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Name Kanya Timur Ashand

Position Shipwright

Rank Mate

Character Information

Gender Female
Species Human
Age 15

Physical Appearance

Height 5'0"
Weight 95lbs
Hair Color dark brown
Eye Color black
Physical Description Kanya is small and lithe, with a round girlish face and piercing black eyes. She chooses to cut her hair in a short cut and wears plain cotton clothes, that she may blend in with the cabin boys when she needs to. She loves watches, however, and tries to wear as many of them as possible. One of Kanya's legs is prosthetic but she won't tell how she lost it.
Skills & Abilities
Body Modifications
Equipment & Gadgets

Personality & Traits

General Overview
Strengths & Weaknesses Quick of mind, and deft of hand, Kanya enjoys tinkering with all sorts of machinery. She is particularly interested in the clockwork motors of airships and would one day like to build her own airship from scratch.

She tends to be hotheaded and often picks fights, especially when people make jibes on her small size. When in her tempers, she is also prone to get clumsy and make errors in her work.
Hobbies & Interests In her free time, Kanya enjoys planning and sketching designs for airships and machines she would like to build one day.
When she's not thinking about clockwork, she enjoys fishing and taking long naps by the sea. She's also a talented cook and a ravenous eater. (Don't call her short, or she won't share.)


Personal History Kanya was brought to Britannia from an expedition in the far, far east by one of her stepfathers, Thomas Brightmore. Upon her arrival, she was in poor condition. Her right leg had been severed and badly infected, and she had been poorly cared for by the men on board the airship Conqueror. Seeing her sorry condition, her other stepfather, the physician and alchemy enthusiast, Dr. John Ward, promptly nursed her back to life.

She lived happily in this unusual household, homeschooled by her fathers and apprenticing at the nearby clockshop.This carefree life was cut short when Brightmore was arrested for treason. Devastated, Ward started to withdraw into his own private world, consumed by alcoholism and wild ambitions to "take alchemy to the next level."

Angsty and confused, Kanya cuts her hair and runs off to work at a naval airship where she earned the nickname Ash-hands for her coal-stained hands. (She later uses Ash-hand as her last name.) After picking one too many fights with the some of the crew, however, they abandon her at a port in the middle of nowhere making her wish for once that she had held her tongue and her fist.
Family Her only known family is the traitor Brightmore, and the once-renowned physician John Ward.

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