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Name Fern Farley

Position Navigator

Rank Mate

Character Information

Gender Female
Species Human
Age 24

Physical Appearance

Height 5’10”
Weight 130 lbs.
Hair Color Dark brown
Eye Color Pale gray
Physical Description Fern enjoys being the tall girl. She has a willowy build, with just enough curve to keep her happy and add a slight sway to her step. Her skin is tan and extremely freckled, especially across her nose, cheeks, and shoulder blades. Her nose is longer than she’d like, but a wide smile of straight, white teeth balance it well. Fern’s straight brown hair is long, and though she has no problem leaving it wild and untamed, she enjoys styling it when she can. She loves clothes but is not overly girly. You’ll see her in a nice dress for a special occasion, but aboard the ship she wears the usual breeches (or britches, as Fern calls them), boots, cotton shirt, and vest. All of her clothes have personal flourishes she has added, typically in the form of brightly colored ribbon. She wears makeup and jewelry for special occasions only. In warm weather you’ll never see her in shoes.
Fern also has several tattoos, the most predominant one being a stylized compass rose on the inside of her right forearm. Other tattoos include a chain of swallows in flight on her left ankle, and an octopus holding a glass of champagne on her caboose. (Not that the last one ever sees the light of day, and yes, it did just appear after a night of heavy drinking.)
Skills & Abilities
Body Modifications
Equipment & Gadgets

Personality & Traits

General Overview Fern is a pistol. Excitable, passionate, and stubborn, she tends to stick to the extremes, either love or hate, happy or sad, furious or forgiving. If you can win her as a friend she’s loyal to a fault, but once betrayed will rarely ever let go of a grudge.

Fern is always willing to let you know what she really thinks, often offering her opinion even if it isn’t wanted. She has a deep, husky voice that is still distinctly feminine, and seems to only have two volumes for it: loud and louder. This is especially true for her booming laugh.

She has a protective streak, and her temper really comes out when someone she cares for is being threatened. High-strung, she takes offense easily, but unless she’s been stabbed in the back she forgives quickly.

Because Fern is playful and loves to joke she often comes across as immature, but when the moment calls for it she can be serious, and in rare moments displays wisdom beyond her years. This side of her doesn’t come out often, however. She’d much rather let others lead and make the tough decisions.
Strengths & Weaknesses Fern can come on pretty strong and due to this either hits it off right away with someone or immediately rubs them the wrong way. She can be rather touchy, though with enough flattery she’s quick to forgive. She’s loyal to a fault, especially to her family, and if she calls you friend she’ll stick with you to Hell and back.
Hobbies & Interests Fern has four great loves: family, animals, music, and cartography. She’s a proud member of the Farley clan, with close ties even to second and third cousins. The patriarch of her family is an Old West native, a wise man with the ability to use alkabellum to forge strong connections with animals. This is a trait that reappears often in the Farley line, and Fern has inherited it. The ability enables her to have an unnatural understanding of animals and form strong bonds with them.

Fern was also raised to love and appreciate music. She has a decent voice, though nothing special. What is special is her talent with a violin (called a fiddle by Fern, of course). She loves to play, is often asked to due to her talent, and rarely turns down the opportunity.

Lastly, Fern is a mapmaker. She has always had an interest in cartography and navigation, and from the time she was a child she has honed this interest and turned it into a skill. Despite piracy being a family occupation, she was happy to join an airship crew in part to learn more about navigation and have a chance to make maps, which is something she continues to this day.

Fern is also an accomplished seamstress (her mother’s idea), and an excellent shot (a prerequisite for anyone who grew up in the Deep South).


Personal History The Farley clan of the Old West originated with the unlikely love between a Britannian convict running from the law and a native hunter banished from his tribe. That was four generations before Fern, and now the Farley’s are a huge family in the backwoods of the Deep South. If Fern’s family name doesn’t give away her heritage her accent sure will, and she’s extremely proud of both. Her family has never really seemed to get along with the law, and though they are hardly bloodthirsty criminals. They make a lot of moonshine, smuggle most of it, and strengthen the crews of dozens of pirate airships.

Fern’s story is the typical Farley tale. She was the fourth of six children born to Luke and Emma Jean Farley, and one of only two daughters. She grew up running around the woods, fishing in the creek, and having shooting competitions with her cousins. Her mother tried to tame her as best she could, managing to force feed a half-decent education into the child and making sure she could clean, cook, and sew well enough to attract a decent husband.

When she was fourteen years old she left home with one of her aunts and a cousin to join an airship crew. She mostly swabbed decks for several years, but eventually worked her way up and honed her navigator skills. The ship she was on stuck to the Deep South area, and eventually Fern wanted to break out and see more of the world. She found a ship bound for the skies near Britannia and spent a few years as a lookout and assistant navigator. However, complications arose when she and the navigator had a falling out (which, despite their best efforts, the entire crew knew to be that the two had been sleeping together and navigator’s wife found out), which caused her to find a new ship.
Family Fern is close to her immediate family, especially her father. Though she differs from her mother and her sister (who are far more domestically inclined that she’ll ever be), they are still able to keep a good relationship. She has a large extended family and bumps into cousins frequently when encountering other pirate airships.

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