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Name Greyfeathre Romney

Position Lookout

Rank Snot Rag

Character Information

Gender Female
Species Kitling
Age 16

Physical Appearance

Height 2"3"
Weight 65lbs
Hair Color Grey/Black Tabby
Eye Color Lime Green
Physical Description Greyfeathre is a short-haired kitling with grey-black-white tabby coloration, long whiskers, and piercing green eyes. She's small, even for a kitling, barely topping 2 feet, but her long limbs suggest that she might yet grow taller.
Skills & Abilities
Body Modifications
Equipment & Gadgets

Personality & Traits

General Overview Greyfeathre, often called Grey by her friends, is a mischievous kitling who loves to climb on anything and everything that she can get her little paws on. She has wisdom beyond her years, and a sense of cunning that has her planning mischief at all hours of the day.
Strengths & Weaknesses Greyfeathre is extremely agile and flexible. Not only can she get anywhere she wants to go, she can get back out again. She has no issues with heights, which makes her ideal for the crow's nest, as climbing back down is an adventure she enjoys, time after time. Greyfeathre is also clever - she has a mind for plots and plans that gleams in her bright green eyes.

Like any other kitling, Greyfeathre is clumsy. Unfortunately, she's more clumsy than that, often being called a klutz even by her own kind. In addition to this, she has a tendency to overreact. This is a kitling who will cry over spilt milk.
Hobbies & Interests Greyfeathre is always getting into mischief, but aside from that she has taken to music, especially playing any variety of drums. She is especially fond of hand-drums because she has a bad habit of losing mallets and sticks for other drums. Her sense of rhythm is impeccable.


Personal History Greyfeathre grew up as the youngest kitling in her family, clearly the runt of the litter. Her siblings didn't care for her much, and her small stature made it impossible for her to work her way into the inner circle anywhere. Determined not to be left out, Greyfeathre started to make plots and plans to make herself known. Eventually, she worked her way into the back room of the port tavern, and made friends with all of the staff there. A small kitling that could clean up dishes and sneak meals to the staff without the patrons being any the wiser was very welcome. But there was little chance for mischief and adventure in the tavern, and Greyfeathre wanted more.
Family The Romney family has many kits, Father Sharpwhisker and Mother Cream had an unplanned litter of twelve, and had no idea how to handle them. Eight boys and four girls. By the time Greyfeathre, the youngest and a runt, opened her eyes on the world, the rest of her siblings were miles ahead of her.

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