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Name Laudine Aimee Fortescue

Position Cabin Boy/Girl

Rank Snot Rag

Character Information

Gender Female
Species Human
Age 14

Physical Appearance

Height 5'4"
Weight 105 lbs
Hair Color light blonde
Eye Color blue
Physical Description At 14, Laudine is just entering her first years of puberty and finally starting to turn into the young woman her mother always said she would be. Her body hasn't developed that much yet, and she still resembles the kid she's always been so far, but there are signs that is changing. She likes to keep her hair cut short. The longest she will ever let it be is just touching the tops of her shoulders. Laudine is a bit of a tomboy, and prefers wearing anything that isn't a dress to make it easier for her to run around. She also has a few freckles on her face.
Skills & Abilities
Body Modifications
Equipment & Gadgets

Personality & Traits

General Overview Laudine always has the best intentions in mind with anything she does, things just don't always work out for the best. She can come across as rude or selfish without actually meaning to be. Shyness is not something Laudine knows. She is not afraid to talk to anyone about anything, no matter how long she's known them.
Strengths & Weaknesses She is easily distracted when she bored of something, but once you find something she's interested in it's hard to keep her from doing it. Laudine is very adventurous, and likes to believe she there is nothing she's afraid of, which can get her into some bad situations. Sometimes, it might even get others into trouble with her.
Hobbies & Interests Most of Laudine's interest involve running around and getting into some kind of trouble, whether she means to or not. She's also been very interested in becoming a pirate for most of her life and insists that she's really going to do it one day. Really, she's interest in anything as long as it isn't boring, doesn't involve chores or learning, and isn't girly.


Personal History Laudine grew up as the only daughter of a tavern waitress and an unknown man. At least, the man is unknown to Laudine. She's been given reason to believe her mother knows who he is, but she won't tell. Over the years, Laudine has come to half-believe and half-dream that this mysterious man is a pirate who will come back to her and her mother one day and take them on some wonderful adventure.

This belief is what made her start dreaming of becoming a pirate herself. As she grew older and the years went on, Laudine started to have doubts that her father was ever coming back to her and her mother. So, still sticking to the belief that she was the daughter of some pirate somewhere, Laudine decided she would set out some day, find him, and bring him back home herself.

However, there were two problems. The first was that Laudine didn't know how exactly to go about becoming a pirate, and she couldn't seem to find any opportunities for a girl her age. The second problem was her mother. Laudine hadn't told her mom about her dream to become a pirate, and she was afraid of the reaction she would get if she did. Once she did finally realize her dream, though, Laudine knew she would have to leave home and she was afraid of what would happen to her mother without her.

So Laudine spent her time trying to work out this second problem while keeping an eye out for anyone who might need a girl like her on their ship. The opportunity she'd been looking for finally came to her one day when Captain Daenelia Bradley's ship arrived.
Family Only her mother, who works at a tavern to support both of them.

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