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Name Laurence Juhle-Vanco

Position Kitchen boy/girl

Rank Snot Rag

Character Information

Gender Male
Species Human
Age 19

Physical Appearance

Height 175cm
Weight 60kg
Hair Color Wheat with dark tips
Eye Color Sky blue
Physical Description Laure is definitely a ”pretty boy” even though after puberty, his male features became very visible: He is athletic, tall, his jaw is strong and his Adam's apple really sticks out. His somewhat sensitive skin, which he inherited from his mother, gives him freckles in the summer and pink cheeks in the winter. His short hair is wheat color with tips that he dyes black with ink (there is an explanation dating back to his childhood, and he's very embarrassed of still doing it as an adult, if someone was to ask) Laure wears tunics in ivory, green and blue.
Skills & Abilities -In good shape and a very fast runner
-Good at cooking
-extraordinary skills with all kinds of animals and even creatures
Body Modifications Dyed hair is the wildest thing he'll ever go for
Equipment & Gadgets He brought a small case with him onto the ship, filled with many pieces of expensive soap and a repairing kit for torn clothes. He also has letters from his family with him.
Not entirely being able to trust his fellow crew members, he borrows a potato knife from the kitchen and keeps in under his mattress.

Personality & Traits

General Overview Laure is Kind, happy and emotional but he has moods, of course.
He is generally in a state where he has the energy to be nice to everyone unless they purposely make him feel like crap, which he certainly doesn't take well.
Strengths & Weaknesses Not all his traits are positive nor have all his positive traits done him good in the past. Laure is extremely affected by emotions. He has a brain of course, not completely overrun by his feelings – otherwise he would have done very stupid things in his life – but he does not value intelligence. He often has great problems trying to deal with his emotions: like a child starting to cry out of being so angry. To avoid this emotion-confusion he has unintentionally developed a way to cope with it: to not to think. On the outside, he seems very light-headed and impulsive, yet he is constantly analyzing himself and other people around him. He is also very stubborn and if it's not his naivety that will get him into trouble some day, it will definitely be because of his outright stupid principles. Everything needs to be black and white for him.
Hobbies & Interests He is interested in nature and animals, cooking and health and foreign cultures, not actually knowing much about the latter, though.
In the past, running was his passion, and even now he's as fast as a rabbit.


Personal History Laure had a very happy childhood in Brittania, and a very good life so far. All his relatives are alive and he is somewhat educated, he has always had plenty of good friends and a cheery character. However, life is as it is, and his house burned down just a few months ago. His family was left with very little means to take care of themselves, when before they had lived without coming short in anything, not actually being rich either.

In his life, Laure has practically done nothing impressive. He has high self-efficacy but he has never had to depend on it until now; he has to work so that his family wouldn't have to face poverty.
Family Younger sister Linnea (11 years old)
Younger sister Marila (14 years old)
Father (British) Mother (From Lekly)
Other relatives mostly in Lekly

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