and as such uses a mechanical prosthesis. Theristis is amicable-looking, usually having an expression of polite inquiry or absent-minded good nature on his face. He tends to become alarmingly pasty if he spends too much time indoors, but chasing rare herbs in the fresh air and sunshine has given him healthy colour for the moment.
Skills & Abilities
Body Modifications
Equipment & Gadgets

Personality & Traits

General Overview Theristis, also known as Theory, is an amiable person who doesn't get angry very often. He is well-bred, mannerly, and generally the picture of a gentleman scientist, including the occasional tendency to absent-mindedness. Other than this tendency, he is very practical, and not afraid to get his hands dirty. He tends to bore people with his enthusiasm for his work, and often neglects to eat or sleep for quite amazing lengths of time when engaged in an interesting experiment.
Strengths & Weaknesses Theory is good-natured, mostly practical, and does not panic easily. He is intelligent, has minor training in medicine, and applies logic to life. He's difficult to annoy and does his best to get along with other people. He is well-dressed.
Theory is also, unfortunately, rather boring in his conversation, since most of it revolves around his enthusiasms. He's bad at small talk, and none too skilled at high socialization in general. He's absent-minded and often fails to notice subtle cues in humanity, because he does not regard them as an interesting study. This leads him into hot water because he will often make some remark that he would not find the least bit offensive, but which others inevitably will.
He is also slightly vain about his hair.
Hobbies & Interests Theory is an alchemist. This is his main interest, and technically his profession. He also enjoys dabbling in various natural sciences, such as chemistry, astronomy, and biology. He spends considerable time reading about all these subjects. Theory's only other hobbies are going for walks and secretly reading lurid novels.


Personal History Born in Britannia with a silver spoon in his mouth, Theory is a well-bred young man longing to shake off the high-society life. He was mostly raised by nursemaids and tutors, and spent many long hours of his young life in the library, learning about all his favorite subject of the moment.
At fourteen, he was touring a clockwork-power plant, and got too curious and too close to some of the apparatus. His right arm was caught, and unfortunately, had to be amputated. Since then he has worn a mechanical limb, which is not quite so limber as his real one was. Thus, he is now left-handed.
This was probably the most exciting thing to happen to him in his youth, aside from meeting a young woman named Kishin, the adopted daughter of his favorite tutor. She and her father have sinced moved to the Old West.
Theory was raised by ambitious parents who wanted him to join the military and become a widely-known general. He wasn't having any of it. From an early age, he had been fascinated with alkabellum and magic, and alchemy became his life's ambition. When he met a tainted, after having read about them for ages in books of alchemy, he vowed that he would one day cure them, and has dedicated his life to that quest. As such, he is one of the many scientists looking to mitigate the effects of dextrocite on human beings, and would also like to see the world. Traveling on a sky ship seems just the thing. And perhaps he might meet his Kishin again, should the ship travel that way.
Family Theory's family includes his father, Lord Theristis Ian Hill Sr., and his mother, Lady Florence Lila Hill. He is an only child, and does not know any of his extended family well. His mother was raised in a poor family, and has a passel of siblings, but the class gap between them has prevented them from socializing very much.

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