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Name Ophelia Delphine Fortesque-Grey

Position Passenger

Rank Mistress

Character Information

Gender Female
Species Human
Age 22

Physical Appearance

Height 5'9"
Weight 9st 3lb
Hair Color white-blonde
Eye Color blue
Physical Description Possessed of a slight frame with a small bust and narrow hips, Ophelia's build makes her seem somewhat smaller than her height would otherwise belie.
She has long, straight, white-blonde hair which is usually worn in one of the complex, braided styles, currently so fashionable in the more cosmopolitan areas of Europa.
With angular but proportional features, she is generally considered quite pretty, but her looks are often marred by the frown she wears when she's in one of her frequent black moods
Ophelia has a fair complexion that doesn't tan easily, although with her recent travels to warmer climes than Britannia, she has of late acquired a dusting of freckles across her nose, prompting her chaperone Aunt to insist that she utilises a parasol out in the sunshine, lest she wind up "looking like someone who works in the fields for heaven's sake"
Usually attired in fashionable but modest dresses or long skirts and blouses, Ophelia, on her Aunt's insistence, rarely wears anything as common as trousers or as scandalously revealing as the low cut outfits currently a la mode in Paris
Skills & Abilities Many of those who know her will attest that Ophelia has a mind like a steel trap
Educated by the finest private tutors and extremely well read, she is an exceptionally intelligent young woman who in different personal circumstances would probably have been awarded a scholarship to attend one of the top universities and, in the fullness of time, may even be considered one of the luminaries of her age
Fluent in more than a half dozen languages a gifted artist and an accomplished musician with both the piano-forte and the violin, her formidable mental prowess is largely wasted; her talents having, by social convention, been frittered away on the vacuous pastimes of the idle rich, leaving her with few practical real world skills other than riding and a redoubtable knowledge of gambling
Body Modifications Having lived a pampered life of luxury, Ophelia has barely seen enough action to callous her hands, let alone necessitate any sort of body modifications or replacements
Equipment & Gadgets Very little.
Ophelia usually carries a handbag and a book about her person and maybe a sketchbook or similar, but has, thus far, always relied on others to fetch and carry her luggage for her

Personality & Traits

General Overview A young lady of breeding and high refinement, Ophelia's vivacious and adventurous nature has emerged now that she has left the stagnant torpidity of her home life behind her. In almost any given situation she'll try to enthusiastically grab life by the horns to savour and enjoy every last moment of her freedom; although this is tempered with the knowledge that her grand tour will soon be over and she'll have to return to Britannia to a life of accepting compliance, marriage and, in all probability, children - concepts that fill her with dread and mean that she is on occasion prone to brooding, black moods that are dramatically at odds with her normally sunny demeanour
Strengths & Weaknesses Free from the fetters and restrictions of home Ophelia has proven herself to be an impulsive and wilful individual, a tendency that her Aunt is adamant has been caused by her family's indulgent attitude towards her, but which is more likely the result of an under stimulated and over active intellect
Never one who was happy holding her tongue, her ability to run rings around most people conversation has occasionally got her into trouble, but she has yet to find a situation that she can't talk or even (when the occasion really demands it) coyly flirt her way out of
Her stratospheric social standing can probably be considered both a strength and a weakness at the same time, affording her access to many rarefied circles of society, while at the same time making her hopelessly naive in many other situations
Hobbies & Interests A voracious reader by nature, Ophelia usually has at least a couple of books on the go in any of the languages she is fluent in and, as a result, has a wide knowledge of a great many subjects from engineering and alchemy to medicine and anatomy; although given that this is backed up with little in the way of practical experience, it's debatable how much use this knowledge actually is
Ophelia enjoys travel and finds people endlessly fascinating; to the point where she actively seeks out new people to engage in conversation.
As a keen artist and musician, Ophelia practices these skills whenever she's able. She has also taken up writing while she has been away on her Grand Tour, and has been sending regular letters home to both her family and her betrothed, detailing the heavily edited and censored highlights of her journey


Personal History The Grey's are an ancient and (mostly) respectable noble family from Britannia, able to trace their lineage back more than seven hundred years to the time of some of the earliest kings. In recent decades however, the family has been bedevilled by both a surfeit of daughters and bad luck, losing the only four male heirs to misadventure and illness, and leaving Lady Clarissa Grey as the most eligible of the remaining daughters.
The family title of the Duchy of Wessex transferred to the wealthy industrialist Damien Fortesque when he married Clarissa more than thirty years ago; the union producing four children, of which Ophelia is the youngest.
Doted on by her parents and three older brothers, Ophelia grew into a confident and precocious child who when she reached 21, begged her father for the opportunity of a Grand Tour before she was to be married to her betrothed, Lucien Urquhart, the son of one of her fathers business associates
In spite of his initial reluctance, Ophelia's father eventually conceded to the constant badgering and agreed to let her go; the reasoning being that her brothers had all concluded their tours without scandal or mishap, and as long as she was escorted by a respectable chaperone, Ophelia shouldn't get into too much trouble
It was thus that Ophelia and her maiden aunt Lady Frida Beaufort departed the shores of Britannia some eight months ago, and having completed a tour of several of the notable cultural centres of Europa, they recently chartered a flight over to the Americas to experience the new world for themselves.
Arriving on the East Coast a few weeks ago, Ophelia was determined to see some of the wild and untamed wilderness of the interior for herself, and so her and her Aunt elected to take a train journey, sending their servants on ahead to prepare their apartments and meet them, when they arrive in Columbus City
Family The youngest of four children, Ophelia has three older brothers, the youngest of which is just over five years her senior, making her in many ways something of either an afterthought or an accident, depending on how cynical you're feeling

Brothers: Dominic 31, Clement 30, Rafael 27
Father: Damien - wealthy industrialist with many factories, mines and other business concerns
Mother: Clarissa - the Duchess of Wessex, the title passed to her husband by

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